Entangled With Episode 5

Entangled With Episode 4


I was in the bathroom bathing that evening, lorah walked into my room staring at my unclad self bathing. My bathroom was made up of glass doors and glass walls. I quickly dragged the curtains and covered the door.

” What are you doing ?” I asked her.

” Sorry , I wanted to inform you that dinner is served ” She said smiling.

” You should have knock , I’m not a woman ”

” Sorry , but your door was unlocked ” She protested.

” God ” I whispered.

” It’s fine you can leave ” I said to Lorah who was already smiling mischievously at me.

” And on a second thought , why don’t I join you ” She said pulling down the hand of her dress.

” Lorah stop ” I said at once picking my towel.

I walked out of my bathroom breathing really heavy. Lorah was lost in checking me out.

” You just need to stop. I can’t do this with you , I can’t..”

” Why ?” She asked.

” Because you’re Lorah , my friend, my sister , and my pretty house mate ” I said.

She frowned and looked down at my body.

” You’re making me feel bad.. but it’s fine I understand ” She said and left really sad.

Goodness I can’t imagine myself being in a relationship with lorah. That’s the last thing that can come into my mind. I sighed and returned back to the bathroom and hurriedly shower.

” Lino dinner in 10 minutes..” Alex called .

I heard his voice disappeared through the passage. I hissed and hurriedly got dressed and retired to the living room. Lorah was the first person I saw , I smiled at the others and sat down.

” What took you so long?” Thando asked.

” I was getting dressed ” I said and frowned.

” You’re not Selene ” Alex said.

” Why do you even hate me ?” Selene asked Alex.

” I don’t hate you okay ”

” I’m just saying ” Alex retorted.

” Asshole ”

” Guys it’s enough , we just need to eat in silence ” Thando fired.

They scoff and resumed eating , Lorah and I was always sharing glances , she was truly hurt.

We finished eating and I got up taking my plates to the kitchen.

” Alright who’s partying tonight should kindly join me ” Thando said heading to the door.

I wasn’t in the mood , I don’t know but I felt guilt running through my spine. Selene and Alex rushed out of the house and left with thando.

Lorah was at the back yard staring endlessly at nothing in particular.

” Hey ” I called standing close to her.

She turned to look at me and smiled really weirdly.

” I’m really sorry for bumping into you like that. I should respect your privacy ” She said without looking at me.

” It’s fine I understand. I’m really sorry for also acting weird.” I said to her and she smiled.

” Why didn’t you party with the guys ?”

” I needed rest . And I don’t have that kinda money to throw away ” I said and she chuckle.

” You’re crazy ” She said and I chuckled too staring at the moon .

I caught lorah’s eyes checking me out again.

” Where you really serious about what you said ?” She asked.

” What ?”

” That I’m like a sister to you ”

I sighed and kept quiet staring at her eyes. She was really into me.

” Well I don’t know ” I managed to say.

” Lino I don’t see you as a brother. We might have grown up together doesn’t mean we are siblings. I always wished we get really closer more than this ”

Jeez wooing is for men , I wasn’t expecting Lorah to be telling me how she felt about me on a moonlight. I remained mute as I stare blankly at her. She walked closed to me and shut my mouth with a kiss. She grabbed me and kissed me desperately.

I politely pushed her away and made her stop.

” I can’t , I can’t do this with you. You just need to get me out of your head ” I said to her and kissed her on her forehead and left.

” Angelino ” She called.

I stopped and turned to look at her. Her eyes were crowded with tears . I walked back to her and held her shoulders.

” I’m serious , I can’t love you . It’s not impossible. Lorah you’re beautiful, you’re adorable . I can’t love you , we’ve been too close ” I said.

” Is that why you kept me in a friend zone , I mean a sisters zone ” She said pushing me aside and walked away angrily.

I’m not the love kinda guy , it’s really weird when people talk about falling inlove and really being serious with their spouse. I truly suck at that , I was not into women . I don’t date , we might go out on a date then after a one night stand it’s over . That’s just me , make out with you and then I’m done , I’ve never fallen in love before . So it hurts when Lorah wants me to be her boo knowing the fact that lino doesn’t love.

I took a deep breath and left the house . I went to a near by pub and ordered for a drink . I sip it gently as I thought about the incident I had with lorah. A girl wave at me and smiled.

” Can I sit ?” She asked.

” Sure ”

” You look like someone who’s lost in thoughts ” She said collecting my drink and drank it

She looks like a mixed race . Light skinned with a red hair and very beautiful smile.

” I’m Mira what’s yours ?” She asked.

” Angelino ”

” Wow , your name’s dope just like you. What brought you out here ?” She asked and I kept quiet.

” Running away from someone too ?” She asked and I chuckled.

” It’s weird when people try to force you to make you see reasons they are perfect for you . Really weird ” She said and gulped my drink.

” I guess…”

” I hate love , it sucks ” She said and smiled at me.

” You wanna dance ? ” She asked.

” No , I’m lame at dance ” I said and she gigles.

” Same here , I’m lamer . We’ll fit the same shoes ” She said standing up holding my hands.

She was really beautiful with a very tiny waist . I took her hands as we staggered to the dance floor. She looked into my eyes and smiled broadly. For once I felt free in her arms.

” You’re beautiful ” I said and she smiled.

” You too , you’re good looking. I love your hair ” She said and swing her waists to the music. I held her close to me and smiled into her eyes.

” Can I kiss you ?” She asked.

I smiled and nodded.

She lean towards me and held me close to her kissing me deeply. I held her and took her to a quiet corner.

” Take me to your house ” She whispered.

I took her hand and left for the apartment. Lorah might me fast asleep. We head to my room as we kissed affectionately. I held her tight as she dragged my shirt off .

” God , 12 Rand dress ” I said in my thoughts.

I guess I was beginning to like her. I removed her dress and make her lay on my bed as we make out.

” Thanks ” She whispered.

” Thanks too ” I said and kissed her forehead.

” My boyfriend was the reason I visited the pub , he was really crazy. I have no parent , I lost them to death and my boyfriend is behind my welfare . He’s nice but he’s really annoying , he makes me do almost everything I want and most times when I refused I get beaten . This continued for years , I couldn’t help it this time but visited the pub and that’s when I met you. I like you a lot ” She said.

I sighed and smiled at her. She was too beautiful to be mistreated. I felt the urge to make her stay with me through out the night.

” I gotta go ” She said standing up reaching for her dress.

” Why ?”

” Because I don’t want Sean to get angry ” She said putting on her pants.

” Who’s sean ?” I asked.

” My boyfriend ” She replied almost half dressed.

” Oh , you can’t spend the night ?” I asked.

” Lino I can’t . Thanks ” She said.

I got up and got dressed and walk her through the living room. We met Lorah , she was watching TV. She looked at me and frowned at Mira.

” Hi ” Mira greeted but lorah refused to answer.

” Who’s she ?” Mira asked outside the apartment.

” Well she’s my sister ” I lied.

” Alright , good night ” She said and kissed me on the cheek and left.

I saw Alex and the others returning from their party. They smiled at mira and Chuckle looking at me weirdly.

” What ?” I asked.

” We saw her angel ” Alex said.

I smiled half way and Walk inside.

” Who the hell is she ? She’s beautiful ” Thando said sitting down.

” Yeah , a prustitute ” Lorah said and grinned.

” What !” They chorused.

I stare at Lorah angrily.

” What was that for ?” I asked.

” Why can’t you tell the guys , you picked her up from the streets. That finally you brought a whore home ” Lorah added.

I hissed and sat down .

” Is it true ?” They asked.

” Come on , no matter how horny I am , I can never make out with a prustitute. ” I said.

” She’s pretty ” Selene said and head to her room.

Lorah hissed and followed.

” What’s up with lorah ?”

” I don’t know ” I replied and yawned.

” I really need to go to bed ” I said standing up.

” Good night ” I said and left .

☺️ SKYLER ☺️☺️

” What happened ? ” Bibi asked.

” It’s a long story ” Skyler said and sat down.

” You can shorten it ” Bibi said sitting close to skyler.

” Justin abandoned me because I suggested the meal for our date. I felt really embarrassed ” Skyler said.

” Why would you make a choice ? You should have made yours and let him make his ” Bibi said.

” Come on , I want him to feel the way I feel each time he wants me to do exactly what he wants. Despite the fact that he’s a millionaire , come on I’m a millionaire too . I have my own fashion line and my dad is a governor . Justin should stop treating me like a child ” Skyler said.

” Chill , it’s so horrible when you two fight . It’s not worth it. You should be getting ready to travel .” Bibi said.

” I guess. I’m parking my things in the morning ”

” You need to call Justin ” Bibi said.

” I won’t . He caused everything .”

” Sky that’s not how to handle a relationship , if you keep waiting for who to call each other first then it’s really insane ”

” Trash , I don’t care ” Skyler said walking into her bathroom.

” Jeez , love birds.”


The morning was really fast , I yawned continuously and looked through my window. I saw the boys going through something. I washed my mouth and went outside.

” I think it’s her ” Alex said going through a news paper.

” Hey guys ” I greeted.

” Hi lino . ” They replied.

” What’s the time ?” I asked.

” 11: 01 am ” They answered.

” Damn , what’s that ?” I asked collecting the news paper ..

” What !” I exclaimed.

” Where did you find this ?” I asked.

” Some old man threw it away ” Alex replied .

” Jeez , suicide . Why would Mira commit suicide ? We had fun last night ” I said throwing the newspaper away.

” She’s a one night stand I guess ” Thando said.

” No she’s different. She has gone through a lot ” I protested.

” Lino you only met her last night”

” You won’t understand ” I said.

” Aww , the prustitute is dead , so awful ” Lorah said walking into our discussion.

” What the fuck is wrong with you ? ” I asked Lorah . She scoffs and looked away .

I walked out in anger .

” Has your jealousy brought you this far ? You just hurt him ” Alex said and walked out too.

” Just try and move on ” Thando said and left too .

” I guess it’s my fault now ? ” Lorah asked herself and walked away depressed.

Tbc ….


Entangled With Episode 4

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