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That night Mason, Kirana and I talked about a lot of things, or should I say Kirana and Mason talked about a lot of things before we all went to sleep.
Kirana and I slept on Mason’s bed while he slept in one of the bed of his other roommates.
The next day I woke by my self without anyone waking me up and I couldn’t find Kirana by my side, I got out from the bed and sighed slowly, I looked out of the window and the cool morning breeze blew my hair back, and that moment it seems like all my problems and worries had vanished, but when I sighed again, I realised I’m still in this cruel world. Today I’m supposed to be a married woman who can brag to the whole world that she has a perfect husband.
But here I am being single as always… but what can I do.. This is life. Different things happen everyday.
I stood up and lazily walked out of the room only to bump into Mason, “hey Penny,” he said with a smile.
“I was just about to come check up on you”
“where’s Kirana?” I asked
“oh she… She’s making breakfast for you” he said and I sighed and nod. “thanks again.. For letting me stay here” I said he smiled.
“it’s fine, anything mine is yours” he said and I gave him a look.
“that came out wrong I meant to say, if you need any help, I’ll always be here for you” he said and I gave a small smile and walked away.
“morning sugar.. I made you breakfast” Kirana said coming out of the kitchen with a tray of half burnt bread and tea.
“I think I over toasted the bread” she said and handed me the tray.
“no doubt in that one” I said and she laughed..
I ate silently while she turned on the TV and kept changing channels until she got tired and turned it off.
“okay so I’m not going to pretend like it didn’t happen, I’m going to talk about it” Kirana suddenly said making me look up.
“talk about what?” I asked lowly.
“about Richard,” she said and I faced my food.
“don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to get back together with him, I’m just going to tell you to get over him. Cause yesterday when I gave him a piece of my angry mind, he said you guys are still kids and too young to get married, I mean hello! You’re twenty four, you are a complete lady, and he called you both a kid. Richard is nothing but an oversized dickhead… And what he did is pretty unforgiveable.. So my advice for you is to stay the hell away from him.. Cause c-cause ..ugh I don’t even know what to say cause I’m pretty mad righ–
She stopped talking when she saw me sniffing, tears had started to crawl out of my eyes and I hate that I’m weak when I hear his name.
“look I’m sorry to upset you but I’m just saying, you need to get over him even though it happened hours ago, he’s not a real man, the Richard I know is tough and acts like a real man, and I don’t know where That other douchebag Richard came from yesterday.” Kirana said angrily and I sighed and cleaned my tears, she’s right I can get over him but it’s going to be hard.
~¤~R.i.c.h.a.r.d p.o.v~¤~
I woke up the next morning and found out I was sleeping outside in front of my parents house. I remembered the argument we had last night concerning my “eerie” behaviour and words towards Penelope yesterday morning, according to them. I don’t regret saying those things to pen. Cause I am actually afraid to get married.
I love Penelope.. So much but it looks like marriage actually made me chickened out of our relationship.. My mom and dad are married but they fight all the time and they’re close to divorcing. My uncle and aunt are married but few months ago I found out they got divorced. And that’s not what I want with Penelope. I don’t want marriage to break that special thing we had. But it looks like I just broke the “thing” we just had. I know I did the right thing by calling of our marriage, even though I received different swears and curses from different people especially my parent and especially Kirana, who even tear up calling me names. But I don’t care I just don’t want the divorcing Curse to land on me and pen. I know she’s never going to forgive me again but well she will.. I know pen.
I stood up from where I was sitting and yawned before sliding my phone out of my pocket and tapping on my call history to call the first person I see. Cause now I don’t know where to go or what to do, my parents won’t let me inside, saying I need to beg and apologize to Penelope. And my apartment is locked and the keys are inside my car which I left in the church. “my heart” was what I saw in the first line of my call history and that was Penelope. I sighed and scrolled down a bit and found Mason’s name laying on the screen. I tapped it and he picked up at the first ring.
“hey Mason” I said into the phone tiredly.
“I can’t believe I’m hearing your voice.” Mason said and I didn’t know if he meant it the good way or the bad way.
“okay I don’t know if you’re mad at me like everyone el–
“of course I’m mad at you, dude she loves you and you just said those stuff to her like she meant nothing to you” Mason lashed from the other side of the line and I sighed.
“I know.. I know and I’m sorry” I said
“sorry? You’re apologizing to me?.. Dude I’m not Pen” Mason said and I sighed, again, “Mace, you’re my best friend you’re supposed to be on my side” I said and I hear him sigh.
“on your side?.. Look Rich, I don’t hate you, I won’t.. Ever… It’s just that what you did was pretty stupid and unreasonable.. I mean why? Why the hell did you do that” Mason asked loudly from the phone and I breathed in and out slowly before answering.
“okay look I was just scared”
“scared to get married?”
“yes.. There I said it”
“Richard you’re way dumber than I thought, marriage is what makes your relationship stronger, but you just have to foolishly end it”
“look let’s talk more face to face.. I’m coming over to your place” I announced.
“don’t.” he said
“just don’t come over”
“but why? I have no where to g–
“pen’s here” he cut me off.
“well I can still come over” I said
“do you even regret what you did” he asked calmly.
Do I?
“no.. I saved us from tearing apart” I said and he scoffed.
“saved my butt, Richard, Penelope’s a disaster, she’s been crying since yesterday.. And I don’t think she’d ever forgive you, I wonder how crazy she would have gone if Kirana hadn’t come to her rescue..” Mason said and I bit my tongue.. Kirana. I’m not so sure if I like that girl, ever since I found out she’s Penelope’s friend, I’ve never liked her, I just have to pretend I do because of Penelope. She talks too much and like putting people in their places with her blabber mouth. I don’t like people like that.
“okay now I don’t know what to say” I said with a sigh.
“neither do I, but I have to say this.. Stay still and keep thinking of what you did cause you just lost your girl..and that’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in your life.. I love you man, but you just fucked yourself up.. I’ll catch up with you later.” Mason said but I just stayed silent before hanging up.
Damn it.
Now I don’t understand how I’m feeling. *
•¦¦¦¦ Penelope’s Pov ¦¦¦¦•
After having burnt bread and tea Kirana made, I decided to leave Mason’s house cause I can’t run from my parent forever.
“thanks for the food” I said at Kirana and she smiled
“I know you hate it, you just pretended to love it” she said referring to her food, but I just ignored her words and stood up, I seriously hate it but I’m not in the mood to be selective of food right now.
Kirana took the empty dishes to the kitchen while I stood up and turned to see Mason, gazing at his phone.
“Mace..” I called and he looked at me.
“thanks… But I have to leave now” I said and he nods.
“I understand, do you want me to drive you back home?” he asked and I nod.
“okay, I’ll get my car ready, come meet me outside when you’re ready” he said and walked away. I looked side-ways and scratched my itchy hair.. Kirana walked out of the kitchen and I turned.
“Mason’s getting his car ready and I’m going home.” I said and she walked closet to me.
“are you sure you want to go home yet?” she asked calmly and I nod.. “okay then I’ll come with you” she said.
“it’s okay you can go home I’ll be fine” I said and she smirked and nod..

I was ready and went to meet Mason outside, and I met him focused on his phone, he noticed me and flashed a small smile.
“you ready?” he asked and I nod. I went to his car barefooted and his mouth dropped. And He took a good look at me.. I was still in his sweatpants and shirt, my hair was rough like I just escaped from a war and I was was barefooted, which made me look like a homeless begger.
“are you going to go home looking like that?” he asked and I nod.
“I’ve got nothing to loose” I mumbled before entering his car.
I sat down at the back seat while he took the driver’s seat and a few minute later Kirana joined us and sat down at the passenger’s seat.

“I thought you were going home?” I said lowly to Kirana as Mason starts driving to my house.
“I am but I’m going to stop at your house first cause I can’t stay alone by myself in Mace’s house” she replied and Mason glanced at her.
“you could have waited patiently at my house till I take Penny home and then come back to take you home, but no. You just have to be an escort, you just act way ahead of yourself sometimes” Mason said and Kirana smacked his arm.
“or you could stay a little bit longer with Mason in his house” I said lowly and Kira glared at me before saying.
“me? Mason? Together? I just came over to watch over you, me and this dude and I can never stay under the same roof” Kirana snarled and I smiled a bit.. “yeah right when we first met you had a crush on me” Mason said and Kirana gasped making me giggle a bit, when you have friends who makes you smile.
“crush on you, oh you wish” Kirana rolled her eyes
“Penny.. I’m right aren’t I.. Kira totally had a crush on me” Mason said and I nod and Kirana gave me a hard glare.
“you two are crazy people” Kirana said and Mason smiled at her.
“yeah you’re crazily in love with me” Mason joked and Kirana rolled her eyes and fold her arm angrily.
Finally I was home and after giving Mason and Kirana a hug, they both left And I walked inside, my mom gave me a hug after seeing me..
She asked me a lot of questions and I just lazily answered them, mostly about if Richard and I had any argument before the wedding, which made him call it off. But I told her we didn’t which made me tear up and start to cry again.
After receiving sweet and soothing words from my mom I finally fell sleep, with tears till the next day. .
The next day I woke up with my face so dry but I feel a little energy, likewise yesterday .
My mom came in, serving breakfast in bed, she hasn’t done this since my sixteenth birthday, I know she’s just doing this out of sympathy because of Richard..
After eating I took a shower and slipped my legs in a pair of Jean before putting on a yellow shirt and a pair black snickers. I am actually preparing for my job. My mom didn’t want me to go to work today but I will cause I just can’t stay home and do nothing because of “one” person.

I got to work and sighed as I stepped in cause it reminds me of Richard, cause he was the one who got me this job.. I work as a cook..
I got in and met my partner Randee who greeted me with a smile and I had to fake a smile too so she won’t question my dull mood. We both started working and I worked harder than before cause I need every distraction I can get to forget about Richard..
During our break I decided to eat with Randee for the first time cause normally I eat alone or Richard would stop by and we’ll both eat together. But today I ate with Randee and I was glad cause she kept my thoughts occupied with her outrageous stories.
We both went back to work and continued working till it was time to go home.
After cleaning the kitchen, Randee said goodbye to me and grabbed her bag before going home, while I turned to the trash bag and carried it cause it was my turn to take out the trash.
I went to the back of the huge restaurant holding the heavy trash bag careful not to fall or step on something cause it was getting dark and everywhere was deadly quiet.
Just as I threw the trash bag in the garbage can, a big strong arm flung round my neck almost choking me and a deep husky voice said in my ear.
“don’t scream or I’ll shoot” I didn’t scream, I just kept quiet and slowly I felt something lay on my temple and I glanced at it to see a gun in front of my ear and I shivered in fear.
“okay now, you will do as I say or I’ll shoot” the voice said and I nod slowly. And he let’s go of my neck and placed his arm around my waist, still pointing the gun at my waist and I breathe in and out heavily.. “breathe fine” the huge man beside me said and I nod not daring to look at him.. Suddenly two police officer.. I think. Came to us and they both took a good look at me and the man beside me.
“what do you guys want? Can’t I spend some quality time with my Fianceé” the man beside me said and I turned to look at the police men but due to fear, I couldn’t.
“I’m sorry but you look like someone we’re looking f–
“you dare interrupt my wife and i” the man beisde me said angrily and the policemen apologized and walked away and the man who held me let’s go of me.
“I’m sorry I had to do that.” he said and I slowly, look up to see his face, his hair was jet black, long and was packed behind his head.. He had midnight eyes and dark rims under it, I couldn’t see the rest of his features cause it was dark already, but he looked scary.
“it’s pretty dangerous in this time of night so you should watch out for bad guys” the huge dude said to me but I just watch him with a befuddled look.
“this is a fake gun by the way don’t get to scared” he said in a whisper showing me the gun
Okay what the hell.. Who the hell is this guy, he just kind of hijacked me and now he’s telling me to stay away from dangerous guys.
“I’m sorry if I scared the shits out of you, I just had to do that in order not to get caught,” he said but I just stared at him, my mouth opened I can pass out any minute from now
“hello” he waved his hand in front of my face. “great. Now she’s frozen” he mumbled to himself and took a step towards me. I moved back a bit and he smiled.
“thank goodness, I thought you’re lost in shock.. Well my job here is done, sorry for using you.. I’m Leonard by the way, if you get in touch with any police officers, FBI or detective.. You never knew me.. Or met me” he said, smiled and walked away..
Who the hell is that guy.. Leonard.. What the hell..
T. B. C

Dangerous romance episode 4
Dangerous romance episode 2

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