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“what are you doing here?” Kirana asked Leo..
I own this place’ that’s what I expected to hear from him but instead he said.
“I hang around here often”
“what are you doing here?” Leo asked Kirana, “oh I came here to visit my friend.” Kirana replied referring to me.
“oh you and Pen know each other?” Leo asked.
“childhood friends” Kirana replied and Leo smiled, “how do you know Pen?” Kirana asked sitting down.
“well I–
“LEO!!” Maxwell yelled from outside and Leo sighed. “I have to go, see you later Kirana” Leo said and smiled before glancing at me and walking away..

“you know that guy?” I asked when I know the coast was clear..
“yeah.. You do too?” Kirana asked
“yeah like four days ago and he’s been forcing me to be his friend” I replied and Kirana blinked rapidly.
“really? The Leo I know isn’t like that, he doesn’t force people to be his friend neither does he talk to people.. I’m surprised he’s even talking to people like Maxwell” Kirana said and I shrugged..
“well I don’t know the old Leo you seem to be talking about but the one I know, he’s nice, he makes friends and he is the one who bought this” I said pushed my phone forward.
“wow. I didn’t know he could be this nice.. The only person who would ever do and buy stuffs for is harmony” Kirana tells me and I gave her a lost face.
“Harmony who?” I asked.
“oh his girlfriend” she replied and I understood and nod. “well he bought it for me and somehow we’re friends” I said and she looks at me confusingly, tilting her head.
“nothing” she quickly said
“so how did you know Leo” I asked and she started.
“well the company where I work now, he owns it, well it was two years ago then and I didn’t know he was the owner of the company, I was working as an intern there, at that time remember? as an intern I run all the errands and then one day accidentally I bumped into him, he was pretty mad, he yelled about this and that and how stupid I am, I insulted him back cause I didn’t know he was my boss yet.. He was so rude I hated him to the core after giving him a huge insult I walked away cause I know that would piss him off. Well to cut things short, the next day I Bumped into his girlfriend harmony, I didnt know how I became a bumping machine then, but harmony was so nice to me she apologized to me when I was supposed to apologize to her.. Well I later met her with Leo and she tried to introduce me to him but he told her we knew each other as enemies but aside that the three of us kind of became friends and then I learned that he’s the owner of the company and that’s he’s stinking rich and it’s almost a year since I saw him and Harmony.. And now he’s gotten a lot prettier but he’s kind of different”
A huge lightened flashed across the sky and a huge thunder sound grumbled after it, making everyone in the restaurant flinch and starts to murmur.. “this rain is going to be a blast” Kirana said and I nodded agreeing with her.
“but wait, if Leo’s so rich why does he hang around here all the time, he should be at home or at work doing some business stuff or something” I asked
“I don’t know, we used to be friends but not the buddy-buddy kind of friend, and it’s been a year since I heard from him so I don’t know what’s going on in his life” Kirana replied and I nod. Suddenly the rain starts to pour heavily and before we knew it, the customers in the restaurant starts to leave, remaining two couples who later left when the rain got heavier, it wasn’t just a rain it was like a tornado rain .. Heavy wind blew and threw things around recklessly..
Maxwell and Leo walked back into the hotel looking a bit wet, but I immediately Turned to Kirana who was talking to me.
“we better get away from this table before the wind carries something heavy and hit the window, killi—-
Kirana hasn’t completed her words when something hit the window smashing the glass real hard and the two of us screamed and left the table with speed. We both burst out laughing cause that was funny but also dangerous..
I snatched my phone from the table and Kirana and backed away slowly, “looks we’re both gonna be here all night if the rain doesn’t stop” Kira said..
“none of us are going to be here if the rain doesn’t stop. So we better get comfy” Maxwell said behind us and we both turned to see him and Leo.
“I wanted to come see my bestie and this happened. Damn it” Kira said and I giggled.

“god I hate being wet” Leo said taking off his jacket and leaving his dry black shirt on.. He pushed his long wet hair back and I quickly looked away cause that was kind of breathtaking and weird.. For me.
“well good thing I’m used to bringing extra clothes I’m taking off all my shirts, Ira care to join me?” Maxwell said playfully with a smile.
“You’ll regret having me join you when something gets missing from your body” Kirana replied and looked down. In between his legs.
“yeah I’m good” he quickly said and walked away.
“that’s what I thought” Kirana breathed out while I giggled, we both sat down at a table not close to any windows or doors, it was the centre of the restaurant and it was way better.
“so… What do you think about Leo?” Kirana asked suddenly and I gave her a look.
“what do you mean by what do I think about Leo?” I re-asked the question and she quickly cleared her throat and said “nothing”
“hey.. Hey… You there..” Kirana said wanting Jimmy’s attention.
“his name is Jimmy” I tell her and she yelled.
“Jimmy!” he flinched turned to us
“get me a glass of orange juice” she said and he nods and walked away,
“orange juice huh?” we heard Leo’s voice said and we looked at him as he slowly sat down
“yep, suddenly I started craving for that” Kirana replied and Leo smiled.
“so how’s Harmony?” Kirana asked.
“harmony’s fine” he replied.
“cool. But pen said you’ve been hanging out here a lot and I don’t think you’ve ever brought her here” Kirana stated, which made Leo narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips together..
“well You See Harmony and I, we’re not together anymore” Leo muttered out lazily.
“oh my gosh. What happened why did you guys break up?” Kirana asked curiously, her lips slightly open.
“well apparently I wasn’t good enough for her.. It was two weeks ago on Saturday actually she just didn’t want me anymore, she told me I wasn’t good enough for her and till today I didn’t know what I did wrong, I gave her all the love and care in this world” Leo said with this sad eyes and for the first time I felt sympathy for him..
“OMG I’m so sorry” Kirana said pitifully
“it’s okay. I’m getting over the loneliness I feel without her..” Leo breathed out and sighed.

“uh– I’ll be right back” Kirana said, stood up and walked away cause she saw Jimmy talking to someone, I know she’s going to yell his head off cause he forgot her orange juice.
Thunder suddenly grumbled as I realise it was Leo and I at the table alone.
“so you and Kirana are pretty close” Leo said looking at me.
“yeah, she’s like an instant sister” I replied and looked away.
“you know, you and I are pretty similar” he started and I looked at him.
“Huh?” I said bewilderingly..
Similar? how?
“Maxwell told me.. The dude who came here and made you cry the other day is your ex Fiancee but he bailed off your wedding, on the wedding day, that’s the same day my harmony broke up with me” Leo explained and sighed.
I didn’t know Maxwell was a blabber mouth..
“and I don’t see how that makes us similar” I said seriously.
“we are, we’re both humans who got heart broken on the same day” he replied and I blinked rapidly and looked away, he’s kind of right but I don’t see how that’s helping any of us.
We both remained quiet and I just looked at my phone while enjoying the sound of the heavy rain, we heard a hard object which hit the window forcefully and I flinched..
“wow. This rain is pretty stormy and dangerous, my mom told me, a tornado rain storm took place when I was born” Leo said and bit my lips, worrying that I’ll yell out of anger and boredom..
Why is he telling me things about him that I don’t want to know, we’re not that kind of “friends” we’re just two people who happens to know each other, weirdly..
“good for you” I muttered very low.. Gritting my teeth.
“are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m just bored” I said and he nods, I looked back but I couldn’t see Kirana anywhere, where the hell is she!!!
“am I boring you?” he asked nicely and I sincerely nod.. “I’m sorry..” I said lowly and he smiled.
“it’s okay, lately I get that a lot, Pete and Liam, my two partners, said I’ve gone soft and boring and I can see it now” he said and I still have an “am-sorry” look..
Kirana suddenly walked up to us looking all red, puffy and happy.
“what happened where’s your orange juice?” I asked her
“what orange juice?” she quickly said and I gave her a weird look.
“the one you asked Jimmy” I help her recalled it and she breathed out an “oh.. Well let’s just forget about that.”..
Something fishy, I know my best friend to well and I know something happened
“okay what happened?” I let it out, observing her very carefully.
“well.. She squeaked and looked back and forth between Leo and I..
“I’ll tell you later” she breathed out
“what? You can’t say it front of me?” Leo added and Kirana nodded.
“I can’t, not even a single alphabet” Kirana said looking at him sternly
“nope, you didn’t change a bit. You’re still the rude Kirana Pattie, I know” Leo sang and I chucked a bit.. Which made Kirana rolled her eyes..
The three of us talked a lot, well I didn’t talk like that Kirana and Leo did a lot of talking, it’s nice to see that she has other friends aside from Mason and I. Cause I don’t, I’ve only got her,and Mason and maybe.. Leo.. nah I don’t think so.. As they both talked, laughed and played , I looked at them and envied them a little bit, they’re so happy and look at Leo, he doesn’t look like someone who got heart broken, I guess girls are really the week ones. Suddenly I started hearing the song mirror by Justin Timberlake over the rain and I looked around to know where it was coming from..
“that’s your phone ringing” Leo said immediately and my head snapped down to my ‘new phone’
“Oh!” I exclaimed, Mason was the caller and I gently carried the phone from the table standing up
“why did you make that song the ringing tone, she told me you bought the phone for her” Kirana said to Leo who was standing up and ignoring her words, and she got mad and slapped his butt and pushed him towards me, making me pick the call and also bumping into me and accidentally and coincidentally, his lips almost touched mine.. it just touched the side of my lips, And I pushed him aside cause he was interrupting my call.
“what did you do that for” I heard Leo said behind me.
“hello” I said into the phone.
“it was a mistake I didn’t know you’d kiss Penelope” I heard Kirana’s voice behind me..
Ugh they’re so loud . “hello!” I said into the phone again
“we didn’t kiss” I heard Richard’s voice from behind and I angrily walked away..

“hello! Mason?” I said slowly now cause I’m away from those two noise makers.
“hey Pen” I heard Mason’s voice and I smiled, I missed him. It’s nice hearing his voice.
T. B. C

Dangerous romance episode 9
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