{Opposite Attracts }

🍭Chapter 14🍭

Written by Goddy Francis



” Mitch…..” I mutter and he turn to look at me and I went numb.

The distance is quite far but our gaze didn’t tend to end. He scoffs and look away.

Why can’t I say a word ? I cross my arm and glare at Mitchel Cooper standing at the extreme few feet from me. I tried to talk but my mouth betrayed me.

” Who could believe you party in such loose place ?” I utter and bite my lip. I don’t really know where this conversation is going , but I don’t really care.

He walks to where I was standing and halt three feet from me.

” Get yourself a boyfriend , you’re loosed. I don’t flirt with hoes like you.” He spits and walk out.

” Bloody bastard.” I sigh and rest my arm on the rails of the balcony.

Tonight is the worst night of my life. My phone rang and it was aunt Elna. I sigh and mute the call , not now. I need to go home.


” Gold , you’re up !” I look up at Perkins and sigh.

Where am I gonna start from ? That Emily and Mitchel did shit together and she got pregnant but Mitch magic wanted an abortion. That’s so not cool.

” I was drunk.” I lied.

” Drunk ?” Carol asks.

” That doesn’t look like a drunk attitude. Dude you almost broke a bottle because of Mitch. Did you date him before ?” I scoff at Perkins and sigh again.

” I didn’t. I was drunk , I even had to use the bathroom because of the alcohol. It’s no big deal.”

” Gold are you sure ? Cause I was….”

” Perkins I’m fine. I just need to catch a nap.” I stand up and slouch to my bedroom.

This night was terrible. Why did I have to see Mitchel ? And Jason too . Two terrible douchebag. I yawn and switched off my bedside lamp.

The noise of the alarm woke me up the following morning. I open my eyes and smack the alarm to the floor. God I hate Mondays , it’s one of the worst day in the week.

I got up and take a bath before getting dressed. Surprisingly Perkins was cooking that morning.

” That’s weird..” I say to her. She Chuckle and roll her eyes.

” So , what’s that supposed to mean ?”

” You don’t cook. THE SPOT is your kitchen.”

” I didn’t even notice.” She snap and Chuckle.

I drank water and assist Perkins as she finally served her meal. God knows what it will taste like.

” I’m not a terrible cook.” She says and I laugh.

” I should be the one to give points and not you.” I pick up a fork and take a bite.

” Quite better.” I tell her and she smiles.

” You were stressed out last night , so I decide to cook.” Memories of last night flood into my head .

” I think you shouldn’t drink much next time , you almost killed someone.”

Yeah right , I totally forgot I lied about being drunk.

” Thanks mate.” She smile and nods.

” You’re late.” She says.

” We’re late. I hate my first class. Calculations sucks.” Perkins Chuckle to my misfortune and I sigh.

I finished my meal and clean up my plates. I rush to my room to carry my bag and we left for school. After class Carol and I take a walk to the cafeteria to eat cause Perkins was busy flirting with a guy.


” Mitch..” Tionna called.

I sigh and turn to look at her . She was smiling standing beside my room door and her arms are tightly crossed beneath her chest. I scoff and look away.

” Your father told me.” She begins.

” Told you what ?”

” That you’re not attending my engagement party. Mitch why ?”

” Jesus , are you shitting me ? I don’t wanna talk about it.”

She made her way to were I was sitting and sit on my lap.

” Why acting so annoying ?” She asks but I ignored her.

” I want you.” She whispers and kissed my neck.

” Just stop , I’m not in the mood for that.” She smiles and kissed my neck. Those are my weak point and it’s so annoying she knows about it.

I hold her waist and kissed her her back. She smirks and aggressively pull my shirt over my head.

” Do you even love my father ?” I ask and she smirk.

” It’s none of your business.” She coo and rock on my laps. It’s always weird why i can’t stop having an affair with her. I carried her on my thighs and place her on my bed.

I removed her dress and kissed her stomach down to her thighs. She gigles and tug her fingers in my hair.




” Gold…” Perkins giggle sitting down on the opposite chair close to Carol.

” What ? Why are you happy ?” I ask amused.

” I’ve been nominated for a movie.”

” No way..” Carol says at once.

” Yes way. Are you a witch ?” Perkins ask and I chuckle.

” No, I’m just surprised. That’s great news.” Perkins roll her eyes and scoff.

” Guess who’s taking the leadrole ?” Perkins ask.

” Allison Cooper..” I said.

” No way…” Carol says again.

” What the fuck is wrong with you ? Aren’t you happy for my success ?”

” I am..” Carol reply really pissed. I chuckle and drank my coffee.

” What role are you playing ? What’s up with the movie ?”

” Okay , Allison said she’s shooting the movie in Los Angeles and I’m playing Becky. A stupid role but I like it.” Carol says snatching my coffee from my hand.

” There’s nothing wrong in playing Becky.” I admit.

” The character is a total gossip and beg too much. I’d really love to play Carina Noels , it’s better or maybe Amber Rose.” Perkins utter and roll her eyes.

” Dude , you’re black. And also playing Becky can also give you the audience you need. So chill ..” I bulge my eyes at her and she scoff.

” Hey babe..” Brad calls walking into our conversation.

” Hi Brad..” Carol got up and hug Brad. Perkins scoff and grin at me.

I remembered the other night. How’s she gonna feel if she ever finds out about her boyfriend and Veronica.

” Can we talk privately ?” He asks .

” Sure..” Carol replies and follow Brad to a corner. We watched them as they talk.

” Can I have your attention everyone..” Brad shouts and we were forced to stop whatever thing we were doing. The entire population inside the cafeteria avert their gaze to Brad and carol.

What is he up to ?

” I’m breaking up with Carol. I’m tired of her shitty attitude and she’s open for anyone to have their way with her. She’s a damaged person and i definitely cannot continue with her….” Brad shouted. My heart leap and i could feel Carol’s pain right now.

She covered her mouth and tried to hold back the tears. Veronica laugh so loud and every other unfortunate person did same.

” What the fuck…” Perkins yell standing up.

I got up and march to Brad.

” What was that all about ?” I ask looking at Carol whose eyes is already covered with tears.

” Come on bitch , I’m fuckin done with this…” He spits. Damn , I so hate him. Dirty dog.

” What did you say ?” I ask.

” Yo , bitch , he’s fuckin done with your dumbass friend.” Veronica snap at me.

I Chuckle and gave Brad a slap. Perkins took a bottle from a table and smashed it on Brad’s head. Everyone gasp and chatter.

” Fuck you , motherfucka.” Perkins utter holding the half broken bottle.

” How can you do that to her ? You’re dumping her because of this wayward whore..” I yell pointing at Veronica. It’s so painful she’s the Chancellor’s daughter. It would be fun to beat her ass in school.

” Get your ass out of here , you dirty punk. You dare not call the cops or I’mma dig this down your stupid dickhead.” Perkins yell as Brad rush out with his friend.

” Let’s get out of here. Veronica we’ll meet outside school.” I bit my lip in anger and pull Carol out.

We drove home that afternoon and the atmosphere was terrible. Carol has been crying her eyes out. It hurts , I’ve been there before. I remembered how Fred lied too , dirty dog. We halt outside the spot as we made our way through.

” Hey girls…” Max greeted but the girls didn’t answer. I replied his greetings in other not to keep him hanging.

We took the elevator and slam the door open.

” You would never listen.” Was the first word Perkins spat out.

Carol slump on the chair and cried.

” How could he do that to me ?” She cry.

” Because , Veronica is hotter than you. I saw them at the club last night and they were making out in a restroom. I didn’t wanna tell you because….”

” It’s useless , he already dumped me. The worst break up ever in front of everyone. He called me damaged.” Carol says and sniff her tears.

” He’s gone and he doesn’t deserve you.” I smile and sit close to her.

” But I love him…” She cry.

” Just forget about him. Most times , it’s not worth it. You know , my sister once had a thing with Mitchel….” I sigh remembering everything.

” Really ?”

” Yeah.. ” I reply and wipe my almost wet eyes.

” She got pregnant and Mitch hated it , so he told her to get rid of it. She did and she didn’t make it. She died and she was my twin… I just….” I pause and chew on my lips.

” It’s okay. I know that feeling it hurts , you just gotta let go. Mitch is an unfortunate person..” Perkins states.

” I’m sorry…” Carol says and I felt like I’m the one who got the worst heartbreak today.

” Thanks girls..”

” First things first , you need to forget about Mitchel and everything. Don’t hold any grudges. I guess that’s one of the reasons you hate redhead people and also why you almost smash his head with a bottle in his club .” I scoff and keep mute.

” Let it go..” I nod and smiled.

” Let’s get wet this evening..” Perkins suggests.

” No , I’m not willing to have sex with anyone.” Carol says wiping her eyes.

” Who says you’re having sex ? We’re going to teem park to get wet. I’m buying you swimsuit and you dare not say no.” Perkins growl as Carol scoff.

” It’s not a bad idea either. we can also go to school this evening to play tennis and go over to teem park. You should stop thinking about Brad.” I insist and she nods.

” How many times did he slept with you ?” Perkins asks with arms crossed.

” He didn’t…” Carol says and scoff.

” You’re sure about that ?” Perkins ask. I sigh and snap at Perkins to stop.

” We did nothing.”

” Yeah ? You planned till marriage and he didn’t. He met Veronica , extremely beautiful and hot and they make out. I told you he was gonna leave you for Veronica but you won’t listen. I so hate her.” Perkins huff and sat down.

” Go and shower and let’s get out and feel the realm. You’re gonna party and get drunk.”

” I can’t.” Carol spits.

” You can and you will.” Perkins persist and she scoff.

Perkins drove us to teem park and it was rowdy as usual despite the fact that it’s Monday. There’s a large swimming pool and a large tap close to the pool with several hose connected to several taps.

” Let’s get drunk.” Perkins Chuckle and walk out. Few minutes after she returns with a wine and three glasses.

We sat down and Perkins served us drink. Carol raise the glass to her nose and almost choke.

” You won’t die , just a sip and you’ll forget everything.” Perkins says caressing Carol’s back.

She nods and gulp the entire wine. She almost choke but i quickly held her.

” To hell with brad. You gotta focus on the future and getting a good guy to lay with.” Perkins advise and I Chuckle.

” You’re in for a out drinking competition ?” Perkins ask and we nod.

She filled the three glasses with drink and we gulp it down at once. Carol is almost drunk but she ain’t stopping. I took another whip and I almost throw up. God , I’m not used to this , too much beverage.

” I just wanna get wet..” Carol says touching her hair.

We stand up and find our way to the dress room to change. Carol was obviously drunk , oh Brad. We put on our swimsuit and went over to the pool. I switch on the tap and hose water all over carol. She screams and giggle. Perkins splash water on me with the hose and I was totally wet.

We scream and giggle splashing water on each other . I clean my blurry eyes covered with water and the person I saw made my heart skip.

I felt a heartbeat , that wasn’t normal. His cute eyes were checking me out and I felt goosebumps. The pores in my skin flared open and my temperature heat up. The sight of Veronica with him made me almost puke. She was wearing a white sports bra with a white scarf around her waist. Jason wears a black shirt and trousers and his looks are way too irresistable. Why this redhead ?

Are they dating ? If I should be serious , then this cute redhead named Jason is so cute. His eyes are tempting and it made my cheek flush each time he is checking me out. He smirk at me and turn to look at Veronica.

What happened to that Gold who despise redheads ?

Why am I jealous ?

Why that feeling ?


Redhead aside , Jason and Gold make perfect couples.

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