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{Opposite Attracts }

🍭 Chapter 26🍭

Written by Goddy Francis




The following day I resumed work. It’s kinda hard facing class and school , Kiki is nice and she understands.

Cameron showed me my office and it was wow. Time to write a lot of articles. I smile and thank Cameron. Later that afternoon , Kiki called for a board meeting and everyone assemble in the board room.

” Okay , good afternoon everyone..” she greets and we reply.

” As we all know except Gold , Millicent is our rival. Ever since Millicent signed a deal with opara we’ve been the least mentioned magazine in New York. Our new aim is Peggy’s. Peggy’s magazine is United States and London’s most paid magazine with social media influence with about 100 million hits. She’s popular and definitely rich. She’s planning on signing an endorsement deal with either Kiki or maybe Millicent. This is the toughest part , we have to write a story about something that’s gonna bring in visitors . Presently Millicent’s blog visitors are quite bountiful than ours , since she took over. We need a story that’s gonna blow New York. Something extraordinary , something Millicent can’t thought about and that’s the only way we can win Peggy’s magazine in other for us to rise to fame.” Kiki narrates.

” Every single blog or magazine is busy with the Kardashians. Viewers are tired of the Kardashians. Do you know Veronica made a video of she talking about how to keep your man and she wore a seductive lingerie and that video hit almost 30 million views on social media. Kiki is falling , we need to stand to hall of fame..”

” So we need a captivating story. What’s on every New Yorkers minds this summer ?” I sigh and raise my hand up.

” Yes Gold..”

” I think we should write about Mitchel Cooper. From what I’ve noticed everyone’s talking about Mitchel Cooper but no one knows what he truly looks like . 80% of average New Yorkers will do anything to know the true biography of this weird masked redhead.”

” That’s true…” Cameron says.

” Why does she wears a mask ? What’s the net worth ? What does he do to acquire such fame and wealth ? What’s his biography ? And yes where did he went to college ? Anyone knows where he went to high school ?” I ask.

” I think it’s Brooklyn meadow.” Kimberly says.

” No , I think it’s royal high.” Cameron adds.

” I’m not sure , it’s Annie’s.” Valerie says.

” Point is nobody knows the exact highschool of Mitch..” Kiki says and I nods.

” And college ?” I ask.

” I think it’s WSU.”

” Washington State University , I don’t think so..” Cameron says.

” Another point , nobody knows Mitchel’s college.”

” Some people think he’s a myth.”

” Deep down you and I know he’s not a myth. He lives right here in new York and he party the best clubs and hotels in New York. What’s his favorite color ?” I say.

” I think it’s black. Guys love black and he’s always wearing black.” Kiki says pressing a remote control and the Tv displayed Mitchel Cooper wearing black with his mask.

” How old is he ?”

” 25…” Cameron says.

” No it’s 24..” Kiki protests.

” I think he’s 21…” Kim adds.

” Another confusion. Reasons we should write a story about Mitchel. To ease everyone’s curiosity , we need to find true details about Mitchel Cooper and everything behind his cover in New York.” I sigh and smile at everyone.

” How are we supposed to find correct details about Mitchel ? He’s always out with his mask and he’s not willing to talk to the press or the media. Where are we gonna start from ?” Kim ask.

” Leave that to Gold…” Kiki says as I gasp.

” Why Gold ?” Valerie ask.

” Because she’s brilliant and it’s her idea. The fate of Kiki lies in your palms. We’re hoping you’ll get us this endorsement deal with Peggy’s with Mitchel Cooper’s story. He’s the real gig.” I sigh and thought about my pending downfall.

The rest workers sigh as some murmur.

” Cameron will be your assistant as usual. He’s gonna assist with what ever thing you need. He’s always there to tag along. Make this a hit and I’ll make you a manager..”

” What , but it’s not like she’s a real worker . Kiki , it’s just an internship.” Kim protests.

” Anymore dialogue from you and you’ll be fired.” Kiki scowl as Kim seal her mouth.

” Meeting dismissed.” Kiki says and I walk to my office.

First day at Kiki and I’m about to work on the issue of my worst nightmare. Why’s life always so cruel ?


” Swears I’m about to puke for the sixteenth time..” I said touching my forehead pacing around my living room.

Perkins sat on the couch with Carol as they stare at me in disbelief.

” This is wow. First day at Kiki and you’re writing a super hot story that’s gonna change Kiki for good. Worst part is that you’ll be writing about Mitchel Cooper and the best news ever Is if you could come out with interesting facts about Mitch and who he truly his , you’ll be made a manager in Kiki’s magazine..” Carol says smiling.

” That’s the best news in my entire college life. ” Perkins says and I scoff sitting down.

” How am I supposed to sit down and look for facts about someone who I don’t even like. Worst part is he did something to my family..”

” Gold , Emily’s dead and she will be happy if you’ll move on. Or do you wanna write about Obama or maybe Donald trump ? Everyone’s talking about the Kardashians , bitch no one knows Mitchel Cooper. What’s is life like ? Does he move weed ? Is he having an affair with his supposed father’s bride ? That’s the hit.” Perkins snap and pick up an apple.

” Where am I gonna start from ?” I ask.

” Start from the Cooper’s party. One will be held this night , majority of Cooper’s will be there. Dress hot and look tempting. Flirt with any Cooper and steal so many secrets from them , easy.” Perkins says and wink.

” Okay , each of their party always need a pass , how’s she gonna pass the guard ?” Carol ask and I nod.

” Seduce the guard if he refuses.” Perkins says and i sighs.

” Thanks , I hope it works.”

” And lastly , you should give Jason a change back in your life . That dude’s in love with you girlfriend and it’s gonna hurt him more if you abandon him. You should have explain to him about Max yesterday , you’re just acting naive.” Perkins scoff and i sigh.

” I know. I just want him to feel the taste of what I went through when he abandoned me.”

” Okay , go get ready. The Cooper’s are waiting for you tonight..” I Chuckle and smile.


I take a deep breath and walk in to the hall. My braids are wrap tightly, my thighs exposed a little as I fit perfectly to the stilettos heels I’m wearing.

Mitchel’s favourite colour is black I guess and worst part is that I’m wearing a black short dress Jason bought for me the very first day we went out on a date.

I stop in a front of the guard who’s checking me out already. Damn I know I look good.

” Where’s your pass ma’am ?” He ask.

” Is that really compulsory ?” I ask him and he nods.

” I don’t have any actually.”

” You must need an Invitation card.” He snaps and i sigh.

I look over his shoulders and saw a familiar redhead man. He’s not staring and he’s standing alone close to the door.

” He invited me.” I said.

” Who ?” The guard ask.

” Him..” I point to him as he avert his gaze at me. He’s surprised same time mesmerized.

What his he doing here ?

” Let her in.” Her orders as the guard pave way for me.

” What are you doing here ?” He ask looking down at my dress.

” And why are you dressed like this !”

” It’s none of your business how I dress. I dress how i like. Thanks for the pass anyways.” I said proceeding to walk out but his hands grip my arm.

” Jason , not now.”

” We have a lot to talk and you know that.”

” We have nothing to talk about. Just let go of my arm , you’re hurting me.” I say softly.

” Really ? Fine..” he scoffs and walk out .

I roll my eyes and right now I felt bad. Why is he here ? A waiter walk in and give me a glass of wine.

” Thank you.” He nods and walk out.

I raise the glass to my nose and I almost choke.

” God , alcohol.”

” Hey..” Someone says from behind me . I turn around and saw a guy. He’s wealthy , his clothes indicate that.

” Hi..”

” You’re Gold right ?” How did he know my name.

” Yeah.. and you’re ?”

” Tobie .”

” Cooper ?” I ask to be sure.

” Yeah. Tobie Cooper.” Wow . I smile a little and look around.

Jason is killing me with his terrible stares. Why is he here ?

” You’re pretty and really stubborn.” I laugh at his flatter and he smirks.

” You’re beefing with your boyfriend ?” He ask looking at Jason. I can’t tell him Jason isn’t my boyfriend , my conscience will murder me.

” Not really. ” But wait how did he knew about Jason and i ?

God I need explanations.

” You dance ?” He asks proceeding to touch me but Jason was smarter. He walk into the discussion and grab my arm.

” Hi man.” Tobie said to Jason with a smirk.

” Hey , i need to borrow my girlfriend.” Jason says as Tobie nods.

” Thanks.. come with me now..” Jason’s grip was strong on my arm as he pull me out of the party.

We’re standing outside and I’m leaning against a car with my arms tightly crossed.

” What was that all about ?” He fires.

” Jason stop acting like my boyfriend.”

” Really ? You’re my girlfriend and I won’t share you with anyone. Why did you have to dress this way ? Oh you thought I won’t be here right ? Gold what is wrong with you ? Haven’t you done enough ? I’m sick and tired of your silly game.”

” And this is coming out of someone who abandoned me ? Do you even care about me ?” I yell.

” Are you fuckin shitting me ? What are you doing here ?”

” It’s none of your fuckin business.” I tell him.

His eyes are dark and he’s angry. He brush his hand against his hair and sigh. He sigh and turn to look at me.

” I’m sorry…” He plea.

” I’m tired of our games. Look , I missed you and I feel miserable without you.” Wow is that a confession or what ?

There’s silence in the air as we exchange glances. The only thing I could hear is our heartbeat since we’re so close already. I can’t stay away from him.

” I can’t stay away from you..” he whispers looking into my eyes. I tried to talk but something stopped me.

” I know you missed me too. I guess I miss you more..” He lean closer to kiss me but successfully kiss my neck.

The feelings are back. My body responds to his touch as he kissed on my neck gently brushing his hands slowly around my hips.

” It’s nice I still have an effect on you.” He says softly.

” I missed your lips , I missed your eyes and I missed your body. I can’t think straight. You’re worse than my addiction , you’re something more and I can’t explain it. I’m already into you and i can’t even touch another woman.”

” You brought in girls the other day. They were braless in your pool.”

” True. I planned on making out with one but your presence spoilt everything. I felt guilty and I’ll always be guilty except you forgive me. I don’t wanna loose you anymore.” My eyes are weak as tears threatened to escape.

I smile and hug him tightly.

” I love you…” He coo still holding me.

We disengage from the hug and he kisses me. I wrap my hands around his shoulders and kissed him back.

He deepens the kiss and trail his hands around my hips and grab tight on my butt. I moan on his mouth as he caress on my skin. It’s nightfall and the outside wasn’t that bright.

He kiss my neck and my system heat up the more. I caress his nape and tug on his hair moaning slightly. I missed him more than he can even imagine.

We kissed more and he teases me touching every part of me. His mouth is weak but we ain’t stopping.

” Wow..” someone says from behind as we stop at once.

We turn to look at this person and it’s Jake smirking at us.

” Sorry but , this is a park and not a bedroom. It will be nicer if you take her home. You guys are outside.” He tease and i Chuckle.

” Hi Gold. Later man.” Jake said and left.

” Lemme take you to somewhere better.” He says taking hold of my hand.

I nod and followed him to his car. He open the door as i get in. He turn around and enter the driver’s seat and drove out.

Annoying part is that I ignored why i was here. How on earth am I supposed to write about Mitchel’s introvert life ?

Tonight Mitchel’s not important , the only thing important to me right now is Jason , the man I finally fell in love with.


My favorite couples are back..

Where are fans of Mitchel the devil ? Are you guys still there ? 😆😆

Drop your thoughts below and kindly share..100 shares , heart y’all ❤️.

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