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{Opposite Attracts }

🍭 Chapter 28🍭

Written by Goddy Francis



I walk to his room and he is sitting on his couch. I ignored him and slump on the bed. He turn to look at me and called my name.

I brought out my earphone and tuck them in my ears. I felt him sigh. He got up and lay close to me on the bed.

He snatch the earphones from my ears and drop them aside.

” What ?” I snap at him.

” Are you angry ?”

” Why won’t I be angry ? You claim you love me and you keep acting weird. You yelled at me and I’m really sure you’re hiding something from me. Jason what are you ? What’s in that room of yours ?” I yell at him.

He sighs and frown.

” My mother died in that room.” He says.

” What ?” He nods and stands up.

” She had cancer when she returned from Washington that evening. My father knew about it and he didn’t care much. She came over to my house and i called in a doctor who treated her for months. One morning , I woke up that morning and I felt something’s wrong. Even if she was sick , she’s always the first to wake up. I walk to her room and knock , she didn’t reply so I just entered. She was lying on her bed , I sit close to her and touched her forehead. She…” He sighs and look over to me.

His eyes are red and he looks like who’s about to cry. God , why did I ask ?

” She died in her sleep. In that room and I couldn’t do anything about it.” I got up and hug him so tight.

I’ve never seen Jason so emotional in my entire life. Who could believe he cried.

” It’s okay..” I whisper and walk him to the bed.

” I’m sorry for asking , I thought maybe something’s fishy. I’m really sorry..”

” I’m sorry for not telling you this. I just don’t want your pity , it breaks me. I don’t really go there myself except I saw her in my dreams . Locking the room up will definitely save me from the memories. That’s why I said you Should stay away from that room.”

” It’s okay. I’ll take your orders.” I smile and hug him.

” I’ll make you dinner.” He says taking my hand.

” Let’s cook together.” I suggests and he decline.

” You’ve worked your ass out , let me be your cook.” He persists and I nod.

He stands up and open a drawer on the nightstand bringing out that diamond necklace. He sit beside me and stretch it to me.

” I want you to take it back , it’s my mom’s. I didn’t lie about it.” I smile as he lock it around my neck.

” Thanks..” I said as he kissed me.

I caress his nape and kissed him back. He smile at me as we break from the kiss.

” I love you.”

” Be right back..” he adds and walk out of the room.

I sigh and stand opposite the dresser looking at my reflection on the mirror. Why me ? I sigh and went back to bed. And then I forgot I didn’t bring my laptop.

I write my article there each time I’m home. I sit up and called Perkins.

” Hey..”

” Hey… Lemme guess , you’re with Jason.” I Chuckle and smile.

” Kind of.”

” God , I’m jealous.” She gigles.

” You don’t date remember..” she scoffs and laughs.

” What’s up with you ?”

” Can you bring my laptop to school tomorrow ?” I ask.

” Sure thing buddy. Anything for you milady.”

I laugh at her gestures and she Chuckle.

” Thanks Perkins , I truly owe you.”

” You can just tell Jake i said hi.”

” Oh wow.. you like him ?”

” I said just say hi. There’s nothing huge about saying hi.” She snap and i smiled.

” Okay , I will.”

” Thank you.” I smile and hang up.

I toss my phone aside and walk out of the room. I climb down the staircase and saw Jason talking to Jake and another strange guy.

Jason avert his gaze at me and sigh silently. He turn to look at Jake with a warning look and Jake sighs turning to look at the other guy.

” Hi Gold..” Jake said with a sad expression and i smiled at him.

Jake left with the guy as Jason turn to look at me.

” Who’s that ? The weird guy with mustache.” I ask.

” He’s a friend , Jake’s friend actually. He needs accommodation and i declined.”

” Why did you decline ?”

” You’re with me , I can’t just keep someone else here.” He says and I sigh.

” Okay , it seems Jake is not really happy.”

” I told him to take the guy to a hotel.” He take my hand and lead me out of the living room to the kitchen.

” Sit , I’ll get your food.” I nod and sit down.

He returned with the meal and sit on the opposite chair. He pick up a fork and starts feeding me. I ate till I was done.

That evening Jason and I watch TV together. I got up and went upstairs to take my bath. I undress myself and step on the bathroom to shower.

The cold water run on my system as I gently shower. I turn off the shower and reach for the towel. I wrap it around my chest and walk out of the bathroom. Jason was lying on the bed when I entered.

He look up at me and checked me out. His eyes scan every part of me and I look away.

” Should I help ?” He ask.

” Help with what ?”

He smiles and stands up.

” Turn around.” He whispers and I take a deep breath doing as he says.

His hands slowly grip to my waist as it sent shivers down my spine. He pull me closer and gently trail his fingers to the top of the towel hanging around my chest.

” Maybe we should get rid of this first.” He whispers from behind me.

His warm breath on my neck heat up my skin and I gulp. He kissed my neck and slide his hands into the towel moving to my stomach. I could feel his soft hands caress on my skin slowly parting the towel from my grip.

He smiles and tease my nipples twisting it slowly. I moan and bite my lip hard but a moan escape from my mouth. He kissed my neck brushing his tongue against my skin as he continued teasing my nipples.

He spin me around and my eyes met with his.

” Kiss me.” He says.

I grip hold of the T-shirt he was wearing and kissed him. I pushed him gently on the bed and climb on him. He smiles at me and I kissed his abs moving up to his nipples.

He inhale silently and locked his eyes with mine. I gently caress his bulge as his hands grip on my waist pulling me up as our lips meet. He kissed me slowly and and then deepens it.

I get rid of his shirt and kissed his abs again moving down to his bulge. A moan escape out of his mouth and i smirk. It’s nice to hear him moan.

I pull down his pants down his legs excluding his underpants. I kissed his bulge again and played with the waistline of his boxers. I sit on top of his bulge and rock back forth. He moans slightly and spin me around reaching to his nightstand. He brought out the foil packet and tear it open.

” You should ride.” I smirk at his demand and collect the already torn packet from his hand as I hover on top of him.

I take of his boxers and help him with the foil packet. I lean on top of his length and moan a little cause it hurts.

” Go slow.” He says holding my waist helping me to sit well.

He moan my name as I go slow. I kissed his abs and ride my back and forth..


I open my eyes to the ray of sunlight. I yawn and checked my time. It’s almost 9:am and I’m late for class. Jason is still sleeping , i decide to wake him up but I sneak to the bathroom and shower for class.

Perkins is calling non-stop and I mute the call. I got dressed and carried my bag. I gently tap on Jason as his long eyelashes parted exposing his cute eyes.

” I’m going to class , sorry I didn’t make breakfast.” I peck on his cheek and ran out.

” Gold wait..” Jason call stretching a car key to me.

” Use my car , don’t be out late.” I nod and smiled and finally kiss him on the cheek before walking out.

There are thorns of cars outside and I’m confused.

” You’re confused ?” Jason’s voice startled me from behind.

” Come here..” he held my hand and take me to a car. A red Lamborghini.

” It’s yours , I bought it yesterday.” I smile and nothing came out of my mouth cause i wanted to say something. I’m baffled. I didn’t expect a car from Jason.

I scream and flung myself on his arm as he hold me tighter.

” Wow..” I smile at my new car and hug him again.

” Thanks..” I said as we disengage from the hug.

” You’re running late.” He kissed my cheek and walk back to the house.

” Oh my God.. the girls needs to see this. This is the biggest surprise of my life.” I squeal and get in.

I start the engine and drove out. I halt outside school’s parking lot and alight the car. I shut the door and walk into school premises.

I entered my first class and after few minutes the professor left and I gather my books walking out of class..

Someone nudge me with his/her arms and my books fell off my hand. I growl and look up at this disaster in human form.

” What the fuck ! Veronica are you crazy ?” I yell and she scoff.

” Did you just yell at me ?” She ask and i Chuckle.

” Pick this up now.” I order and she laughs at me.

I angrily smack her head against the wall and she bleeds.

” Bitch..” I mutter.

She turn to look at me and slapped me. Students gather around as some record the scene.

” Motherfucka.” She spits and that got me.

I proceed to punch her to death and someone hold my arm.

” Gold..”

I scoff at Perkins and turn to look at Veronica , damn she already left.

” Fuck me..” I scoff and picked up my book and Textbook.

” What was that all about ?” Perkins ask on our way out of school hall.

” She is insane. What the fuck is wrong with her ? Yeah she’s the Chancellor’s daughter so what ?” I yell on our way to God knows where.

” You should ignore her.” Carol says and I scoff.

” Let’s get you a drink.” I shake my head and sigh.

” When’s your next class ?” Carol ask.

” Thirty minutes time.” I said.

” Let’s watch the boys play..” Perkins says as we sat down at school’s field.

I took the cup of coffee from Perkins as she scoff at me.

” I thought you said you don’t want any.” I laugh at her and raise the cup to drink.

I saw someone , standing a bit far from me. She’s smiling at me with her cute brown eyes. My heart beat slow down a little as i try to be sure of who I’m seeing.

” Emily…”


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