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We sold the petrol to Israel , he is our usual black market seller.

” I keep on wondering where you normally get this oils from ?” Israel said counting the money.

” Gossip is for women not men . Just give us the money and let’s get out ” I said a bit paranoid.

” Fine ” Israel said stretching the money to me.

” That’s 100 Rands .” Israel said.

” Shit , the oils were more than 100 Rands ” thando said.

” It’s okay thando ” I said frowning at Israel.

” You’re always cheating us ” Alex said.

” I’m not cheating you. That’s how we buy petrol from untrusted dealers ” He said.

” He’s greedy ” I said and walked out.

Alex and thando followed me behind.

” How on Earth are we gonna share that ?” Alex asked as i opened the apartment door.

” Chill 25 per person ” I said throwing the money on the table and sat down.

” Fuck , Rupert’s rents is due . I’m so fuckin broke ” Thando said.

Lorah and Selene walked in staring at the Money.

” Wow , how much is this ?” Selene asked sitting down including lorah.

” 100 Rands ” Alex replied.

” That’s little , I guess the oil was bountiful ” Lorah said.

” Yeah ” We replied and sighed.

” Just take your 25 , Selene take yours too ” I said.

Selene counted her twenty five Rands and Lorah proceed to take hers.

” You Know this is cheating , the girls shouldn’t be sharing same amount with us. They don’t jump the electric fence, neither do they leak the petrol . We do all of that , they just stand at the gate and give us signals ” Thando said.

The girls groan as I Chuckled.

” Seriously , you don’t cheat. We all take risks. Imagine the girls got raped in the process of guarding the gate. Cape town is a crazy place ” I said and thando hissed.

” Lino is right ” Alex said.

” Whatever ” thando said and counted his share.

” On our next theft , the girls will do the climbing while the boys will guard the gate ” Thando said.

” What !” Lorah exclaimed.

” It’s cool ” Selene said and hissed.

” Guys don’t forget to keep the rents apart , landlord’s next visit will be deadly ” I said.

” God I’m broke. I have a lot of money to spend on personal stuffs” Alex said.

” Me too ” Selene said.

” Same here ” Lorah said.

” I’m not left out. I’m still owing Linda for last time visit. ” Thando said.

” Jeez you still visit the brothel ?” I asked with Alex.

” Yeah , it’s filled with fat ass girls , they always make my night ” Thando said.

” Jesus ” I said standing up collecting my share .

” You’re screwed ” I said and left.

” He’s acting as if he doesn’t bleep a whore ” Thando said.

” I don’t alright , you think I didn’t hear you. I go for normal girls not prostitutes with thousands of disease ” I said and closed my room door.

” Bad asses ” Selene said leaving with lorah.

” What is wrong with them ?” Thando asked Alex.

” You are ” Alex said and left too.

” Jeez..” Thando whispers .



” I can’t believe we are going through this again ” Justin said walking into Skyler’s apartment.

” You’re behind every of our fights and not me ”

” Seriously , I’m always at fault. What is wrong with a boyfriend always wanting his girlfriend to look nice to his taste ? ” Justin asked.

” A lot Justin. Everything is wrong. I’m a woman and your girlfriend . Since I started dating you I’ve never had my own choice ” Skyler said and flung herself on a chair.

” Don’t make me feel as if I’m controlling you..”

” Yes you’re controlling me like some teenage girl . Look Justin just lemme make my own choice for once , you can buy me your favourite dress but please allow me to make my own choice ” She pleaded .

” Sky , I always allow you to make your choice but not often. You’re acting like I always make you do almost everything I want ”

” Exactly , that’s how you’re acting ” She said .

Justin sighed as Mrs Edna walked in. She glanced at the two lovers for a while before breaking the silence..

” What’s going on here ? Talking about migration ?” She asked smiling broadly.

Skyler frowned and turned to look at Justin who was already staring at her for seconds.

” Sky , Justin what’s going on ?” She asked again.

” Nothing mom ” Skyler managed to say.

” Of course there’s something. I can tell when something is wrong. Or is it what I’m thinking…” She said and deepen her smile.

” Did you fight again ?” Her mom ask.

” We actually didn’t fight , we only had some few argument ” Justin said and turned to look at Skyler who was already passing ugly glances.

” This attitude should stop. You guys are not childish , always arguing on what is not even normal. Skyler your man has every right to make you wear his choice of wigs , hats ,dress, slippers, shoes and even pants ” Her mom said.

” But mom..”

” Shut up. When I was your age your dad always schedule my dress. He always check my closet and bring out what suits him best and I don’t obliged because he’s my man. Very soon you guys will be getting married even if he has not proposed yet . Stop acting like a spoilt teenage girl ” Her mom yelled.

Skyler sighed and kept quiet.

” I want you to apologise to Justin now ” Mrs Edna ordered.

” What !”

” Now sky ” She yelled.

” I’m sorry ” Skyler said in a very aggressive way.

” That’s not how to apologise ”

” Justin I’m really sorry ” Skyler said facing Justin.

” Good. Justin it’s your turn , apologize to her ”

” Sky I’m sorry ” He said and smiled to skyler who smiled half way.

” Accepted ” She said softly.

” Good . You just gotta take him out on a very nice treat tonight ” Her mom said and smiled.

” Me ?” Skyler asked.

” Yes you , Justin shouldn’t do the date stuff Everytime , you’re a lady take him out tonight ” Her mom said and she nodded.

” Cool ” Skyler said and frowned.

” Have a nice day ” Mrs Edna said and left .

” This is insane ” Skyler whispered.

” What is insane ? Can’t you take me out ?” Justin asked.

Skyler looked at her boyfriend and smiled broadly.

” Sure ” She replied.

” Dinner at seven ” Skyler said and smiled.

” Thanks babe ” Justin said and kissed her on the cheek.

That night , she majestically walks into Justin abode. Justin was already dressed. He walked out adjusting his tie smiling at Skyler , she frowned and looked down on her boyfriend’s dress .

” What are you wearing ?” She asked touching the tie and frowning.

” My new London purchased suit” Justin replied smiling broadly.

” No way. You’re not wearing that. I bought you something ” Skyler said stretching a nylon bag at Justin who looked at it and then transfer his gaze at Skyler who was smiling broadly.

” Sky you’re not doing this , this happens to be a new stock and I’m wearing it ”

” Justin I’m taking you out on a date and you have to wear my choice of dress. I don’t want you to wear that. Go in and wear what I bought. I think it will look good on you . Don’t even say no ” Skyler said.

” Are you paying me back ?”

” I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just go in and get dressed we are running late ” She said throwing the nylon bag at Justin.

He collected it and open it .

” Jeez , a denim jeans , jacket and sneakers with a denim t-shirt .. ” Justin exclaimed a bit annoyed.

” Yeah they will look good on you. I’m tired of your suit attitude , you should try something new for once ” She said as she yawned.

” Fuck ” Justin frowned and walked back to his room.

In a jiffy he was out wearing Skyler’s choice of dress. She stood up smiling.

” Now that’s what I want. You look wow. ” She said arranging his jacket properly.

” God knows I hate this idea ” Justin said.

Skyler took his hands as they walked side to side to his car. His driver opened the back seat door as they entered.

” Wayfield please..” Justin said to his driver.

” No I’m tired of their food. Take us to shanny’s ” Skyler said and winked at Justin who was already terrified.

” Okay ma’am ” The driver said and fled off.

Few minutes later they arrived at shanny’s fast food . Justin dragged a seat backwards as Skyler sat down. He sits too and hola at the waiter.

” Salads and chicken please..” Justin said.

” Okay sir ” The waiter said proceeding to leave when Skyler stoped him.

” No please wait , I don’t think that food is cool . We’ll need a Chinese recipe ” Skyler said and smiled half way.

” Okay ma ” The waiter said but was stopped by Justin who was really angry.

” What the hell is wrong with you ? Do you have to take orders from a woman ? Do you wanna get fired ” Justin yelled.

” Justin ! ”

” Shut up ” He said pointing his fingers at Skyler.

” Seriously what do you take me for ? A fool . What sin did I commit for falling in love with you. You’re unbearable and annoying . I’m out ” Justin said and stormed out.

Skyler frowned as tears run down her cheek.

” I’m sorry ma ” The waiter pleaded.

” It’s fine, you can leave ” Skyler said and gently cleaned her tears.

She picked her phone and called Bibi .

” Hey b ” She said trying to control her tears.

” Sup princess ”

” I’m good , where you at ?”

” At home , any problems ?” Bibi asked .

” Not really. Please come over at Shanny’s ,I need you to come pick me up ” Skyler said.

” Alright , I’m on my way ” Bibi said and Skyler ended the call.

” Asshole Justin ” Skyler said and wiped her face gently.


So who’s at fault ??

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Entangled With Episode 5
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