Fairest Emotion



Your words an aroma of tender feeling, your politeness but humble heart I am but a slave to gracious friend

Your words gracious angel and friend, being both I am bent, I am glad I rent into your virtue favourite friend

Thine words are mine to eat fairest lady
Disuade one foolish heart not to give in, but my wit enslave to it all, one heart still an urge on what rays of days I am bent in

Not from mars do my judgement pluck
But like a star you stood out from the mass
Even in the world where good manners found is but luck
I met you and our character lock
Even as clock races on your humour still win,
Wind wavers many character, your politeness a cleat,
Favourite my judgement of you afar was right
I pray we remain and not trite.

The day be me witness fairest friend
Your brains and heart that love own hands did
Make,my feeling like fever hot still, random but from
Truth not vain say, I am sickly appetite to please you.
What knowing hast love put in my head
I consider everything that grows
It planted like a tinny seed
Look now the bloom of this feeling leaves,
My heart did thirst, your waters I have drank and testify a quenching thirst

If your worthiness raised love in me and I am unworthy of thee
The digits are yours to create
An heartcode.

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Male, 25 years Nigerian Writer. Novelist,poet,blogger and social media influencer Professional Economist.

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