Be still my soul
Quite Quiet

When the head carries piles and the face
vexation tiled,
And it all seem too dark to bear
A true friend will be right there a cuddling bear

When the heart carries burden files
And the steam causes heat,
The face flaxen grim
A true friend stirs beam

When the bowels becomes and empty vessel
And sings unbearable notes
And the flesh it stings,
A true friend donates an antedotes

When the legs carries weight
And can’t be moved at will
A true friend becomes a supportive wheel

When true friends are in the mix with enemies
It becomes an enigma,
If not solve on time,
The survival chances becomes slim
As if tied to an hourglass,
The true friend is besmirch.

Let your heart attend to your head
Save a true friend and safe yourself
From the mix of friend enemies.

Be still my soul
Quite Quiet
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Male, 25 years Nigerian Writer. Novelist,poet,blogger and social media influencer Professional Economist.

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