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Lorah frowned feeling really depressed. Selene walked in and smiled at Lorah who was lost in thoughts.

” Hey ” Selene snapped Lorah from her thoughts.

She waved her head in shock and smiled faintly at Selene.

” You’re okay ?”

” I’m fine , I’m just thinking..” Lorah said.

” About what ?”

” Never mind ” Lorah said facing Selene to assist her.

” It would be nice if you remove lino from your head ” Selene said gently cutting the peppers into little pieces.

” I’m not in love with him ” She said.

” I know , but it’s just too obvious” Selene said.

” Fuck ” She whispered slowly.

” I don’t love him okay , I like him just like everyone else ” Lorah protested.

” Cool , becareful ”

🌺🌺🌺 SKYLER 🌺🌺🌺

” I’m planning to move down to Capetown ” Skyler said to her friend who was trying out her new outfit.

” Why ?”

” Because my parents are also moving out too and Justin has a new job appointment . So I don’t see a good reason for staying ” Skyler said.

” What about me ?” Bibi asked.

” You just have to move down too . I find you a job since you lost your old one ”

” Are you for real ?” Bibi asked.

” Yeah , and it’s in cape Town. ” Skyler said.

” Thank you ” Bibi said and flung herself on Skyler.

” You’re welcome. Reasons we are best friends , we always learn to assist each other ” Skyler said and smiled broadly.

” I don’t know, I just feel really happy for moving out to cape Town, at least for once . I’ve spent almost all my life abroad , I’m glad I’m moving back home ” Skyler said.

” Yeah , home sweet home ”

She was at Justin that night laying on his chest .

” What are you planning to do on migrating to cape Town ?” Justin asked.

” I’m going into modelling as usual. I’m planning on investing on wares ” Skyler replied.

” Nice idea . Are you happy ?” Justin asked.

” I guess I am. Since I was born I have never visited cape Town before except when I was four I guess . I don’t even remember ”

” Wow nice. ” Justin said caressing Skyler’s hair.

” We are going out tonight. You need to look hot for the red carpet ” Justin said.

” I already got a dress ”

” I bought you one. And I think it would look really awesome on you ” Justin said and Skyler growled.

” God , you’re always thinking ” Skyler said sitting up.

” What !”

” You’re born to spoil moods. Stop telling me what to do every second . We’ve talked about this before but you will never change” Skyler said angrily standing up .

” Sky , I didn’t ask you to wear what I bought I only suggested ” Justin said.

Skyler frowned and storm out.


That night …

Selene stood at the gate of the company as she observe for any security or guards. Lorah stood by the fence and whistle at us to move over. I helped Alex climbed the fence , he’s the horrible one amongst us as long as climbing is concern . Thando stuck his feet to the hole we created for easy climbing and he jumped over.

I sighed and turned to Lorah who was lost in staring, she was checking me out.

” Lorah ” I called.

” You look good tonight ” She said and smiled half way.

Lorah was a beautiful black girl. She’s truly pretty with her amazing long hair , she always caught the attention of everyone in the yard.

” Thanks , you too ” I said and smiled at her .

I quickly climbed up and jumped down using the cap of my hoodie to cover my face. We always dressed on black as long as petrol stealing is concerned.

” Becareful, there’s a camera up there ” Thando said picking a stone and aimed at the camera hanging on a pole.

” That was close ” Alex said slowly.

We hurriedly left for the tank wagons and opened it’s lid . Thando placed our tanks under the lid as it poured inside . I observed for any coming soul , I saw a guard whistling to our direction. I quickly alerted the others , they close the lid and we hid behind the wagon.

” I want to sneeze ” Alex whispered.

” Are you crazy ?” Thando and I asked.

The guard looked around and head to the gate .

” Goodness , that was dumb ” Alex said as we came out of hiding.

We filled the tanks and left to climb outside. I climbed first and wanted to collect the tanks , I stopped at once . I saw a guard talking to Selene .

” What are you doing here ?” He asked.

Selene wailed at once , she was really good at crazy things , she has always wished to be an actress.

” I’m sorry . I got robbed and I am stranded . I don’t have any money with me to go back home” She said as she weep loudly.

” It’s okay , calm down. You’re beautiful and I will help you ” He said dipping his hands inside his pocket giving Selene a few Rands .

” Thank you ” She said prostrating half way collecting the money.

” I’m grateful ” She said wiping her tears.

” It’s okay , please leave now , it’s not safe out here. Cape town is filled with rogues , very miserable people ” The guard said.

” Thank you ” She said and walked away winking at me.

” Poor girl ” He whispered and walked away into the company’s yard .

I heaved a sigh of relief and hola at Thando who has been holding still. I collected the tanks from him , Lorah rushed in and helped me. I collected the rest ones and helped Thando climbed down including Alex.

We left the yard and went home .

” That was close ” Selene said pulling off her hood remaining her tank top.

” I thought we were dead. I hate jail ” Alex said sitting down.

” So where’s the money the guard gave you ?” Lorah asked.

” Are you being serious ? Bitch it’s my money ” Selene protested.

” Come on , we could make a recipe with that ” Alex said grinning at Selene .

” And i think he’s right ” I said.

” No way. We have our oils now. We are selling tomorrow and it could be better Rands” Selene said.

” No way , what about tonight ?” We asked at once.

” Fast ” She said.

” Come on , that’s greed . I guess it’s almost 10 Rands ” Lorah said sitting down close to Lorah .

” Just chill out. ”

” Alright guys , no quarrels , tonight shouldn’t be a problem . We would eat tonight at spars and the bill is on me ” I said and they cheered.

” Oh my God ” Selene said sitting up holding her phone.

” What !” We chorused.

” Skyler Roxcell is coming down to Cape town this weekend ” She said.

” God , so what’s up ? ” Thando asked.

” She would probably return to joannesburg where she always belong ” Lorah said.

” No you’re wrong. She’s migrating.” Selene said.

” Are you serious ?” Alex asked.

” Yeah , she just posted on IG saying she’s migrating back home . Check it out ” She said giving us back her phone.

” Celebs are fuckin insane. Always leaving their lives on social media . So what the hell does she want the fans to do ?” Lorah quaried.

” You look really ugly when you act jealous ” Selene said.

” Shit I’m not jealous ” Lorah protested.

” Of course you’re ” Alex said.

Thando and I chuckled.

” Lino you shouldn’t be mocking me ” Lorah said and I looked at her baffled.

” Because he’s your crush ” Thando said and the boys laughed. I smiled at her and she frowned.

” Lino is not my crush . I’m really tired of this accusations ” Lorah said.

” Seriously ” Selene said and Chuckle.

” Alright that’s enough. We shouldn’t fight over irrelevant issues ” I said.

” Yeah pretty boy ” Thanks said and gigles.

” Broke asses ” I said and we laugh.

Someone knocked on the door and we kept quiet to listen.

” Lino ” The voice said Knocking.

” Who the fuck is that ?” Thando asked.

” Lino ” The voice called again.

” God , Mr Rupert. The rent is due” I said looking at every one.

” Oh my God I’m not at home okay ” thando said.

” What the hell is wrong with you guys ?” I asked.

” Lino I can hear your voice ” He called again.

” God , why is he addicted to my name ” I said heading to the door.

Mr Rupert is the new landlord of the yard we are staying. He bought the yard from the government since Skyler’s dad became governor.

” Angelino ” He called smiling at me.

” Hey ” I said and frowned.

He pushed me aside and walked into the living room. Jeez it was deserted, everyone was no where to be found except lorah who was standing still looking at me and Rupert.

” Where are the others ?” He asked.

” I have no idea ” I replied.

” Lino your rents are due ” He said.

” God , I don’t leave alone. I have about five neighbours who stay with me in this house. Why are you always calling my name ? ” I asked.

” Because you looked like their father ” Mr Rupert said.

I scoff and looked at Lorah who chuckle.

” You guys are owing me 30 Rands , lino that’s a whole lot of money ”

” We’ll pay ” I said.

” You’ve repeating that format since last month ” Rupert said and i frowned.

” He’s right. We are really guilty for the delay , our manager hasn’t paid us but we will pay this month ” Lorah said.

” That’s the problem I’m having with you all. You’re broke asses , you don’t have money ” Rupert said and I stare at him angrily.

” Fuck , that’s the shit I hate most , coming in here to always remember us that we are broke. We are not hungry alright ” I said really angry.

” Oh my God , you guys are hungry . Always owing rents. Hungry paupers ” He yelled.

” Bitch , just get the fuck out of here ” I said standing up pushing him out .

” Lino I’m your landlord ” He wailed.

” Stupid landlord ” I said and closed the door.

” That was crazy ” Lorah said sitting down.

” God , Rupert is devil in hell ” Selene said walking into the living room including the others.

” You guys are insane ” I said sitting down.

” Come on, we all know Rupert , he’s so annoying and crazy ” Alex said.

” Reasons you guys fled away right ?” I asked.

” You’re our daddy ” Thando said and I scoff.

I stood up and hissed walking away .


Entangled With Episode 4
Entangled With Episode 2

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