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“Gold.. Golden.. please open your eyes..” I open my eyes and I’m lying on the couch.

” Are you okay ?” Mom asks.

I sit up and look at both of them. I remembered what they said , Mitchel is dead. So how on Earth am I supposed to believe that ?

” How come nobody told me ?” I ask about to cry again.

They sigh as mother sit close to me.

” Gold , I’m sorry. We are surprised too.”

I shake my head and rush to my room. I lock the door and plump down on my bed. I called Jake and he picked up.

” Is it true ?” I ask on the phone.

” Jake , please say it.”

” Yeah , I’m really sorry. It happened so fast and we were all scared to tell you.” Yeah , right. I sniff back the tears and hang up.

” Gold…” I heard Miranda’s voice outside my door.

I stand up and open the door. She walks in and shut the door.

” I’m really sorry..”

The more they say ‘sorry’ the more tears I pour. I slump on the couch and cry my eyes out. What’s the need to live if one of my joy giver is gone. I’m about to go insane.

” He still love you. I’m sure where ever he’s right now , he’ll be fine. I missed him too.” She hug me and cry on my shoulder.

” I’m sorry.” She plea again.

This won’t change anything. I didn’t even see him for the last time and I’m loosing my mind. I clean my eyes and walk out of the room. I saw mom and aunt who turn to look at me at once. I scoff and walk pass them.

” Gold , where are you going ?” Mom asks.

” You don’t need to ask me. You caused everything. You’ve always hated him. Do I have to suffer for whatever thing that happened to Emily ? She wanted it and now I’m suffering for her shit. How’s it my fault i have to fall in love with him ? Do you have to despise him because of Emily. You don’t like me , I’m sure you fought with him the day he visited the hospital and you must have said terrible words to him which made him leave in a sad condition. Why are you doing this to me ?” I cry.

” Gold , don’t even try to get me angry. I don’t even care if you’re just being discharged. Don’t let me place a curse on you.”

” Go on. He’s gone , what am I living for. You’re gonna loose me same way you lost Emily. Fuck me.. ” I cuss and storm out of the house.

I walk pass my car and into the streets. I hail a cab and board it. The driver take the wheel and after several turns it halt outside Mitchel’s house. I run into the apartment and ring the doorbell.

No one replied and I had to knock loudly. The doorknob creaks and Allison is standing in front of me.

” What do you want ?” She asks. Her looks is sad like someone who’s been crying.

” Where’s Mitchel ?”

” Are you crazy ? Bitch you killed him. He was returning from that hospital of yours , but where is he now ? He’s gone. I told him to quit any fuckin thing he had with you but he wouldn’t listen. You killed my brother and you don’t have a right to show your face here. Get out.”

” Allison please. I can’t believe you. I love him , he can’t just die and leave me.”

” You’re talking about you , what about me ? I’m all alone. My family is ruined all because of you. First it was my father and then tobie and now you’ve killed Mitchel.” She yell.

” I need to see his grave.” I plea.

She sniffles and pave way for me. I walk pass her and rush to his backyard.

” Where’s it ?” I ask wiping my eyes.

” What’s wrong with your eyes ?” My breath almost fade away to the sight that beholds me.

I walk to the graveyard and squat. I look at the inscription and his name was written there , and RIP was also added.

” You should leave.” She sob silently.

I sob and facepalm myself.

” Gold , please leave. Don’t try to remind me of my loss. Just go.” Allison said with tears.

I nod and rush out of the house. My eyes are blurry and I’m just crying. I stand outside his house and cry my eyes out . He has left me and I just feel empty. How am I supposed to move on after everything.

He meant everything to me . How can he just leave me. I hail a cab and entered. I sob silently and clean my eyes continually.

” You’re okay ma’am ?”

” Please take me to THE SPOT.” I tell him.

He nods and starts driving. Soon the car halt and i alight. I take the other door to avoid seeing max in THE SPOT. I open the door to the house and saw Jason with Perkins talking. They’re not even smiling.

” Gold…” She stutters and remove her legs from Jason’s.

I shut the door as she stand up to hug me. I couldn’t make out words instead I cried.

” I’m sorry..” she says after releasing me from the hug.

” Why didn’t you tell me ? And Jason too ?” He takes a deep breath and sighs.

” I’m sorry..” he said.

” I’ll just go back home and cry my eyes out.” I said and turn to leave.

” Gold please wait. You can stay , I mean…”

” What am I staying for ? I mean what will I be doing ? Perkins he’s gone. Away from me. I’m never gonna see him again, I didn’t even see him before he left me. I woke up from a stupid slumber and then the next thing , the person i love is dead. Will I ever be okay ?” I cry.

” Gold please calm down. It hurt everyone too as much as it hurts you. He was my best friend , suddenly he just had an accident and he’s gone. I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you but I was scared. Your aunt and your mom suggest we didn’t tell you, they were gonna tell you yourself.” I nod and cried.

” We’re sorry.”

” Sorry is not bringing him back.” I sniff and ran out of the house.

” Gold…” I ignore Perkins and rush out of the block.

I board a cab and I stop in a beach. I’m loosing my mind. I stayed till evening and nothing is changing. Why can’t this just be a dream ? A bad dream. Then I’ll just wake up and pray against it.

My phone vibrates in my hoodie and i bring it out.

My mom’s calling. I switch the phone off and place it inside my back pocket. This world is so cruel . Thanks to my mom , this has been her prayer request ever since she discovered he’s Mitchel. Thanks to Emily too. I sigh and clean my eyes.

I gaze at the horizon and it’s gradually getting dark.

” You know you’re screwed right ?” A familiar voice said beside me.

I turn to look at this girl and my heart sink.

” Emily.”

” You look forsaken..” she smiles. Am i dreaming or something. I close my eyes and look around the beach.

” They can’t see me , just you.” She tells me.

” I’m really sorry…”

” You don’t have to. I think you should move on. Ever since i left I’ve not known peace . I’ve always been wandering around the earth. I don’t love him , I’ve never loved him. I was just lost and I got myself into this mess. Look at you , you’re not different from me. He has left you , even if he has to come back , mom won’t allow it. Tell mom to let go , maybe I’ll be able to rest then. I saw the chemistry too , it was something special.” She smiles and cross her arm.

” There’s nothing here. Just emptiness. You don’t wanna be here , you’ll hate it. I really missed you.” A tear slide through my eyes and it dawn to me that I’ve been crying. I missed my sister , I look away and sob silently. First it was her and now it’s Mitchel. Is this bad luck or what ?

” I just wish you could come back..” I tell her and turn to look at her. She’s gone. For good i guess.

I wipe my eyes and try not to cry anymore. It’s almost evening and I walk out of the beach. I can’t continue this , what for ? When everything that I valued has left me.

I got home and entered the living room. Mom got up to hug me but I nudge pass her. I entered my room and cry again. I can’t move on , where am I supposed to start from ?

I lay on my bed and thought about him.

” Gold…” My mom called knocking on my door.

” Just go away from me , just leave me alone .” The more I wipe my tears , the more I tend to cry.

” You should stop thinking about him , he’s gone. You should move on.” Like it’s easy.

I didn’t hear a word from her and I assume she left. Miranda entered my room and give me an envelope.

” Mitchel brought it , two weeks ago. I had to keep it. I think it’s your birthday gift.” She says and turn to leave.

” What is inside ?”

” You should check it out.” She smile a little and left.

I open it and it’s a key. My bad , keys and a Visa. I saw a piece of note and open it. I read it and start crying again. It was my birthday gift from him. A visa to London with him , a new car and a new house. My own house.

I sob and tuck them back into the envelope. I throw them away and open my drawer. It’s not worth it. What am I needing them for. What’s the use ?

I open the pills and drank the bottle water.

” Gold , you can’t take your life , you can still move on..” my subconsciousness whisper.

” Just take your life , there’s nothing to live for.” The other subconsciousness said.

I cry and swallow the pills . The leftover pills slip off my hand as I hug my legs . Soon it will be over , I wish i didn’t wake up from that stupid coma.




” I just hope she doesn’t take her life. He’s gone and she’s about to loose her mind.” I yell.

” She’ll be fine. She needs time to heal.”

” I need to talk to her.” I walk out of the living room as my sister followed me.

I entered her room and Gold was convulsing. I rush to her and tried to hold her. She was gagging.

” Gold..” Anne called holding tight to her.

” Why will she want to take her life ?” I yell.

” You caused it.” I say to Anne.

” Miranda , get me a spoon.” I yell as she ran out.

” Gold , please stay with us..” I sob tapping her mouth slightly.

Her eyes gently close as Anne weep. We’re loosing her.



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  1. I am just beginning to study Proverbs 31. It’s been speaking to me for years. I’m a wife who adores her husband, I love to cook, we do not have kids, but family is very important. My friend gave me a printout of 10 Virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman. And it drew me in to study it more. Even if it takes a year. I am very interested in what you’re doing, and I too love to write. Would love to learn how to reach others through stories and words and leave an impact that drives them towards their hearts desire. LIKE you have for me. Thank you.

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