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I quickly broke the sudden eye contact between Richard and I and turned to my front, I can’t believe he’s here, what the hell is he doing here… Suddenly I could hear my heart beat so fast.. I could see Maxwell staring at me from the counter far away, I didn’t know what to do..
Suddenly I felt his presence beside me, his scent his warmth and Leo suddenly looked up at him wondering who he was. But I didn’t dare to look up at him .
“Pen.” his familiar voice called me and my breathing hitched, this is so not happening no matter how hard I think I’m trying to get over him, I was wrong. With him standing right here beside me, and the way he called my name brought memories of us together. And as always I couldn’t help the tears, I bent my face towards my fingers which was ontop my thigh making my hair cover the sides of my face and I let my tears drop freely into my fingers.
“pen? Can we talk” he said again and this time I sniffed, not saying anything.
“please?” he added but still I didn’t make any attempt to raise my head up.

“Richard I think I’m gonna ask you to leave.” Maxwell’s voice said from nowhere..
“leave? Max I just got here” Richard replied.
“yeah I can see that but can’t you at least just realise whatever you came here to do isn’t working” Maxwell said and Richard sighed.
“pen.. Whenever you’re ready to talk, I’m always around” Richard said and I heard as his boots made a turn and walked away..
“he’s gone now, you can stop crying” Maxwell said and I slowly lift my head, my face, nose eyes, everywhere was covered in tears and I know I’m looking terrible.
Leo stare gave made me chilly, but I looked at Maxwell who held a sympathetic look on his face..
“it’s okay” Maxwell Said and pat my shoulder, I cleaned my tears and nodded.. While he forced a smile… “stay here I’ll get you a glass of water” he said and I nod, not objecting..
I tucked my hair behind my ear and sniffed, I know my nose would have turn red my now.. I glance at Leo who was still staring at me not saying a word, but I ignored his stare and waited patiently for Maxwell, seconds later he appeared beside me with a glass of water and I genuinely took it and chug down the whole thing and gave him back the cup.
“I think you should go home now, it would be closing hours soon, but just go home” Maxwell said and I nod and stood up.
“thank you” I said lowly.
“no problem.. ” he replied and I walked away and went to grab my purse, I removed my apron and walked out of the restaurant. The cool fresh air blew my face hair and body making the huge lump in my throat vanish.. But I still didn’t feel okay.
I walked to the bus-stop slowly and luckily I caught the bus, just as I was paying, I realised I had forgotten my phone back in the restaurant but i didn’t care, maybe Maxwell is going to see it and help me keep it.
I got home but didn’t meet neither of parent at home and somehow it sucks being an only child cause I can’t seem to share my day with anyone, and that’s why Kirana is my best friend but she’s not here all the time she works too.
I went to my room and pull all of my clothes off my body, and before I knew it, I found my self crying under the warm shower inside the bathtub.
I am a stupid weakling..
I’m so fragile, friable and soft and I hate myself for being that way.
I got out of the shower and slipped in my pajamas, I got into the bed and covered myself with my blanket and stare at the TV till I fell asleep..
The next day I woke up by the sound of my morning alarm and I did my morning routine and went to work sadly.. I grabbed my apron from the kitchen and tied it around my body, ready to start today’s work when Maxwell walked in.
“good morning” Randee greeted and so did I.
“morning, so Pen how are you feeling.” he asked
“the same.” I replied
“I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or being genuine, but I’ll take it that you’re okay” he said and I smiled at him, he was about leaving but I called him back and he turned.
“did you happen to see my phone, I left it at the table I sat down yesterday” I said.
“oh yeah I did… But I’m not with it.. Leo took it” he said and I groaned.
“don’t worry he’ll give it to you, he promised me he’d give it to you” Max said and I nodded and turned to the knife in front of me while he walked out.
“have you been noticing that within this few days a guy and his friends are always hanging out here” Randee said and I nod
“yeah I know, apparently he’s the owner of this place” I said sarcastically.. “oh my God! Really? He owns this place and he’s handsome.. Damn it he’s my dream guy” Randee said placing her hand on her chest dramatically, making me laugh a bit.
The littlest thing gets me laughing, and also makes me cry too.
After chopping this, frying that, boiling this , steaming and roasting that… We finally took a break from cooking the whole menu while Janet who’s now okay did her waiting job and started serving the foods we just cooked.
During our break Randee was busy with her phone in the kitchen while I just stared at my purse, I finally stood up to take the trash out and just like I expected, I met Maxwell and Leonard talking.
I looked away and walked passed them and getting to the trash cans I gently place the trash bag beside them and made a turn to get inside, passing Maxwell and Leo’s front my name was called and it was Leo.. And I slowly turned it’s kind of hard facing him cause I seriously embarrassed myself in front of him because of Richard yesterday.. Well whatever it’s not like I’m trying to impress him or something.
“yes?.. I said in a gently mannered way.. Just then Maxwell heard his name and he grunt angrily and stood up to go inside. Being an assistant manager Is not his job.

“I um. I took your phone yesterday” Leo suddenly said and my attention immediately went back to him.
“oh yeah, Maxwell told me, do you have it with you?” I asked nicely, I’m being nice to him cause he’s been nice to me and I don’t see any reason that would make me get angry, so I should just flow with the niceness.
“yeah..” he replied and shoved his hand in his pants pocket and brought out an iPhone and placing it on my hand.. I scanned the shinny new expensive phone on me hand and then looked at Leo.
“I use vojio xx4 not an iPhone.. Where’s my phone?” I asked.
“well your phone is broken, and also I figured out its going to expire soon cause xx4 is really an old version of vojio lines of phone, so I bought you a new one” he said..
“but this costs like a billion dollars and I can’t pay you all that” I pondered staring at the phone.
“don’t worry the phone’s not up to a billion dollar and you don’t have to pay me” he stated and I slowly look up at him. “but my contacts, apps, pictures m—
“don’t worry I had everything moved from your old phone to the new one” he immediately caught me off and I sighed.. This is so nice of him..
“why are you being so nice to me? When all I do is loathe and ignore you” I asked.. “because I am nice and like being nice” he replied and I suddenly blinked rapidly.. He doesn’t look like someone who’s nice.. Like all the way nice..
“okay I have a reason, but let’s just say I just did it cause I wanted to and your phone was badly ruined” he added and I nodded understandingly
“thank you” I says softly..
“you’re welcome.. So friends?” he asked and brought out his hand for a shake. So this is the reason he bought this phone or what.
But anyway there’s no harm in making new friends, who can be somehow dangerous – by being extremely handsome, scary and huge, who knows he might be a thief, a big time criminal or worse a serial killer??!! But what am I even thinking I think way ahead of myself sometimes..i shook his hand and smiled after him.
Oh Penelope Loretta Vandale, what are you getting yourself into.
I got back into the restaurant and walked back to the kitchen, and met Jimmy cooking with Randee.
“where the hell were you” Randee asked.
“I went to take out the trash” I replied.. “well there’s no need for me to say anything now cause Jimmy’s taking your spot already” Randee said and continued with whatever she was boiling..
“so what should I do now?” I asked placing my hands on my hips.. “well we’re not doing much anyway, so you don’t have to do anything” Jimmy said and I nod with a smile.
“Jim shut up, to make everything easier, just slice this green peppers” Randee said and sighed and took it from her before grabbing a knife..
With the three of us working, the three of us wasted no time and it was ready in to time.. Just as I was washing my hand Kirana walked in the kitchen looking stunning as ever, she was in a red mini dress that fits her perfect chubby body and also she ends it with a two inches heel.
“Kira!” I said happily.. And quickly whined the faucet to turn off the running water from the sink.. “pen” Kira said with a smile and pulled me in a hug.
“it’s so good to see you” I said
“I told you I’d come today didn’t I? I also called you yesterday but I couldn’t reach you” she said and I remembered I wasn’t with my phone.
“well something happened to my phone actually” I said and she shrugged, we suddenly we heard grumbling… From the sky. .
“today’s sunny, is it going to rain?” Kirana asked me..
“you’re asking me? Do I look like a weather reader.” I said sarcastically and she gave me a look.
“you’re done working for now right?” she asked and I nodded. “great let’s get a table” she said and we both happily walked out of the kitchen and took a table at the window side and while sitting down I carefully brought out my phone of my back pocket, so not to sit on it and ruin it, I place it on the table and Kirana suddenly gasped and yanked it away from the table
“since when did you become an iPhone user” she asked making me smile a bit
“since today” I replied and she looked at me weirdly..
“wait. Have you been saving to buy this, cause this cost like a billion dollars here” she said and I smiled cause I made the same statement as her.
“I know but it’s not up to a billion dollar” I tell her repeating Leo’s word and she looked at me with a funny face..
“look at my bestie being all cool. So tell me how do you buy this” she asked .
“someone actually bought it for me..” I replied and she scoffed.
“I don’t think I can think of anyone who’d buy this for you” she said and I sighed
“it’s actually a long story..” I said, and as she wanted to reply Maxwell came from nowhere
“Ira!” he exclaimed happily seeing Kirana, and Kirana hates being called Ira,
“what? Maxsweat!” she rolled her eyes at him. “great you still remember my name” Maxwell said, okay I don’t know if Maxwell has a crush on Kirana but.. Well I don’t know cause Kirana actually thinks every guy who talks to her likes her.
“so you’re looking beautiful as ever, what are you doing here?” Maxwell asked. “why would I be here if it’s not for Pen” Kirana replied savagely and Maxwell smiled. “oh I get it, bestication..” he said and I smiled, we heard grumbling sounds again and when I look out I noticed the day was getting dark.. Gee.. It is going to rain.
“what the hell, I had no idea it’s going to rain, I’ll be right back” Maxwell said and walked away, “please don’t come back” Kirana yelled after.
“you’re so rude to him” I said
“I know right, maybe I should be even worse than rude” she said with an evil smile.
“hey Pen” I heard my name and looked up to see Leo smiling at me.. “h-hey..” I replied lowly and looked away, Kirana looked up to see who I was talking to and she suddenly gasped.
“Leo!” she exclaimed happily.
“Katherine?” he called unsure of her name.. “it’s Kirana” she corrected and they both shared a brief hug.
Well they know each other, that’s surprising.
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Dangerous romance episode 8
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