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☺️ SKYLER ☺️


” Skyler we need to talk ” Justin said jamming the door.

” Are you ready to change ?” She asked him.

” Change ? I don’t understand . Look what ever thing that happened there should not be a reason for quarrels ” He said with his eyes shine bright.

Skyler laughs softy and sit down on her bed.

” What do you want ? ” She ask softy.

” I want you ” He replied making a baby face.

” Seriously !” Skyler said and Chuckle.

” The fact that I love you doesn’t mean I’m a fool ” He said.

” I didn’t say you’re a fool. Seriously I love you too okay. You should stop acting like my mom some times. I know most times it’s cool when acting like my mom but making it a regular attitude is when I’m having problems with you ” Skyler said.

” I’m sorry , I’m gonna change for you. ” He said .

Skyler smiled and give Justin her hand. She gently dragged him and make him fall on her body.

” I want us to understand ourselves. All this fights and argument is not worth it ” She said and pressed her lips against Justin who he turn kissed her deeply making her smile brightly .

” I love you okay ” he said and Skyler nodded.


The sun went down that evening , it was summer . The guys and I always hang on the lake shore staring at the riff .

” A party is held down town and it would be nice if we hang out ” Thando said.

” A party ? I hate parties ” Selene said .

Lorah grinned at her and burst out laughing.

” What is that for ? ” Selene asked a bit paranoid .

” What !” Lorah scoffs.

” Lorah it’s not worth it. You made fun out of her ” I said and Lorah whimpers.

” Fuck her ” Selene said.

” When are we gonna find a real woman ? I need a girlfriend ” Alex said as we stare at him blankly .

For once we kept quiet staring at him as we burst out laughing.

” What was that for ? You’re making me feel like Selene ” Alex said and turned to look at the lake .

” There are thorns of girls in our yard , Thorns of them ” Thando said patting Alex on the back gently.

” They are prostitutes , I want girls like Skyler. Pretty , curvy , nice and … ” Lorah had to cut Alex short.

” Goodness , why are you so high with Skyler ? ” Lorah asked.

” And why are you always pained at the mention of Skyler ?”Alex asked.

” Yeah , why ?” Selene cut in.

” Fuck I’m not pained mouth breather . You always make her feel like a queen ” Lorah said.

” And I think she’s a queen ” Selene said and Alex nodded.

” Broke asses ” Lorah whispered.

” It would be nice if you get your mouth out of Skyler’s and focus on your crush life with lino “Alex said as I smirked.

” Crush ?” I asked turning to look at Lorah who looked away immediately.

” Alex what the hell is wrong with you ?” Lorah asked as she stormed out.

” Why would you say that ? Lorah is a woman. You just broke into her privacy ” Selene said and left .

” I hate women ” I whispered slowly.

” But you sex ” Thando said staring at me .

” So what’s the business between sex and women ?” I asked.

” You make out with women . Or have you started leaking men’s asses ?”

” What ! Jesus that’s gross ” I said and frowned .

” Look there’s nothing wrong in being gay okay !” Alex added.

” What ! They are confused” I said.

” Are you gay ?” Thando asked turning his focus at Alex .

” What no way , I’m just me ” Alex shrugged.

We stare at him and laugh and finally stopped in unison.

” This is the second time you’re making me look like Selene ” Alex said.

” And there’s nothing wrong with being Selene . She’s pretty cool ” thando said and I smiled.

” Yeah we should divert to lorah’s . She’s really into you ”

” I can’t do women stuff , I’m so Ill with that. I suck at relationship , I just wanna bed with them and move on , I can’t withstand those silly love play ‘ Baby comb my hair , baby let’s pillow fight , oh yeah let’s do a fart competition ‘ ” I said mimicking a girl’s voice .

” Eww , no one does a fart competition with a girlfriend or boyfriend ” Thando said.

” People does . Ask Alex ” I said and grinned at Alex who was already guilty.

” Well true. I once did that with Marian my ex girlfriend ” Alex said and looked away.

” He’s toast ” I said.

Thando and i burst out into a loud laughter.

” Alex is a whimp ” Thando said.

” That’s enough okay , I don’t want alex to feel like Selene for the third time ” I said and smiled at Alex. Thando nodded and looked at the sun that has finally went down .

A lucky stars shine brightly in the sky as i smiled at it.

” Now the sun is down . Guys let’s wish ” I said.

” I thought only women wish ” Thando said .

” Who told you that trash ?” I asked him .

” I don’t even know ” Thando said and looked at the star.

” Yo Alex , make a wish ” I said and smiled at him.

He grinned and look at the star.

” I wish I get married to rich lady who would definitely change my life and I wish we never get caught in our oil business ” Alex said.

Thando and I stare at him weirdly as he turned to look at us .

” This dude is horrible ” Thando said.

” I’m not I’m praying for my future helper ” Alex said.

” So who said you have a future ?” Thando asked.

” Of course I do have a future ”

” Silly you’re dumb. You’re gonna die selling stolen Petrol” Thando said.

” Now I take that as an insult , you’re placing a curse on me ? ” Alex asked a bit paranoid .

” I’m not, there’s no hope ”

” There’s hope , I see hope . I truly believe in God, he works in mysterious ways ” i said.

” You believe in God now ?” Thando asked.

” I’ve always believed in God ” I defended.

” That means you’re a Christian ?”

” I’ve always been a Christian. Please don’t kill my vibes ” I said and smiled.

” Fine it’s your turn to wish ” Thando said and looked at me.

I stare back and returned my gaze back to the star.

” I wish things turn around for our good . I wish we all should be happy at last with a genuine source of income ” I said and turned to look at Thando who was already nodding.

” That’s nice ” They said in unison.

” Now your turn ” I said referring to Thando.

” I wish I had enough and start my own drug business …”

” What !” We exclaimed.

” What ? Drug business is one of the best business in the world. Just two trips you’ll be able to buy the whole of cape Town ” Thanks protested .

” It’s illegal ” I said.

” The world is illegal ” He said and beam at the lake.

” I need a beer guys , I’ll be back ” I said and left for the house.

I entered the kitchen and saw Lorah who was preparing dinner. She smiled at me shyly and looked away.

I smiled back at her and opened the fridge collecting a beer. I opened it’s cork and gulped at it slowly.

” Do you like Skyler too ?” She asked.

I dropped my drink and stare at her.

” Why are you asking ?”

” Nothing . I mean almost everyone likes her ” She said and smiled half way.

I chuckle deeply and looked at her.

” Well I’m sorry for asking anyways since you are not interested in her ”

” I didn’t say that either . She’s cool ” I said and continued drinking.

Silence drove by for a minute..

” Ouch , lino please help I think there’s a bug in my butt ” Lorah cried touching herself.

I dropped my drink and rushed at her looking aimlessly and confused. Not knowing if I should pull of her gown and find a bug inside her butt .

” Please do something ” She cried.

” Alright ” I said making her turn around as I squart touching her butt and looking for an invisible bug.

God I’ve never done this before , even if I want to it shouldn’t be Lorah, I see her like a sister .

I continued feeling her butt until I got tired cause I wasn’t finding anything.

” I don’t feel it any more ” She said turning to look at me seductively .

” You shouldn’t scare me like that again ” I said heading to collect my beer.

” Come on , you didn’t like it ?” She asked and smiled and winked too.

I remained quiet for a while . Her eyes gaze at me for an answer , I poured the drink in my mouth and looked down at Lorah who was already smiling mischievously .

” No ” I replied and smiled softly.

I walked out of her and watched her smile burn down .


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