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We halt outside a restaurant as we alight the car.

” We are here.” He scoffs and lament. I ignored him as I take his hands leading him inside.

” God save me.” He mutters and I chuckle.

He take out a seat for me and I sit down. He sit opposite me and glance around .

” Oh my God , hi Mitch..” a group of girls wave at us.

” Hi..” he says and smile a little.

” God I miss my masked life.”

” It’s useless now , everyone know you’re Mitch. I hope this is not one of your investment ?”

He Chuckles silently and smiled.

” Not sure.” He winks and I huff loudly.

” Hi , please what can I offer you ? And.. wow , hi Mitch..” the waitress said.

” Okay , hi. You should take her orders.” She smiles and nods.

” You look hot in real life.” She flirts and I clear my throat.

” I’m sorry ma’am. Can I take your orders ?”

” Spicy seafoods and that should include crabs and shrimps. And macaroni too.” She nods and walk out.

” I think we need to get you a mask.” He laughs and shake his head.

” Passed.”

” Here is it..” The waitress said and arrange the meal on the table.

” Wine please.” Jason says and she nods.

” This smells so good.” I said and he scoffs.

” What if it’s alive ?” Mitchel ask observing the crabs.

” Don’t tell me you’re scared of this ?”

” Na , just don’t like it. I haven’t tasted any of this before.” I furrow my brows at him.

The waitress returns with a wine and two glasses. She sit on the table and admired Mitchel. Yeah , he’s naturally beautiful , who wouldn’t admire him ?

” You can leave.” I tell her and she walk out.

” You’re not Justin Bieber.” I said to him as he chuckles.

” Fuck.. you’re kidding ?” He laughs and i smiled a little.

” People like you a lot and it’s weird.”

” Yeah , it’s weird..” I shake my head as he pour the wine inside the two glasses.

” You should start , I’ll go after.” I nod and pick up a pair of crab legs.

” Wait you’re not gonna eat with a fork ?” He ask as I chew on it.

” You should change your diet.” I tell him and he scoffs.

I pick up a fork and shove a shrimp into my mouth.

” I miss this.” I proceed to give him as he sighs. He gulp first before he received it.

” God take my soul if I die.” I Chuckle to his childishness as he chewed up slowly.

” Don’t tell me you don’t like it.” I give him a fork and he takes it.

” Okay , the macaroni looks cute.” He says and serve it on the fork shoving it into his mouth.

” I don’t like the crabs.” He says drinking the glass of wine.

” You should try it.”

” I might just have a nightmare seeing crabs trying to eat me up.” I chuckle as he smiles.

” You’re Mitchel do anything. I mean you’re notorious , crabs shouldn’t scare you.” He chuckles and eat the shrimps and macaroni.

” Seriously , every strong man have a weakness.”

” So crabs are your weakness ?”

” No , just saying.” I nod and take another pair of legs . I stretch it to Mitchel as he shake his head sideways.

” Okay you look like a kid.” He Chuckles and look down at it before eating it.

” You didn’t die.” He sighs and chew on it. My phone rang and it’s Cameron.

” Hi , cam.”

” Sup , gold ? Where are you ?”

” Out , are you okay ?”

” Yeah , Kiki likes to speak with you.” He says and I sigh.

” Okay.”

” Hi , Gold..” I heard Kiki say from the other end.

” Hi.”

” Look, I’m sorry. After that incident , I haven’t talked you and I’m really sorry for what happened. We now partner with Peggy’s and I want you to come back. We’re going to London for a week tour and I’ll be glad if you come back.” Mitchel look up at me and continued eating.

” Okay , I’ll call if I’m ready to return back.”

” Okay , thanks. I’m grateful.” I nod as Cameron takes over.

” Gold..”

” Hey..”

” You are coming back right ?” He ask.

” I’ll think about it.”

” Gold , you’re not thinking about it. Please come back , I’m really missing you a lot , including Kim.” He says and I chuckle.

” Okay , I miss you more actually. I’ll inform you if I’m ready. I’m having a nice time with my boyfriend.” He chuckles on the phone as Mitch exchange glances with me.

” Okay gold , have fun with your boo.” I chuckle as he hang up.

” Kiki’s ?” Mitchel ask drinking the glass of wine.

” Yeah , they want me back.”

” You should go back.”

” Yeah , I will. Just time.” He smiles and point the crabs to me.

” You should finish that , I’m eating the shrimps.” He says and I laugh.

” What about yours ?” I ask him still laughing.

” Not enough , it taste really good. I’ve got a new favorite dish.” He said eating from my plate and his.

” Bills..” the waitress said pointing a leaflet to me.

” Okay , I’ve got it covered.” Mitchel says and I snatch it from the waitress.

” I’m paying.”

” Why ?”

” Because I’m the one who took you out on a date.” He Chuckles and shake his head sideways.

” Not acceptable , I’ll pay.”

” Mitch come on , I really wanna pay.” I pout and he heave a sigh of relief.

” Fine.” I smile at him and paid the waitress . She smiles and look over to Mitchel before she walks out.

” Okay , that was too much.” I scoff and empty the wine.

” What was too much ?”

” She stole glances at you.” I wink and he chuckles.

” I don’t care , you’re enough.” I smile and blush.

We exchange glances continually as we finished eating. We walk out of the restaurant and I decide take the wheel.

” You’re driving ?”

” Yeah , I’m in charge. I took you on a date remember ?” He Chuckles and take a step closer holding my waist.

I chuckle as he lean me against the car.

” We’re outside.” I said batting my lashes.

” So..” he scoffs and pull me to himself.

” Look , I’m really not ready. I just recovered from your bathroom episode.” He bulge his out eyes and Chuckle.

He let go of me and smiles.

” We should try the kitchen next time..” he says turning around to the passenger seat. I scoff and get in the car.

” Or maybe the car and roof.” He adds as I shut the door.

” You’re drunk of shrimps and Chinese macaroni.” He laughs as I turn on the engine.

” That was a serious joke.” We laugh and I drove out of the parking lot.

” I’m visiting the hospital with Jake. I just hope Perkins is fine.” I sigh and he sighs too.

” Who knew Carol would be this dangerous ?”

” Yeah , weird.”

” I’m coming with you.”

” To see Perkins ?” I ask and he nods.

I smile a little and take a turn to Mitchel’s. It’s really weird I’ve not talk to aunt Elna since the last time we talked. I haven’t even been there , all thanks to Mitchel.

” Do you think Alli and I can ever get along ?” I ask .

” Yeah , she’s scared of loosing her brother to a wrong hand.”

” Really ? Wrong hand ?”

” Just saying.” He smile at me and i nod .

I sigh and halt outside his apartment.

” I should call Jake , we should leave from here.” Mitchel says bringing out his phone as he dial his number.

” Hey Jake.”

” Where are you ? In my house or yours ?”

” Okay , I’m outside. We’re outside and about to check on Perkins.” He hangs up and smiled at me.

” He’s coming.” I roll down the window and rest my arm on the sill.

” Hey guys..” Jake said getting on the backseat.

” I hope you will date her , this visit isn’t ordinary.” Mitchel said and I chuckle.

” She’s my friend..”

” Friend ?” I turn to look at him and furrow my eyes at him with a grin. He shrug and I laugh. I turn on the engine and drove out.

” I’m expecting a kiss out of this.” I tease and he laughs .

After few minutes ride I halt outside the clinic. We alight and walk to her ward. I open the door and Perkins was sitting up with her drop still fix to her hand.

” Gold..” I smile and sit close to her. I hug her and kiss her cheek.

” Hi Jake , hi Mitch.” They smile at her and sit down.

” Hi Perkins…” They said in unison.

She smiles and I touch her forehead.

” Are you strong now ?”

” Yeah , thanks.”

” Jake really wanted to see you. I was also scared when i visited the house and it was empty. Max told me you were admitted here and I had to rush down here. What happened ?” She take a deep breath and smiles.

” Carol. She.. I find out something about her . A friend wave at her in THE SPOT and she was questioning Carol about her hair and glasses. I confronted her about it and she slam my head against the wall. I really don’t remember the rest , I woke up here.” She said and look at me.

” Thank God you’re fine. When will you be discharged ?” I ask.

” Today , I’m good to go. What’s up with Carol ?” She ask.

” I don’t know. Maybe we’ll talk about that once you’re discharged.”

Mitchel clear his throat and look at Jake.

” I think we should leave them alone.” Jason said.

” Yeah , sure. We’re out.” I wink at Perkins as she blush.

Jason take my hand as we walk out of her ward.

” Okay , I think they like each other.” I nod and giggle.

” So , where are we going ?” He ask.

” Anywhere. Maybe my aunt , I need to see Miranda.”

” Yeah , talking about Miranda , I owe her a gift.”

” Really ? You promised her a gift ?” He chuckles and wink.

He open the door to the driver’s seat and I get in. He turn around and entered the passenger seat.

” Drop in a mall.” He said and I nod.

I take the wheel and drive out of the hospital. I stop in a mall and furrow my brows at Jason.

” Okay..”

” You wait here.” He get out of the car and I waited.

That strange number called me and I ignored the call. Few minutes later he returns and get in . He toss a bag in the backseat of the car as i start the wheel.

” I hope you add cakes and cookies ? Her favorites..”

” Yeah , she informed me.” I chuckle and continued driving humming to the song coming out of the radio.

I stop the car outside the house as we get down. I rang the doorbell and walk in. The living room is empty and no one’s present.

” Okay..” I sigh and drop the bag on the couch.

” Gold…” I heard her voice as my heart race.

” Ma ..”

” Who’s he ?” Mom asks.

” Mom , what are you doing here ?”

” Gold , who’s he ? I’ve been calling you and you’re not picking my call.”

” The strange number was you ?” I ask.

” Mitchel ..” Miranda squeal as she run to hug Mitch.

” Mitchel ? I’ve heard that name before. ” Mom says as she tried to think.

” Oh uh..” Miranda mutter as she walk to meet her mom who just walked in.

” I know you. Yes , I know you. Are you the monster who got my daughter pregnant and convince her to get rid of it ?” Mom ask.

Oh God why did I have to bring him here ? Will she even understand ?

” Mom..”

” Shut your mouth. Gold it’s true ? Wait , you’re dating your sister’s killer ?”

” Mom , he didn’t kill Emily. She died trying to commit abortion. How’s that his fault ?”

” I’m sorry maybe, I’m just gonna leave..” Mitchel says and smile faintly at me.

” You’re not leaving..” I said.

” You’re leaving. Gold you’re breaking up with him.”

” Mom , I can’t.”

” You can and you will.” Mom said as I exchange glances with Jason.

” I love him okay.”

” You don’t love him. Who date their sister’s murderer ?”

” He didn’t kill Emily and you know that.” I said.

” Are you serious ? I remembered a word , that there comes a time in a person’s life when they have to make decisions on what they want. I think it’s time for you gold. If you decide to continue any stupid relationship with him , then I’m disowning you. I’m cutting ties with you if you continue this madness..”

” Mom..”

” I’m serious , now decide……”


Someone should help Gold decide.

This is serious 😣😣

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