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Dangerous romance episode 7
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I walked back into the restaurant and into the kitchen, like I said is Wednesday’s are just not my days.
“look Pen” Randee called and I quickly turned and gave her a glare
“what?” I said aggressively..
“look no need to get mad” she said calmly
“i’m already mad” I said and he cleared her throat and looked away.
“I’m sorry for saying that earlier. I mean it’s just so surprising, you and Richard are just so close and perfect everyone was rooting for you two but I can’t believe he blew it off.. I just wanted to hear it from you, I’m sorry” she said and I felt something drop from my eyes .
Gosh I hate tears.
“it’s okay.. It’s not what you see you get” I said my voice shaking and suddenly burst out crying, Randee suddenly pulled out her cooking gloves from my hand and pulled me in a hug.

“why don’t you just take a day off today Penny” Maxwell’s voice said from the door and I walked out of Randee’s hug and turned to him..
“it’s okay” I tell him.
“no it’s not, I don’t want you to cut yourself or get something’s burnt while cooking, you can work tomorrow when your anger is lessened” he blurted and I sighed,
“look Max, I’m okay I can’t go home because of some anger issues” I said and did air quote around “anger” ..
“okay then don’t go home, just stay somewhere in the restaurant until your anger lessened” he said and I agreed by nothing slightly,
I do really need some time alone and less work for me. I walked out of the kitchen and went to the huge store room behind the restaurant that has a door that can lead you both outside the restaurant and inside the restaurant and kitchen. But I made sure I closed both of the doors, cause I need to be alone..
I sat down near the store window and sat down on a very tall stood. I brought out my phone from my pocket cause I suddenly red a text message and it was from Kirana..
*hey gurl..* I read her message.
*hey* I replied Her back.
*are you doing okay?* she sends again and I sighed and typed
*why do you ask*
*cause Wednesday’s are not your days I always tell you it’s just coincidental accident but I just want to know how you’re doing* she sends and I read it and looked away before sending back .
*wed.. Is so not my day*
*what happened.. Full Details*
*i can’t write them all how about we meet on Saturday*
*but you have work*
*yeah, but you don’t, meet me at the restaurant*
*ugh I hate coming to that your stupid restaurant you work*
I laughed at her message and typed. *why*
*i think that Maxwell guy still has a crush on me*
*seriously Kira, you think all the dude in this world has a crush on you* I texted.. Another message beeped in my phone but I didn’t look at it cause I was paying attention to the voices I was hearing outside.

“seriously dude, that girl is kind of a bitch, I mean just imagine the way she spoke to you, she even called you homeless” I heard the first voice said from outside the window and I recognised it immediately knowing it was one of Leo’s friend,
“I thought she was nice, nacelle said she was but wow she is a rude one, and I don’t understand why you talk to her anyway” his other friend said and I peeped out of the window to see the three of them seated on a plain old barrel each.
“I don’t know why I talk to her too, maybe I just wanted to be friends with her” Leo said and suddenly a slight guilt passed through me buy I washed it off.
“friends? Dude you have us.” one of his friends said and he looked at them and laughed. “Pete, you guys aren’t my friends, you’re just my partners” Leo said, so the bad mouthed one is Pete..
“we hang out with you everyday, talk to you, we literally do everything together and we’re not friends?” Pete said and Leo suddenly looked confused.
“are you?” Leo asked and Pete and the other dude rolled their eyes.
“you’ve gone soft man, and I don’t know why you want to make friends with that little miss goody two shoes, when you have a lot of bad ass bitches waiting for you every where” Pete said and Leo glared at me.
“anyway I’m sleepy..” the other guy said and Leo said slipped his hand in his jacket pocket and brought out a key handing it to him.
“you can go sleep at my house” Leo said
“okay, but seriously, why have a mansion when you don’t even stay there” the dude said and Leo glared at him.
“don’t question me man a just get outta here”
“whatever” the guy said and walked away leaving Pete and Leo.
“so should I apologize to her?” Leo asked Pete
“who?” Pete asked.
“Penelope” Leo said and I bit my lips out of guilt .
“dude, you are crazy, don’t apologise cause you did nothing wrong.. And don’t even talk to her.. Again.” Pete warned and Leo nodded his head.
“you’re right.. These days, I don’t know what’s wrong with me” Leo said and stood up from where he was sitting.. “you’re suddenly like this because of Harmony” Pete stated and he glared at Pete.
“me being like this has nothing to do with harmony, she’s on her own and I’m on my own okay” Leo said and walked away and Pete later trailed behind him.
I sat down back on the stool and noticed I’ve received tons of message from Kirana, I forgot I was having a text conversation with her.

*what the hell I don’t think like that I just know Maxwell as a thing for me*
*he’s charming though, but he’s so not my type*
*you still there*
*pen? Are you okay?* I sighed as I read all the messages.
*I’m fine, I gotta go anyway* I typed one last time before slipping my phone back in my pocket.
I stayed there silently and slowly I start to doze off.. One bad habit of mine is that I sleep anyway and both my parents and Kirana hates it cause apparently it can be “dangerous”.. But who cares, my eye lids are too heavy to even think about anything right now. I sighed one last time before going into dream land .
I woke up hours later with my neck hurting like crazy, my skin’s so dry and I’m thirsty and hungry .
I got down from the stool and my phone slipped out from my pocket and fell to the ground, I gasped and immediately picked it up to see that the front was cracked, broken. I rolled my eyes and slipped it back in my pocket
Fucking great.

I went back inside the restaurant and noticed it was evening, and the sun would set any minute now. With few people in the restaurant, I made my way to the kitchen, there I met Randee and Jimmy talking.
“hey where have you been” Randee suddenly asked immediately she noticed me.
“in the storage room” I said and she nods and continued to talk to Jimmy. Why did she even ask me.
“so it’s looks like we’re almost done for the day” I said and Randee looks at me and nodded
“and Maxwell said, not to touch anything, that you just have to rest” Randee said and I nod and walked out of the kitchen, oh Maxwell,
I went to sit on a table at the corner of the restaurant staring out side the window, when Maxwell suddenly sat down opposite me.
“gee.. Where have you been?” he asks
“I was asleep.. In the storage room” I said honestly and he nods and looks away slowly before turning back at me.
“so I heard about you and Richard” he said and I sighed and laid my head on the table.. Not again.
“hey look don’t be offended by me bringing it up but I heard from Randee” he added and I just stare at him plainly.
“don’t take it out on Randee, I was the one who actually forced her to tell me.. But as a concerned assistant manager, I say you take a day off tomorrow” Maxwell said and I smiled a bit.
“for a manger, you sure stink. Boris wouldn’t even give me a second of work and yet you’re giving me another day off because of Richard.” I seethed.
“that’s because I’m not Boris, he’s one serious boss, and I care about every single employee working here, especially Jimmy, that kid is going through a lot” Maxwell stated.
“look I’m trying to get over Richard, no I’m not trying, I’m getting over Richard and I don’t need a day off because of him” I deadpanned and Maxwell smiled.
“I never knew you were so brave” Maxwell said dramatically and ruffled my hair making me smile a bit.. “I wasn’t until ‘he’ happened” I tell Maxwell and he sighed.
“well keep being strong and don’t get angry, cause your angry side is so out of your innocent and nice league” Max said and stood up, before walking away.
Everyone is telling me to cheer up and forget about Richard, but somehow I don’t want to forget about him cause he was actually the best thing that happened to me. I feel so lost. I don’t even know what to do with my life anymore . I sighed and turned to see Leo sitting in front of me. How the hell did he sit here that I didn’t notice.
He tapped the table with his fingers and pursed his lips together making it protrude, I looked away and stayed silent like no one’s in front of me. And he stayed quiet too.
My phone vibrated and I brought it out from my pocket and grunt when I saw the broken screen. It was a text message from Kirana but I couldn’t see it clearly because of the cracks and I called her.
“hey?” she suddenly said when she picked up
“hey Kira” I said lowly and my voice surprisingly came out low and shaky making me sound awful.
“are you Okay?” Kirana asked
“yeah, I’m fine.. What is it. I um saw your text message but I actually couldn’t read it, my phone..the screen got broken” I said slowly cause I know Leo was looking at me again and I just don’t want to turn that way.
“your phone got broken? Too bad, anyway I said I’m free tomorrow, work is cancelled for some reason which I’m going to tell you tomorrow when I come meet him at work” Kirana said and I smiled
“you’re coming here?” I asked again to be sure
“yeah duh, I just said that.” Kirana breathed from the other side of the line making me giggle a little.
“but I thought you’re on the lookout for Maxwell” I said
“oh shut up” Kira tells me making me smile. Leo suddenly cleared his throat making me glance at him.. Kirana heard it and asked.
“who was that?” she asked
“no-one” I lied .. “look I gotta go, see you tomorrow” I quickly said and hung up. I was putting my phone back in my pocket when it slipped from my hand and fell to the ground, AGAIN!!
“damn it!!” I yelled and picked it up, angrily I placed it on the table and huffed heavily. I breathed in and out slowly making my anger lessened. Leo stared at me and I stared back at him. Looking at him now, he doesn’t scare me again like before..
“do you want to say something?” I asked
“like what?” he returned the question and I kept quiet and looked away, few hours ago I was feeling guilty for yelling at him when he just wants to be “friends” with me.. But now he just sounded like a jerk ..
I stared at my phone wishing it would just magically turn back to the new phone I bought, I mean Richard bought three months ago. I don’t think I’m ready to save up to buy another one.

“you know, the reason why I suddenly approached you was because I wanted to apologize for what I did when I first met you, and you talk and act like someone I know.. I’m sorry if I annoyed you or something” Leo said making me look at him.
Great. He apologized now I’m feeling bad about myself.
“n-no actually.. It’s okay… I’m the one who’s supposed to apologize to you.. I got mad about something else and let it out all you… So I’m sorry” I said honestly and he smiled. Okay admits. He looks cute with his dimpled smile.
“so friends?” he asked.
This guy is unbelievable, I can’t believe he still wants to be friends with me, even when his friends said not to.
“I’m sorry… no,” I said gently and looked away, “why?” he asked..
I sighed still facing the exit of the restaurant,
“i-i don’t m——
I stopped talking when Richard walked in the restaurant and his eyes slowly landed on me making my breathing rapid.
T. B. C

Dangerous romance episode 7
Dangerous romance episode 5

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