{ Opposite Attracts }

🍭Chapter 6🍭

Written by Goddy Francis



I stayed in my room locked up as the thought of abortion flow through my mind. I was scared , that i was gonna die. Even if God decides to overlook it , I might not be able to conceive. That fear of not able to give birth.

Same time , I can’t give birth to a bastard child. If he grows up what am I gonna tell him ? That your supposed father calls me a one night stand and ask me to abort you. Mom will be really ashamed of me. I thought about new York and that joy to finally go to college.

Why didn’t I listen to gold ?
Why was I so occupied with Mitchel bullshit ?
Jeez , he said it to my face after getting in between my legs and taking away my v-card.
One night stand huh ?

I cried and tug my face in the pillow. Ayanda was always good at giving terrible advise and it always sound interesting. One thing in me wanted to tell Gold but I thought about mom. Of course she will tell mom. Loud mouth.

” It’s no big deal.” Ayanda states .

” You can’t allow Mitch to kill your young dream by tying you up with a child. I got pregnant too remember ? Junior year in highschool.” She snapped at me clicking her fingers.

” It didn’t hurt. I can’t just watch a man try to tame my life with a child he isn’t ready to take care of. You gotta get rid of it just like I did. It won’t hurt.”

” I will take you to somewhere , it will be easier and safer.” She continues.

I sigh and hug my knee. A baby for a Mitchel.



I remembered the last call I had with Emily. Why was I feeling guilty like I committed a huge crime. I hate kids and I wasn’t ready to father one now.

I lit another round of cigarette and inhale the smoke. I flung myself on the couch and thought about the blood stain on the bedspread. I huff and pace around. I don’t love her , I can’t even love anyone. Where on Earth should I start from in the name of getting a kid from a black girl. A one night stand.

” F***, I hate her…” I heard Allison’s voice scream through the passage way.

My door flung open as Tobias made his way into my living room with Allison who was already relaxed on a couch. She removed her stilettos and flung them leaning her back against the chair.

” What’s going on ?” I asked.

Tobias collected the cigarette from my hand and poured a bountiful amount of whiskey on a glass.

” Sharon Stine , stupid actress who thought she could buy the leadrole Ryan Noels.” Allison spat.

” Leadrole, Ryan Noels ?” I asked extremely baffled.

” I’m shooting a movie soon , maybe next month or two with the title STRIP SISTERS. Ryan Noels Is the supposed leadrole but Sharron Stine wants it. Why is Hollywood filled with slimy vaginas.” Allison yelled.

” You really need to get laid.” Tobias muttered drinking the wine.

” I’m just fed up and tired with everything. Dad and all that boring stuff. Truth is being wealthy can be really boring sometimes.” Allison said and scoff.

” I’ll agree with you on that.” Tobias said and sat down.

” Tobie , stop being a pussy and be normal for once.” Allison snapped.

” Every single family of Cooper needs true love, it’s gonna help. We all need that special someone we could talk to , crawl to and cuddle on his/her arms . With love around being wealthy isn’t boring. Truth is the Cooper’s are boring and not wealth.” He said as he finally drowns the whiskey on his glass.

” So , have you finally find this love ?” Allison asked.

I chuckle as my subconsciousness carries a popcorn and sits at the front role to watch this drama.

” Na , she’s on her way. In Miami , taking a chopper to New York.” Tobias said and winked.

I laugh and totally forget I got a weird news today from a girl i just had fun with.

” Just shut your alcoholic mouth. We already have two much trouble to deal with. Tionna and a lot more. God knows what to expect next .” Allison said getting up to get a glass.

” I think Tionna is the biggest for now.” I finally spoke out.

” Who marries their ex boyfriend’s fathers ?” I added.

” Tionna, Tionna Petrov.” Tobias joked as we laugh.

” I’m going out , talk later sweet siblings.” Tobias said and walked out.

I let a huge sighed and turned to look at her Allison.

” I need to tell you something.” It’s so weird she’s my best friend and my only companion in my entire life. Some times I totally forgot I’m older than her.

” What is it ?” She asked sitting down.

” I got a girl pregnant.” I whispered.

” You what !” She shouts. I swelled my eyes at her as she covered her mouth.

” She’s African. I met her when i travel to SA.”

” What the fuck is wrong with her ?” Allison quaried .

” I don’t know. She was a virgin.” I spat.

” A what ?”

” It’s kinda weird. I really don’t know how I managed to have fun with her. Why would they think I’m willing to love , I don’t even know what that shit looks like.” I admit.

” What are you gonna do ?” Allison asked sitting close to me.

” I told her to her get rid of it. I don’t need a baby.”

” I hope she understands your reason. It’s so annoying when girls try to come up with such scandalism about pregnancy because my redhead brother is fuckin cute.” She says and ruffles my hair.

” Alli , stop , I’m not a kid.” I said Chuckling.

” Yeah I know. You have a Yacht . Not every single new Yorker can actually afford a Yacht.” She teased and wink.

I Chuckle and sweep my hair backwards. Allison always reminds me of my mom. Her redhead and her eyes , everything was just my mom.

” You should stop kidding about that yacht bullshit.” I said as she Chuckle.

” I hope i can.” She says and wink.

” I need to borrow your bathroom brother.” She says standing up carrying her shoes. I nod and she walk out.

My phone buzz and it was will.

” Speak.” I said on the phone.

” Got a call from Ben, boss.” Will said on the phone.

” Tell him I’m not ready , deliver the rest to Italy. I wanna be alone now , no business calls please.” I could feel Will nods on the phone.

” Alright boss.” He says and I hang up.

I toss my phone on the couch and pick up another cigarette to bore my boring time. I light the cigarette and puff out the smoke staring at my transparent wall thinking about the girl who got pregnant for me. It’s kinda weird , I’ve never heard such painful news before.

What if she’s just lying. Girls suck..



Ayanda was always talking about getting rid of the child. Why did I have to be so stupid. I barely eat cause the day Mitchel gave me that terrible news of getting rid of my child , i totally lost my appetite for food.

I thought about NYU.
My love for college.
Imagine dropping out of college if mom finds out about my stupidity.
I was caged in my own boring fantasy.
I spend almost everyday crying and thinking.
The thought of abortion always send cold down my spine.

Maybe I really need to , no one’s gonna find out and that includes my mom and sister gold.

” Emily..” Gold calls knocking on my door.

I quickly clean my eyes and turn to look at.

” Yeah..”

She smiles halfway and slouched into my bedroom. We might not have a dad but we lived the best lives ever. Our house and supposed college. NYU wasn’t any typical college , it was expensive.

” You’re okay ?” Gold ask.

” I’m fine , why ?”

” You look like who’s been crying for days.” I Chuckle to her correct guess .

” I’m fine.” I lie.

” You’re not.” What’s up with having a twin sister. I frown and look away.

” You can talk to me.” She insists.

” I’m fine , just go. I wanna be alone.” I said turning my back against her.

” Emily..”

” Get out..” I yell without sparing her a look. She won’t understand. That pain of being rejected and you’re fuckin pregnant for the fuckin person that got you pregnant.

My door slam close and I was sure she has left. I turn around and truly she has left. I slump on my bed and thought about calling ayanda to get rid of this bad luck called Mitchel.


The house was empty when I entered on Saturday evening. Ayanda held me slowly and carried me upstairs since i just get rid of my pregnancy. I was weak and weary.

She drop me on my bed and drop my medication since the doctor ask me to take it , in the name of easing the pain.

” Will you be okay ?” Ayanda ask and I just nod.

” I will take my leave , call me if you need anything.” Ayanda says and I nod again trying to keep up with the pain.

She smiles and walk out of my room. I sat up and tried to reach for the bottle water sitting on my nightstand. I look down at my feet and discovered I was bleeding.

” Oh my God..” I whimper.

The ache in my abdomen increased and for once I thought i was gonna die. I crawl to the couch on my room to get my phone. The bleeding increased and the pain was severe , I was loosing it.

I cried but it was all in vain, I was alone and dying. I managed to get hold of my phone and quickly called my mom. She wasn’t picking up. I scream and poke my abdomen that was hurting more and more. I was covered by my own blood and I felt I won’t live to see the next minute.

I called gold and her voicemail replied. I scream and slam my fist to my bed , I was still on the floor bleeding. I called ayanda and she didn’t pick up same as gold , her voicemail was the only thing that replied me.

” Gold , if you get this , I’m sorry I pushed you out. The night Mitchel Cooper visited I had my way with him. I discovered I was pregnant and I was totally scared to tell you or Mom instead i told ayanda. I called Mitchel and he called me a one night stand , he said I should get rid of it…..” My breath was fading and my stomach was hot.

” Ayanda took me to a place and I got rid of it. Gold I’m dying , I’m bleeding. I might not live to see the next minute. If you get this message please come home quickly….” I felt a strong pain in my abdomen as my phone fell off my hand.

I tried to scream but no I couldn’t. I fell to the ground and everything was void.


Oh I cried when I write this .
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