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{ Opposite Attracts }

🍭Chapter 19🍭

Written by Goddy Francis




I missed him , worst part is that , I don’t even know where he lives.

I just wished he could just visit and say sorry and then cuddle me to himself and make me feel special. God I hate Veronica , she’s like a pest with a very frustrating attitude.

I sat on the couch going through my textbook on my laps when the doorbell chimers.

Who on Earth is that ? I got up and open the door. There he was , standing right in front of me. The man I wish to see , same time, I really don’t wanna talk to him. He knows my soft spot.

” What do you want ?” That question came out unexpected.

” I’m sorry..” he plea.

” Not today Jason , maybe next time.” I said and proceed to close the door but he stopped me.

” Look , I’m truly sorry. It’s not what you think.” He plea.

As much as I want him badly , i still don’t wanna see him. I don’t wanna look weak because of some crazy reasons.

” I need to think this through. Talk later.” I said and slam the door close.

I lean against the door and squat on the floor. Why can’t I stop thinking about him ? My life’s taken.

I rush to my room and pick up a textbook and note , i planned on studying till night. Perkins is out and carol must be in her dorm or maybe band practice. I place my items inside my bag pack and race out of the apartment. I saw max working his ass out. I wave at him and he smiled back.

I truly like max , I still can’t explain what I feel about us but truth be told he makes me feel safe and happy. I stand in front of THE SPOT and look out for a taxi. God , why don’t I have a car ? I board one and entered. After few minutes it halt in front of school.

It’s evening and it’s not occupied. Thank God I’ll have the whole library to myself. I stride pass the classrooms and head to the library. Just as i Imagine it’s empty , only saw a girl with glasses writing non-stop.

I sat down and begin my own study. I stayed till night fall and I didn’t realize till the janitor announced they are about to lock the library. I pack my books and head out of the library. I didn’t even notice the missed calls cause my phone was on silent mode.

” Hey Perkins , I’m sorry I didn’t call to inform you. I went to school to study but , I’m on my way home..” I said on the phone.

She sighs and I could nearly tell she smiled.

” I’m waiting , I’ll prepare dinner.”

” Thanks..” I reply and she hang up.

I stand outside for seconds and then minutes , i couldn’t get a cab. It’s cold outside and I’m really tired. I decide to call Perkins to come pick me up but I can’t reach her anymore.

Is this bad luck or what ? I resume walking hoping to get a cab but it’s fruitless. It’s late and it’s almost 10 pm. How come I didn’t notice the time when I was inside that library ? I sigh and stop walking hoping to find a car that’s gonna give me a lift. Luckily for me , I saw a Bentley vehicle coming to my direction and yes it halt in front of me.

Two guys got out and they look really fierce. I’m not scared but yes I’m scared now.

” You need a lift pretty girl ?” One of them ask and I scoff.

I turn to walk away but the other guy stop right in front of me.

” What do you want ?” I ask.

” My boss needs to speak with you. You need to come with us.”

Boss ? Mitchel ?

” Fuck you , and your fuckin boss. I’m getting the hell outta here.” I spits and turn to leave.

One of them grab my arm and slam my back against the car.

” It’s either you take it slow or I take it hard on you. Now get in the car ” he yells and I nod.

It’s so weird Mitch had to send criminals to abduct me. The hell I hate him more for this ? I’m not ready nor willing to meet with Mitchel and not in such manner.

I kept mute and stare at this weird guy glancing at me with his dark glasses.

” Now what ?” He snap .

I pretend to look over his shoulders like someone his behind him. How dumb could they be ?

” Who the fuck is that ?” I ask still looking over his shoulders.

Just as I pictured , both of them turn around. I snatch the gun hanging on the weird guy’s pocket and smack his face with it.

” Fuck..” he mutters moving backwards.

” You crazy bitch ?” The other guy ask and I shot his legs. He groan and fall to the ground.

” Don’t try to shoot me.” The guy who yelled at me plea.

” Of course I won’t.” I said and shot his arm.

He groan and grab his bleeding arm tightly.

” Mitch sent you both right ?” I ask.

” Fuck you , you lame ass pussy.” The other guy cuss.

I roll my eyes at them and look down at the other guy’s ringing phone. Stupid Mitchel. I scoff and angrily step on the ringing phone as the screen went blank.

” Thanks for the free ride.” I said snatching the car key from the guy with bleeding arm.

I opened the driver’s seat and entered.

” You’re not stealing his car , are you ?” I scoff at him and start the engine.

It kick off and I throw the gun out of the window and drove off. Allison is such a dirty coward , talking to Mitch about abduction is so childish. I parked the car in the garage and got down. God knows what I’m gonna do with his car ?


” So , she stole my brother’s car ?” Allison asks and I Chuckle.

” And shot you two ?” I ask picking up a cigarette. They nod like the morons they are.

” And it’s a woman ?” I ask and they nod again. I chuckle and light the cigarette. I inhale it and puff the smoke out.

” Gold…” I mutter.

” Nice player i think..” I said as Allison scoff.

” You can both leave but consider yourself fired.” I said.

” We’re sorry boss.” They plea and I got irritated. Apologies are meant for weaklings and not Mitchel. I pick up the gun and shot at the wall behind them.

” I miss that on purpose , now get your ass outta here , wayward motherfuckas .” They nod and ran out frightened.

” What about your car and the girl ?” Allison ask.

” Let her keep it , she’s gonna moan on my bed soon and I’ll make sure of that.”

” I really don’t know her but I really don’t like her. I think she hates the Cooper’s over some weird reasons. I’m paying her a visit.”

” Alli , you’re not paying anyone a visit. Leave her alone , don’t try to bother her.”

” But she’s…”

” Save it. She reminds me of someone….”

” The girl you got pregnant and also stole her virginity.” Allison scowl.

” It’s passed.” I sigh.

” You’ve heard from her ?” Allison asks.

” Don’t care. We never dated , just sex.” I spits.

” Just sex ? You didn’t even use protection on her and you called that just sex.” She scolds.

” You know , it would be nicer if you stop acting like my older sister and behave like my kid sister that you’re. Stop acting like mom , I hate it.” I scoff and walk out on her.

I don’t even remember I had something with a girl few months ago and she got pregnant. What is wrong with Allison ? Am I supposed to always check on this girl ?

Worst part is , I remembered her name , Emily. And that’s because , I ask her in the first place and she’s the first girl I ever ask her name. I barely care.


” Gold , who owns this ?” Perkins asks pointing at the car I brought home.

” Mitchel..” I reply. They don’t seem to find the story pleasing , it’s weird actually. How did I get his car ? And also parked in my garage.

” Mitchel gave it to you ?” Carol asks.

” No , last night on my way back home , he sent his boys after me , to abduct me but I was smarter. Snatch a gun from one of them and shot his arm and shot the other guy on his leg.” I explain.

” Who taught you how to shoot ?” Perkins ask.

” It’s so not hard. I always hang around in a ghetto before.” I reply and cross my arm.

” And they thought you how to smoke too ?” Perkins ask again.

” Dude , I don’t smoke and you know that.”

” What I really don’t understand is , what on Earth are you keeping his car for ?” Carol ask.

” I took it after I shot their legs and arms.” I grin.

” You took Mitchel’s car ?” Carol ask and I’m pissed.

” So what ?”

” What are you gonna do with it ? Ride it ?” Perkins ask.

” I can’t ride such car.”

” It’s a Bentley , that’s about 300,000 US dollars..” I sigh and stare at his car.

” I don’t care. I’m selling it. I’ll change it’s plate number , the color and put it on sale.”

” And the money ?” Carol ask.

” I’m giving it to the orphanage , I can’t keep his property with me. He’s devilish and a total demon in disguise.”

” I advise you give it back.” Carol says.

” Why ?”

” Because it’s Mitchel’s. You can’t just keep his property and you don’t expect him to come for you. Give it back to him.” Carol advised and I scoff.

” I’m not really on anyone’s side. It’s nice you took his car , selling it is not a bad idea either , we’re supposed to take a summer break to Malibu or Florida with that money and have fun for the weekend. I really don’t know why you wanna return the money to an orphanage.” She scowl and huff.

” Summer vacation shouldn’t be your headache , we could afford that. But this kids need it.” I tutor.

” We’re on different sides here…” Carol said.

” Your side is declined , I’m not buying your idea. We might split the money , half for summer break and the rest for the orphanage.” I said and glance at both of them.

” Who’s willing to buy a car with with no papers ?” Carol ask.

” A lot of thugs in New York.” Perkins reply collecting the key from me.

She open the driver’s seat and insert the key.

” Fuck , this is a huge machine.” She says and slide down.

” Who cares…”

” Mitch’s coming for you.” Carol said.

What more can he do ?
Send another set of stupid guys to kidnap me because of his car.

I really don’t find Carol’s last statement pleasing ‘ Mitch’s coming for you.’


Would you take the car if you were gold ?

Will you even return it like Carol has suggested ?

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