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“Nothing , just happy that you’re happy.” He smile at me and pull me gently to himself.

” You sure ? I thought something happened.”

” Nothing happened.” I sighs and to look at him.

I trail my fingers on his chest and up to his hair.

” It’s nice to have you back .” Jason smile and pull my body into himself. He take lips into mine and kissed her.

” We’re going for a tour.”

” I’m tired…”

” I hope I’m not the cause ?” I giggle and turn my back against him .

” Maybe ..” I says silently.

He laughs silently and smile at me.

” How many girls have you brought here ?” I ask looking above my shoulders.

” Wait , lemme count…” He sighs and starts counting his fingers.

” Maybe ten.”

” What ?” I exclaim and that made him laugh.

” You ask for the digit , already told you and now you’re freaking out.”

” That’s a lot. Ten is like half of New York.” I turn to look at him and he just smiled.

He stroke my cheek with his fingertip while I watch his eyes.

” So you believed that ?” I shrug and bit my lip.

” I don’t know. I mean you’re Mitchel Cooper.” I roll my eyes and he just laughs.

” Yeah and you’re Gold. I don’t take girls on a trip. Why will I do that ? That’s quite expensive and not meant for a normal bed mate or something.. you’re the first in everything , except you know..” he raise his brows and I laugh at his assumption.

” Yeah , thanks for coming.” I sigh and nod with a pout.

” What if my mom refuse our relationship ? What if she refused to oblige you know. What will become of us ? Will you still leave ?”

” I told you I won’t . Not anymore. I’ve hurt you too much and that’s enough.” I smile and hug him.

” Jason , I love you..” he kissed my temple and stroke my back.

” I love you more , kitty.” I laugh in his embrace and thought about Perkins calling me kitty.

” Thanks for everything..” I whisper in his ear.

We disengage from the hug as Mitchel lean forward to take my lips in his.



” Look Perkins I’m not angry at all. I’m just trying to forget everything.” I said on the phone staring at my reflection.

I’m just clad in bikinis. Mitchel is out at the beach doing what I don’t know. He says we’re going a ride on the sea.

” I know , I just thought I offended you. I really didn’t mean to hide anything from you. Your mom was totally harsh about the whole thing and we had to keep shut. I’m really sorry..” I sigh and roll my eyes.

” It’s okay.”

” You went to Florida right ?” I laugh and smile at my reflection.

” Yeah , wish you guys were here. We’ve always wanted to come here.”

” You’re the queen with Mitchel the king. I’m happy for you. You’re happy and fully back. If you get back we’re going out , you and Carol and me..” I giggle and wince to Jason’s touch behind me.

” I’m in. I miss you guys. I miss THE SPOT. I also miss max too. He’s a good person….” I look up at Jason behind me kissing my shoulders.

I inhale as he continued planting butterfly kisses.

” Gold…” Perkins snap at me on the phone. Good , I’m lost didn’t even hear her say a thing.

” What did you say ?” I ask trying to get away from Jason’s grasp but he’s not willing to let go.

” I said when are you coming back ? And carol would love to speak with you.”

” I’m coming back this weekend. Is carol there with you ?”

” Yeah…” There’s silence in the background while Carol gets the phone.

” Hey dummy. You’re in Florida, that’s a good news.” Carol says from the other end.

” Shut up . What’s up with you ?”

” I’m great and still single , but not desperate.” She Chuckles and I laugh.

” That was crazy..”

” Yeah , just pulling my nerves. I just miss hanging out together. We can’t wait till you return.”

” Yeah , me neither.” I inhale to Jason’s touch as his fingers trail around my hips.

” I’m waiting..” he whispers.

” It seems you’re busy . Oops , call us when you’re done grinding..” Carol laughs on the phone and hang up before I could scream ” What !”

” Thank God.” He toss my phone aside and pull me closer.

” Not now. I can’t keep up.” He furrows his brows at me as he pull me aside.

” It’s beautiful when it’s a bit dark you know..” he pull out a seat for me while I sit down.

” You successfully sent everyone away , and now it’s a frequent routine that you must order for food.” He scoffs at my speech and sit opposite me.

” I want us to be alone , i told you.” He avert his gaze at me directly as he pass me a smug look.

” Okay , I didn’t notice a personal craft. I’m going for a ride..” I squeal and run to the beach.

” Gold , there’s a shark.” I scream and ran back. Jason couldn’t help but laugh at me.

” Just kidding.”

” What ? I really want to. You see that other island , let’s just go there…” I said sitting on his laps touching his hair.

” Gold , it’s a beach. We’ll go there tomorrow. It’s almost dark.”

” You promise ?” I ask with a smirk. I raise my brows at me and he laughs.

” Deal.”

” Yess…” I squeal and hop out of his laps striding to my seat.

” Let’s arm wrestle Jughead.” I wink at him.

” You’re serious ?”

” 1000%.” I reply in a rather low tone. He laughs and rest his elbow on the table waiting for my hand.

” Let’s make a bet.” I cut him short.

” Okay .”

” If you let me win you’ll sleep on the couch but if you win you’ll sleep on the floor. Deal ?”

” Wait…” I smile broadly and stretch out my hand.

” You’re scared that I’m definitely gonna win ? Cause you’ll sleep on the floor.”

” You’re cheating and it’s not cool.” He whine but I ignored him.

” That’s not even a bet.”

” So what’s a bet ?” He sighs and look around.

” If I win you’ll strip and if you win I’ll take off my shirt , only..” I stare at him in awe as he grin at me.

” Now she’s scared..” I smack him on his arm and he end up hissing in pain.

” Your hands are tiny but your beating hurts.”

” That’s called black girl magic.” He widen his eyes and I nod.

We stare at each other for a while before laughing in unison.

” That was ridiculous.” I stand up to get my ringing phone inside the house.

Mom’s calling. I look at the dialer and walk outside finding my way to my seat. I really don’t want to talk to her. She never listens. I place my phone on the table and watch it stop ringing.

” You’re hurting her. It’s not fair.” I sigh and look at my ringing phone . This time it’s my aunt.

I growl and ignored the call. I call back my phone and she picked up.

” Gold , where are you ?”

” Mom , I’m fine. You shouldn’t worry about you.”

” Why shouldn’t I worry about you ? Have you gone out with him again ?” She scolds on the phone.

” Please don’t start . I’m not in the country , I traveled to Florida , with Mitchel. Mom just please go back home and forget everything. You should forgive him he’s sorry. If you keep on acting this way , you’ll push me far away without even knowing. I’m coming this weekend and we need to talk.”

” We need to talk huh ? We need to talk about your sex life with Mitchel Cooper. I thought you hated him , I thought you hated the fact Emily had fun with him.” I sigh and stand up finding my way to the beach.

I don’t wanna get Mitchel upset.

” Yeah i hated him before , not untill I get to know him. We’re all bad and same time we make mistakes. He’s a changed person , he’s different now.” I tell her .

” He’s a change person. Does he have a vagina now ? Or did you magically changed him ?”

” Mom please understand. Why is it so hard to accept my choice ?”

” Because your choice killed your sister’s happiness. It ended your sister’s life. I don’t know why I’m having this conversation with you. You won’t let him go it’s obvious. He has wealth , he bought you a Lamborghini and another Lamborghini. Your own mansion in New York , he takes you to Dubai and now he has taken you to Florida, just so you can have sex with him without hesitation. You think life Is all about having sex with a billionaire ? I’m taking my hands out of your relationship with Mitchel. I don’t care okay , just go on , date him. You’re happy I think that’s all that really matters. I will just go to bed , close my eyes and imagine Mitchel never did anything to my daughter because you’re both in love. I understand , it’s pointless trying to ruin everything , but I just want to make something clear , I’m not sorry for sending him away so that you can move on , I just thought it’s the best thing to do as a mother who cares about her only child….” With those words she hang up.

Right now i feel like going to New York. I just need to apologise to her , maybe for rebelling. Her words always hurt me in several ways and it’s disturbing. I sigh and turn back to meet Mitchel , who’s been watching me.

He stands up and hug me. I weep on his arm as he took me inside. Jason made dinner and feed me to bed. I lay on his chest and let his hand stroke me to sleep locking our legs together.

I close my eyes and I fall asleep.

Following morning, I woke up late again. I stride to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I return and jump back to bed. Jason walks back with a coffee and give it to me.

” Good morning..” he kiss my cheek and sit close to me.

” Good morning and thanks.”

” You’re welcome.” He replies.

” You’re hungry ?” He asks. His looks is just normal but look like someone who didn’t sleep through out the night.

” Thanks I’m good. Are you okay ?” I ask him.

” No.”

I sit up and keep the coffee aside.

” You wanna talk about it ?”

” It’s about you.” He stated sighing.

” What happened to me ?” I ask looking tensed. What’s happening to me that I didn’t notice.

” You remember the time Tionna shot you in the warehouse ?” I nod to his question telling him to continue.

” You passed out. When we rush you to the hospital , the doctor said you can’t…..” He stops and look up at me. What’s up with that ?

” What ? The doctor says what ? You should say it , I mean what did he say ?”

” He said you can’t give birth ever again. The bullet affected your system and it’s damaged.” He sighs and prevent his eyes from meeting mine.

” What do you mean damaged ? I don’t understand. I can’t give birth , why ? I mean why are you telling me now ?” I ask ready to cry.

” I’m sorry , I was scared and also I went away and I can’t tell Jake to inform you when I was gone. Gold , just…”

” What do you mean just ? Why ?” I exhale and touch my forehead. I’m about to get dizzy.

” Wait , I haven’t seen my flow for two months ? What’s that supposed to mean ?” I said still touching my forehead.

” What do you mean you haven’t seen your flow for two months ?”

My visons went blur and I’m feeling unconscious.

” Gold you’re bleeding…” Mitchel shouted holding me to himself.

My breath is fading and my heart aching. I look down to my feet and I’m bleeding.

” Gold , look at me , open your eyes.” Jason whimpers tapping lightly on my cheek.

I gasp and tried to open my eyes , it wasn’t working. I wince in pain as my eyes covered . Everything was different , just darkness.


To those who wish me quick recovery thanks , I’m a bit better now.

By tomorrow I should be done with this story. Thanks to everyone who’s always sharing. Thanks 💋💋

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Devil in red episode 63 finale
Devil in red episode 61

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