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” Doctor , where’s Gold ?” I ask the doctor who seems surprised.

He entered her ward and glance at the entire room.

” The fuck , she’s gone.” I yell at him.

” What are we paying you for ? What where you doing when someone took her out of this room ?”

” Mitchel I can explain. I don’t know what happened to her. Maybe…”

I grab his lab coat and slam his back against the wall. He whimpers and he’s already scared , i hate being like this.

” Maybe what ?” I scoff and angrily walk out of the ward.

I drive to Tionna’s and she’s about going out.

” You dirty bitch..” I call out to her and shut the door.

” Look who we have here..What do you want Mitchel , to kill me ?”

” And I won’t spare you , if you don’t tell me where the fuck you took Gold to.”

” Ohh. It’s still surprising how you got tamed by love. Mitchel , you’re now weak , you’re not the Mitch I know.” She says and i angrily slam her against her car.

” Talk. Where is she ? I have my reasons for not killing you the other time . The fuck, Tionna are you crazy ? Where’s Gold ?” I yell at her and she’s not willing to talk. She smirk and I forcefully turn her around.

I touch her thighs down to her front pocket and move my fingers down to her boot. I shove out the pocket knife and turn her to look at me.

” Talk. Where’s she ?”

” I like the way you just touched me..” she flirts as I angrily made a cut on her arm. She groans and bite her lips hard.

” Tionna I don’t wanna hurt you.”

” Because you fuckin loved me.” She says through clenched teeth.

” I don’t love you. You were just my slampiece. A fuckin sex toy. You suck in bed and it’s so crazy I have to get involved with you.” She growl and frowns.

” Talk..” I point the knife at her as she scoffs.

” I don’t have her.”

” Fuck , you have her. Bitch where’s she ?”

” I don’t have her.” She yells.

” Then who took her ?”

” Stop asking me stupid questions. I have nothing to do with her. I wanted to abduct her today and inject her to death but it seems someone took her , you fuckin asshole.”

” Why do you have to ? What did she do to you ?”

” I hate her. I fuckin hate her. She is annoying and she irritates me.” She yell and I nod.

” I get it , maybe we should get rid of you , same way I get rid of Drake.” I shove the knife into her stomach as she groans.

” Shhh..” I lean her against her ear as I coo. I plunge the knife deeper as she groan silently.

” You won’t survive this time , you know that right ? Take care.” I let go of her as she gradually crumble to the floor.

I haste to my car and get in. I shut the door and think where on Earth is Gold ? If Tionna didn’t take her , then who did ? I sigh and thought of a best way to find her.

I pick up my phone and dialed Miranda’s number. She picked up and I sigh.

” Mitchel..” her tiny voice said on the other end.

” Hey Mira. Where are you ?”

” Home. They’ve been fighting ever since they took Gold to another hospital.”

” Who ?” I ask.

” My mom and my aunt. I overheard her saying she’s willing to make sure Gold stay away from you. You should let her go too , for now.”

” Thanks.” She’s a kid , how will she understands the word love.

” I know you love her , she loves you too. She’s been in a lot of mess lately and it will be nice if you stay away for now. Her mom’s angry , she doesn’t like you.” I sigh and rest my head on the wheel.

” Thank you. I’m on way , need to talk to your mom and aunt too. Bye.” I hang up and drive out of tionna’s.

I felt better after finding out she’s safe. But what’s up with the blood. My phone rang and the dialer is Jake. I pick up and put it on loud speaker.

” Jake..”

” Where are you ?” He asks.

” On my way to her aunt’s place. It seems they took her.”

” And Tionna ?”

” Dead. I stabbed her , and hopefully she won’t survive. I want you to tell Tom and will to get rid of Andrew. Make the death natural and take that stupid courpse out of my warehouse. I’m fuckin depressed right now.”

” Sure. Take care and don’t argue. If they ask you to leave , please leave.” I nod to nothing actually and sigh.

” Thanks , Jake. I appreciate.”

” You’re welcome. Thanks too.” He hang up.

The drive was hell cause I was just thinking about her. I just want her to be fine . I missed her anger and every shitty thing. The way she scolds me and I truly missed her. I just imagine staying away from her , I’m never gonna be okay.

I halt outside her apartment and stay inside my car for minutes. I take a deep breath as I alight the car. Here goes nothing. I rang the doorbell and Elna open up.

” Mitch..” she mutters and walk outside as she quickly shut the door behind her.

We walk to a corner as she cross her arm. I shove my hands into my pockets and we stare at each other in silence.

” Okay .” We said at once. She Chuckle and sigh.

” I’m really sorry. I truly love her and I can’t imagine my life without her. I cost everything , I had to get her involve in my mess , i regret everything. I just want her to get back to her feet better than before. I’m sorry , i truly am.”

” It’s okay. I can’t judge . My sister want you to stay away from her. I can’t stand against her will , seriously i truly like you both together. I know she loves you and you really love her , but , Gold needs time to be far from you. I mean you should give her a tiny space , let her breathe well at least.” She states.

” Why did she move her out of the hospital ?”

” Because she knows she can’t stop you from seeing her. She took her to another hospital where you won’t see her , at least to make her relaxed.”

” I saw blood on the sheets.”

” It was her idea , so that you won’t suspect we took her. She bleed on it.”

” Fuck…” I cuss and run my fingers down my hair.

” Did she really have to ?”

” I don’t even know if she will ever support your relationship with Golden. She really despise you.”

” Yeah , I’m a terrible person , i deserve everything , all of her hate. If I were in her shoes i might do worse than hers. I’m sorry.”

” It’s okay. Who told you we took her out ?”

I smirk as she furrow her brows.

” Miranda.”

” No way , she’s such a leak.”

” A nice one , really better than Allison. She’s annoying and terribly annoying.” Elna laughs and I laugh too.

” I guess.”

The silence was awkward and i really wanna plead with her to see Gold.

” Can I ?….”

” Mitchel , please I can’t. I don’t wanna fight with her again. She’s a drama queen and she’s really wild. She almost gave me a slap , since she’s my older sister forgetting the fact that I’m married.” I sigh and nod.

” It’s fine. I just hope she will be fine. My regards to Miranda.” She nods and caress her palm on her arms.

I walk back to my car and get in. I start the car and drive out of her apartment. I stop by in a pub and alight. I need to drink something just to forget about her. The bartender push a glass of alcohol to me as I gulp down everything.

” You’re okay Mitch ?” The bartender asks.

” Thanks ..” the hell i hate popularity.

I storm out of the pub and push my lazy self into the car. I rest my head on the wheel and I can’t tell how I managed to fall asleep.



” What’s up with Gold ? I’m really worried.” I said to Jake who took me out and eventually we drove to his house.

” She’s fine. Mitch said her mom took her to a different hospital. She’ll be fine.”

” I missed her and I pity Jason.” He sighs and tilt his head.

” Maybe we should talk about us tonight.” I take a deep breath and caress my arm. Good , I’ve never been this nervous in my entire life.

He takes a step forward and touch my chin. Our eyes lock and i could feel my breath fast. Is this love or I’m just going insane ?

” I don’t believe in love, Perkins.” He says.

He lean closer and hold my waist. His mouth went behind my earlobes and my system heat up.

” Maybe we can try love. You and I.” He dart his eyes back to mine and smiles.

We kissed as I hold tight to his dress kissing him back. His hands went around my waist as our tongues brush together.

” Take me to your room.” I tell him breaking from the kiss.

He smirks and lifts me on his shoulders as he climb up the stairs.



One month after…..

” Tionna is dead , Drake is dead , Andrew is dead. And I haven’t heard of Mitchel.” Miranda said and I’m getting pissed.

We look down at unconscious Gold and she’s been like this for one month plus , no changes and nothing is even improving. Anne is been acting super wild and I hope she don’t explode soon.

” Mom , will Gold ever be okay ?” Miranda asks.

” Sweetie , I don’t know.”

” She has to be okay. This is one month for crying out lord and nothing is changing. Why on Earth is this happening ? Who did she offend ?” Anne yell with tears already in her eyes.

I sigh and look at Gold again. Her hand slightly move as My sister and I exchange looks. She move her hand again and move the other.

We rush to her bed and touch her pulse. Her eyes are tightly shut and she’s just moving her hands. Her eyes gently part as she look at us and she struggle for breath.

” Doctor..” I yell.

” Miranda go get the doctor.” I tell her and she ran out.

Gold jerk a little as we take off the oxygen mask. She inhale and exhale as she tried to breathe. The doctor rush in with a nurse and hold her still. He take out a syringe and injected her. She Inhale for long and calm down.

She close her eyes and went back to sleep.

” Is she back finally ?” Miranda squeal and we shrug.

” Is she ?” I ask.

” I think.. she’ll be fine now, i think.” he smiles and walk out. One fuckin month and now she’s great.

Few hours later, she opens her eyes and glance at the entire room. Anne smile at her daughter as she wipe her tears.

” Gold…” She cries silently.

” Why am I here ?” She ask with a croak voice.

Anne looks at me and I sigh.

” Where’s Mitchel ?” She ask looking at the entire room sluggishly.

Anne looks at me and i cross my arm. So where am I gonna start from ? Miranda gulps and cross her arm too. How can I tell her such bad news. She’s gonna develop heart attack and finally die for good.

I swallow and itch my hair.

” What’s happening ?”

” Gold . Mitch…”


What’s the bad news ?

Genius in the house..🤧

Thank God she’s back. 😶

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Devil in red episode 53
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