Dark Clouds


I am the clouds i am blue as the sea
I am bruise if you can see
The pains i have seen are unbearable
I am enslave by dense rules
Do i have to weep to be heard
O benevolent spirit that rules my head
Save me from this seaons quality
The dire is cast i am pointed faulter
I am laid on the altar to be altered
The wind scold and chide my soul
Even till i fold in cold.
My eyes are blinded by burden bough
My vision are blured by this heavy fog
Whence will my my help be,
The sky is beaten with lightning
As it lies quietly in fear,
Ones so dear now so cheap
I am all emnesh,sewed up with darkness
My eyes can no more hold its emotions
It loses its temper, as the sea flooded
Out of my eyes to form an ocean.

About Smile Austin 28 Articles
Male, 25 years Nigerian Writer. Novelist,poet,blogger and social media influencer Professional Economist.

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