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I followed Mason outside and I didn’t wait for him to open his car door for me, I opened it myself and got in..
Made got in the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition before driving.
We were like five blocks away from the restaurant when I asked.
“since when did you start picking me up?” I said and he smiled.
“well today?” he grinned.
“anyway who was the dude you were talking to.. Your new boyfriend??” Mason said and I gave him a look.
“do you really think I’m that kind of girl?” I said and he laughed.
“no. I was just teasing you” he added and I folded my arms and rested my back properly on the car seat.
“looks like work was real tough today Huh?” Mason said
“nah.. Work was fine I did waiting today, which is more better than cooking” I said and he nods and we both kept quiet till he got to my ‘home sweet home’..

“thanks..” I said as he parked in front of the yard
“no biggie” he replied

“I don’t know where this sweet, caring and awesome Mason came from, but it’s really nice to have you come pick me up from work, but don’t I know you have better things you than come pick your bestfriend ex from work” I said and he chuckled..
“don’t say that, it will be my pleasure seeing you happy” he said and I nod, but suddenly paused and turned to him.
“are you doing all this for me out of sympathy.. Because Richard broke me?” I asked and he kept quiet.
“thought so” I muttered and was about to come out of the car when he pulled me back.
“the reason I’m doing all this is because of Richard.” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“not because you broke you or anything, it’s because he personally asked me to take care of you, to be caring towed you, cause he knows he’s out of the picture” Mason exclaimed and I scoffed.
“so now he’s regretting what he he did?.. He should die filled with regrets” I said and walked out of the car and Mason came out to.
“look Pen. You don’t need to get angry okay? I’m just doing a favor for my best friend and maybe some part of my kind gestures can be part of my doing too you know” he half yelled and I turned.
“I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at him for still thinking of me when he ruined my life” I said and Mason nods.
“I understand,” he said and I smiled a bit.
“thanks for understanding, but please don’t do anything Richard tells you to do for me, we’re clearly over and he should know that.” I said.
“got it” mason said boldly making me smile.
“good… I’ll get inside then. Good night” I said and he nods slowly
“goodnight.” he said before entering to his car and driving away. I sighed and got onside my house too.
I got home that night and as I expected, I got a visitor.. Richard.
“thanks for letting me crash here tonight man, you’re the only one I can rely on when everyone’s turned their backs on me” he said and threw his jacket on the couch and I gave him a look.
“don’t get to comfy” I tell him.
“so how did it go?” he asked.
“how did what go?” I returned the question.
“you… And pen..” he said lowly and I rolled my eyes..
“look Rich, I told her you’re the one who’s making me do all the nice acting and stuff for her cause she knows I can never get that nice with her, so I told her” I said and he suddenly remained calm before saying.
“but still can’t you just go–
“look Richard, I’m not doing any favors for you, and Also Pen wants to let you know that you guys are clearly over and doesn’t want you to interfere in her life again.” I said and he sighed and ruffled his hair.
“just admit you regret what you did” I said.
“I don’t” he replied. Sternly.

“I saw her with a guy today at the place she works” I said and Richard’s head suddenly snapped at him.
“a guy?. What was he like?” Richard asked and I smirked
“I don’t know but I know he was handsome” I said, I didn’t even see the guy’s face.
“oh” Richard breathed out and a frown took over his face.. Mighty jealousy written over it..

“but seriously man, I don’t get you, you really love pen, why would you do such a thing.. Cause now you’re clearly regretting it I can see you clearly in your eyes” I said and he laid and on the couch and use his jacket to cover his face.
“let’s not talk about that now, I’m getting sleepy” he said.
“whatever” I said and walked to my room.
I removed my jacket and shirt before sliding my shoes out of legs, and I got into the bed and pulled the blanket to cover my cold body..
I grabbed my phone and started to check some stuff on Google but I got bored and got to my gallery, I started with some old pictures, which is just filled with, me, Richard Kirana and Penelope and my other two roommates..
We were all just so happy together, but it’s like Richard broke something from us.
I totally love Penelope and Richard together, they look so happy, so alive with each other and they’re publicly romantic.. Which makes Kirana say things like she gets irritated when they start their lovey dovey stuff but she’s just kidding, she’s totally rooting for them together too.
Penelope is just going through a lot and needs ‘friends attention’ now, but I’m just helping her out cause of Richard and a little bit of sympathy I have for her.
I could still remember the first time I met her, she was standing at the bus first stop, looking all pale worried and looks like she was about to cry, I couldn’t look away cause somehow she wanted to cry and I wanted to see that happen. She sighted me and quickly rushed to me making me scared a bit cause she held my hand firmly.. “please I got to breek college near by and I lost my wallet or forgot it at home I don’t know, but can you p-please lend me some m-m-money?” she said but I just silently stared at her..
“here you can take my accessories, just think of it as trading” she said taking off her wrist watch, earrings and necklace and stuffing it in my breast pocket.. “please I need your help” she said..
“I go to break college too I can just drive you there, my car is parked of that coffee shop please keep your things” I said and gave her the accessories she gave me..
And I drove her to Breek university and after that day we became friends and then I got to meet Kirana, it was just the three of us, I knew Richard then but he didn’t attend the same school with us so we didn’t hang out much . But one day when he met me in a coffee shop with Kirana and Penelope, I introduced the girls to him and after that day he started having thing for Penelope. And well look at where we are now.. He just ruined his future.
I turned on the air condition and turned off the night light before pilling my blanket over my head and finally I fell asleep.
It was the next day, which was Wednesday.. I hate Wednesday’s it’s just not my day, somethuhg usual always happens.. Like last two weeks Wednesday before this me and Richard’s stuff I accidentally burned two of his shirt by ironing but we both just laughed it off. And then last week Wednesday at the restaurant while cooking, I accidentally spilled ice blocks inside a hot boiling vegetable oil while passing it to Randee and it caused a little bit of fire around the pot.. I’ve recently been having bad Wednesday’s, it so not my day.
I moved my blanket away from my body and got out of the bed and head straight to my bathroom, I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste, and I walked up to the sink and my sender figure appeared in the mirror.
I started brushing my teeth and I looked at reflection irritatingly, I’m normally a skinny person but Richard’s callousness actually made it worse. My collarbone are now exposed and my waist is more tinier than ever. And my wrist looks like if I wore a watch, it wouldn’t fit, it would be to big for me..
After brushing I took a bath, grabbed breakfast with my parent, and my dad suddenly noticed skinniness.. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn shorts and a tank top.. But whateves I just go with what I’m comfortable with.
I grabbed my bag and took a bus, getting to the restaurant I remembered Leo and sighed, I prayed so hard for him not to be here and when I got inside the restaurant, thankfully he wasn’t there.. I breathed a sigh of relief and walked in boldly..
“morning Penny” Maxwell greeted and I smiled in return and walked in the kitchen.
Randee and were chopping some vegetables when she cleared her throat and I know she water to speak.
“so.. Pen..
She called and I turned.
“what?” I asked.
“you invited me to your wedding though, but I couldn’t go cause I was crazily busy.. But since after the wedding you haven’t said anything about it” she said and I sighed.
“like when are you guys going your honeymoon” she asked with a smile but I just looked away.
God this is embarrassing
“i-i.. I’m not in the mood for talks right now Randee, we need to get this vegetables chopped as fast as possible” I said, we can cut the vegetables as slow as we want but, I just can’t tell her what happened.
“so.. Gina went to your wedding..
Gina is a girl who attended the same High school with me, and Randee knows her and I don’t know how she did but the three of us get along just fine.. Sometimes.
“and she told me the wedding didn’t happen” Randee said and I suddenly chopped something that wasn’t lettuce but my hand.. Dang it I cut myself.
“she said Richard blew you off and didn’t want to have wedding you” Randee said and I dropped the knife. I slowly turned to her with tears in my eyes but she wasn’t looking at me, she was happily cutting carrots.
“you knew he blew off the wedding then why did you ask me how it went” I asked lowly and she turned her face to look at me.
“cause I wasn’t sure, Gina Can cook up lies sometimes” she replied and I cleaned my tears.
“or you just wanted to rub it on my face, that he didn’t get married to me” I said angrily but lowly and she remained quiet.
“I can’t believe you’ can be this low Randee” I said and stormed out of the kitchen, tears filled my eyes and I walked out of the restaurant angrily.
“hey Penny, where the hell are you going?” I heard Maxwell’s voice yell behind me but I didn’t bother to turn back..
I went back of the restaurant and sat down on a small stood crying my eyes out. I suddenly became a laughing stock just because of Richard. God
Life is so unfair for me… If only he could have warned me sooner that he didn’t want to be with me anymore then I wouldn’t be this way. Scratch that even if he did tell he didn’t want to be with me sooner I would have still be broken cause I love him to the core.. God I hate myself.

“penny?.. What are you doing here?” I heard Leo’s thick voice called and I looked up to see him staring down at me
Fucking great.
“why are you crying?” he asked and I cleaned my tears and sniffed ignoring his question..
He’s asking like we’re friends and we know each other. I stood up and was about to walk away but he stopped me and grabbed my hand.. Making me flinch and turn back to him.
“I just asked a question, why are you crying” he asked again.
“I wasn’t crying” I said and he gave me a look and I looked away, okay I hate this dude like so much .. What does he have with me, I don’t like his presence and I don’t understand why he’s always disturbing me. He just met me two days ago by the trash.
“you were literally crying.. I saw you storm out of the restaurant angrily and you started crying” he said seriously and I bit my lip not to react in any dangerous way Cause now I’m getting pretty mad.
“look I’ve got to say this, I don’t know who you are or where you came from.. But we are not friends and we will never be so don’t act like you know me cause I hate your fucking guts.. I don’t know what you and your homeless friends are doing in this restaurant anyway, and I don’t know if you’re one of those stupid homeless Criminals cause I’ll rat you out to the police so if you don’t want to get on my bad side stay away from me.. I’m not your friend or someone you know..” I said looking at him in the eye and I yanked my hand angrily from his grip but he just stared at me with a straight face and I glared at him one last time and walked away angrily, I am so mad right now but I don’t have a bad side.. But I just want him to leave me the fuck alone!.
I bumped into Maxwell while trying to get back into the restaurant…
“sorry..” I apologized tiredly.
“you know you should be nice sometimes.” he said and I looked at him in a way he understands that I don’t understand what he meant.
“I mean Leo, what you just said was pretty rude, you should apologize” he said and I rolled my eyes
“apologize my butt, I don’t even get why he’s always here with his stupid friends, I get that he’s homeless but he shouldn’t hang around here rub off his nuisance attitude on me. He should go some place else” I said angrily.
“wow. Pen I don’t know you could get this angry, and homeless, Leo isn’t homeless, he owns three Manson here in Break, seven huge oil refinery company and also this restaurant which he handed out to Boris our boss.. Homeless?” Maxwell said and laughed.
“Whatever I don’t care” I said.
“he might fire you, you know” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“I don’t care he should fire me.. It can’t make any difference in the kind of life I’m living now” I said and suddenly remembered Randee and her big mouth.
I walked away angrily, my breathing became thick and my forehead was covered in sweat.
“I don’t know who made you mad pen.. But SORRY!!” Maxwell yelled as I walked away.
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