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I made breakfast that morning, trying to forget why Leo did that, why did he peck me??. I just used my own excuse for him saying, it’s his way of showing appreciation but, he apologized for what he did cause he knew he was wrong and it wasn’t his way of showing appreciation. The first set of the blueberry muffins I made was a little burnt since I wasn’t my self but the rest was okay.
Leo and I sat down at the table quietly and for the first time in forever the tension between us became awkward.
After eating and doing the dishes, I walked to the living room where I met Leo sitting quietly on the couch.
“hey…” I said and sat down on the same couch, he was sitting but not to close to him.
“look I’m really sorry about earlier” he said and I smiled and rolled my eyes.
“you’re still apologizing for what’s in the past already” I said cheerfully so he’ll snap out of his boring and quiet self and be the more energetic Leo.
“you’re not angry?” he asked and I shook my head negatively.
“why would I be… Also I want to ask for a small permission tomorrow to leave” I said immediately changing the subject.
“a permission to leave?” he repeated.
“well you know I’ve been looking for an apartment, and thankfully my dad, found one I have to check it out with him, before it’s taken and I don’t know if you’re willing to grant that” I said in a calm and pleading tone.
“actually, you can take anyday off, I don’t mind…” he said and I gasped.
“yeah, I don’t mind, and if you don’t mind yourself, I can come with you and check it out too.. I have good eyes for things people and places” be said and I smiled.
“it’s okay, my dad and I are already going, so there’s no need too, thanks though” I assured him and he nods.
We both remained quiet, staring at the floor and I suddenly sighed, naming him sigh too and few minutes later we both sigh at the same time which made us both laughed..
“that was funny” I laughed.
“that shows how bored we are” Leo said.
“do you want to play a game?” I asked cheerfully.
“a game?” he asked again and I nod.
“er.. I don’t have the strength for playing some TV games” he said and rested his head on the couch making his hair fall backward and for the first time I noticed he’s wearing an earring a black one.
“I’m not talking about TV games I’m talking real life games, like scrabble, solitaire, and maybe noughts and crosses(X and O)” I said but he just shook his head negatively.
“those games make me sick” he said with a smile.
“C’mon it’ll be fun.” I squeaked and he sighed. “okay I’ve agreed to, but I don’t have the scrabble board or the entire game equipment here, or even the solitaire cards” he said, and he’s somehow got a point.
“okay then let’s play noughts and crosses, it’s actually called Xs and Os” I said. “you don’t need any equipments in this one, just a pen and a sheet of paper, and I just happened to have a pen” I added and dipped my hand into my purse bringing out a black ball pen.
Leo sighed heavily and gave up,
After getting a small jotter, Leo asked how the came was placed and I explained.
“Xs and Os is a paper-and-pencil game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3ร—3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.”
We both ended up playing noughts and crosses, with me waning, three times in a roll which just pisses him off.
“dang it., I’m playing no more” he said drooping the pen.
“C’mon we just started.” I said
“yeah, I know but how am I going to enjoy the game if you keep winning” he asked dryly.
“I dont know.. But in order to be the best, you have to beat the best” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“so you’re saying you’re the best?” he asked and I nodded.
“okay then, i don’t like when people brag about themselves, so just wait and see as I crush that best. I’m going to win this time,” he said and grabbed the pen back.
We started to play again, and now it was hard for me to win cause instead of him trying to win, he was just blocking my chances of wining,.. And it was kind of annoying. After playing and playing, we both became tired and bored cause no one was wining and which made us both quit.
“that was the most boring game I’ve ever played.” Leo breathed out.
“how could it be fun when you didn’t want to win, and didn’t want to make me win too” I tell him but he just laughed.
“what’s so funny?” I asked ..
“you.. Me.. The idea of paying this game with you.. It’s just something I won’t do before” he said still smiling ..”well that was before, and now is now, people change every single day, so it’s not new” I explained.
“well you’re right, people do change and I’m not Just talking about myself, I’m talking about you too” he said.
“me?” I laughed. And rested my head and back on the couch like he did. Making us stare at the ceiling
“yeah, when I first got to know you, you seemed pretty kind of mean and ignorant” he tells me and I scoffed.
“I was never mean or ignorant, you could have said, I was mean and ignorant to you, and that was because I didn’t know you so well then,”
“well you have a point, maybe you never changed, but I know I did” he said.. And I sighed I’m starting to feel sleepy and it’s not nice for me to, but I couldn’t help it,
Leo was talking to me but everything sounded so far away I didn’t hear what he was saying, and through the sound of his voice, slowly my eyes start to close, and little by little his voice start to fade away, I was falling asleep…
“Penn..” I heard my voice.
“Penn!!” I heard my voice again, which suddenly made my eyes open immediately, and I quickly turn to my right side where leo was seated and he was looking at me strangely..
“do you feel sleepy?” he asked.
“a little bit, I’m sorry for falling asleep” I apologized lowly.
“oh no, it’s okay, you can always sleep in the guest room upstairs, if you’re tired” he said but I quickly shook my head negatively.
“no.. Thanks, but it’s okay I’m not tired”
“okay whatever you say!” he said, stood up and walked away.. I rested my elbow on the arm of the chair and rested my chin on my palm, Sleeping will just make me look lazy and weak and he’ll think I’m lazy and weak and I’m not. I’m just bored and maybe doing something interesting will just take that boredom away. Just as I thought of something interesting to do, my phone started to ring, I quickly grabbed it which was beside my purse and turned it to look at the screen.
And it was a video call from Mason. Prefect timing.
I answered the call and after waiting for like a second a two , it got connected and I saw Mason smiling happily on my screen and he was shirtless..
No kidding.
“hi.” I said and waved a bit.
“hi” he replied and immediately three little heads popped out from nowhere and covered mason face,
“hi!!!” the three little boys shouted from the other line and I remembered them from last night when Mason sent me a picture of him, they were the ones around him.
“okay get away from here!” mason yelled at the boys making them, all move out of the way, and I could see Mason, but the three boys were still behind him and they were so cute, their eyes looking at me curiously wondering who I was.
“so how’s things over there” he asked.
“things are fine actually.” I replied,
“is everything still the same as usual” he asked.
“yeah nothing changed and no-one changed, if that’s what you’re expecting, oh and why are you always shirtless over there, are you in Texas to be a body model or a second parent to your aunt’s children” I said and he laughed.
“actually it hasn’t been too long since we ate and one of this nugget brains, poured hot tea on me,” he said angrily and glared at one of the boys at his left side, Who quickly gave him an innocent look. Mason rolled his eyes and turned back to me.
“anyway I’ll be coming back home next week..i don’t know the particular day but I know I’ll be coming back home next week” he said.
“okay well we’ll be expecting you then, so why didn’t you put on another shirt when hot tea was spilled on your clothes” I said seriously.
“cause I’m out of shirts, but thankfully, their sister’s actually helping me do my laundry” Mason replied.
“which of them, the one having crush on you?” I asked.
“yeah, how did you know”
“cause she has a crush on you and will probably do anything for you” I pondered.
“wow.. Girls do understand girls, when I start dating I’ll remember to come take advice from you everyday” he said and I smiled.
“she’s pretty” one of the boys said and I smiled at him… “awwn thanks” I breathed out..
“what is your name?” I asked the boy and he seemed like he’s the littlest one.. “I’m Michael” he said happily. “well Michael, I think you’re pretty too” I said and his eyes lit up in excitement.
“and I’m Jaden” one of the boys said quickly.
“and I’m Landon” who I think is the eldest said,
“okay well, Jaden, Landon, I think you guys are pretty too” I complimented them since it seems like what they wanted and they all looked at each other with a smile.
“who’re you guys talking too” a voice said behind Mason and the three boys,..
“we’re taking to Mason’s girlfriend” Michael, the one who complimented me said and Michael laughed while I rolled my eyes, a teenage, blonde mean looking girl suddenly walked up to Mason and looked into the phone, she saw me and gave me an angry look while I just smiled and waved at her,
Teenage girls..
“Pen, this is Mavis, my cousin she’s the eldest, the one I keep telling you about” Mason said and gave me a knowing look.
“hey Mavis, Mason’s told me a lot about you” I said with a smile but she just rolled her eyes and walked away.
I totally expected that, since she’s crushing on mason, seeing him talk to other girls will just piss her off but girls like her are easy to read, soon enough she’ll drop the cursing of a thing and finally see him as a cousin.
After talking for a while, we finally ended the call and I smoked and dropped my phone, that was one heck of a video call, I really miss him though..
Well the day went by pretty fast, and before I knew it, I was putting on my shoes was easy to leave Leo’s house.
“remember if you don’t have anyone to go with you tomorrow to check out the new apartment, you can always call me,” he said before I left and I just nodded and walked out.
I got home feeling a little but exhausted, I crashed on my bed and didn’t even remember to take a bath, but I was too tired to stand up so I just let myself fall asleep without taking my shoes or clothes off..
The next day, I woke up feeling strong, likewise yesterday, I jolted up from my bed and pulled my shoes off my legs before doing the same to my clothes, I took a bath and brushed my teeth before putting on something plain and casual.
I’m just so glad Leo gave me a day off, he’s too nice .
I walked downstairs and noticed neither of my parents are around so I called my dad, cause it was supposed to be me and him checking out the apartment. My dad picked up at the first ring and immediately he apologized.
“I’m sorry”.
“seriously dad, it was supposed to be me and you today” I said sadly into the phone.
“I know Penny and I’m sorry. I thought we could both go there together, today, but I couldn’t fit it in my schedule, I’m sorry dear, I think you’ll go alone, I’ll text you the address I’m sorry” my dad said and I sighed.
“oh well, it’s okay, I guess I’ll just go alone then” I said and hang up, my dad sent me the address and I sighed sadly and did the last thing I thought I’d do.
I called Leo.
“pen?” he said surprisingly.
“hi.. Leo I know you must be wondering why I called” I said lowly,
“yeah..” he breathed out
“well about the apartment, you said you’d go with me if my da–
“you want me to go with you?” he suddenly interrupted me.
“y-yeah, well my dad kind of bail out on me at the last minute, and instead of going alone, I thought maybe we could go together.” I said slowly, cause calling him was awakward for me
“okay, no to explain, I’ll be there in a jiffy” Leo said and hanged up. I slowly shove my phone inside the pocket of the jacket I wore.. I straighten my dress and tuck my hair behind my ears, apart from the dress I wore to club zero-zix a month ago, it’s the first I’m actually wearing a dress of my own.. I walked to the kitchen to brew green tea, for myself, and after preparing it, just as I was about to take a sip, I heard the doorbell ring…. I held my tea in my hand and walked to the door. I opened it and found Leo standing there, he looked the same. In a good way actually. His hair was packed up, his eyes had dark circle lines around it, and he wore his black earring in both ears which made him get his scary looks and he was dressed in all black.. I have this strange feeling that if we’re walking together, people would think he kidnapped me.
“wow that was fast” I said as I opened the door wider for him to come in,
“I wasn’t doing anything so I came as fast as I could cause I was bored.” he said and I finally took a sip out of my tea. And goodness! it was hot.
“don’t you go to work or something, Maxwell said you have so many companies, but yet I don’t see you working or directing in anyone, you’re a rich guy but you don’t seem like one” I said sensitively while he smiled.
“I do have a lot of firm and companies but I have people working under it, and yes I don’t look like a rich guy, I kind of look like a criminal cause people say that to me all the time, but actually money isn’t everything, I just don’t know what to do with my life, I guess I was just lucky with money, I do have a lot but I just don’t need it” he said freely and I shook my head negatively. This guy is unbelievable, it’s true some people are lucky with money, and neither me nor my parents are one of the lucky people.
“anyway, I’m done with my tea, let’s get going instead of talking” I said and dropped the cup I used on the living room table beside me are grabbed my purse.
“my dad sent me the address it’s not that far, well maybe a little but far but we can take a cabโ€”no cab is to expensiveโ€” or we’ll just take the bus” I said walking briskly to the door.
“don’t worry, about a cab or bus, we’ll just use my car instead” he said and my eyes lit up in excitement.
He brought his car.
“well then let’s go” I said cheerfully. Leo and I walked out of my house and I locked the door.. And turned to see him beside his car, he opened the car door for me.
“lady’s first” he said.
“thanks” I tell him and got in and suddenly remembered my first date with Richard, he did and said exactly the same thing, I shook that out of my memory, I don’t need every little detail to make me remember him. .
Leo started to drive, while I just sat down quietly and directed him of where to go..
Finally we got to Bayn street, and I had to go over the message my dad sent for me to know the number of the building..
After calling my dad and asking for the house number and what the building looked like even though I’ve seen the house address I just don’t want to be mistaken,.

Leo and I got there and we both went to check out the apartment, the building was a six storey and the rented apartment was at the last floor,…
“the apartment’s nice though” Leo said as we both walked around the empty room, and it looks Like it hasn’t been long since the other tenant left this place cause it was still neat and the furnitures were still new and neat. “what do you think?” Leo asked me.
“I think it’s nice, it has a great view from the small balcony, and since it’s at the top of the building it absorbs lot of cool breeze, and it’s got a perfect space for Just a single person, I like it.” I breathed out.
“so you’re getting it?” leo asked.
“yeah!.. I just need to call the landlord and ask about the payment” I said and moved to where a flyer was pasted on the wall and brought out my phone cause the landlord’s phone number was written there. I called the ‘landlord’ which happens to be a lady and we talked about me getting an apartment in her building and she said she’ll be over here in a few minutes to talk about the price and all that..
I placed my phone back into my purse and turned to find Leo at the open balcony.
“Leo.” I called and he turned.
“nice view right?” I said and he nods.
“so what did the landlord say” he asked.
“it’s actually a lady, and she said she’ll be here soon, in the mean time, let’s check around the building.” I said and he nods, and we both walked out of the apartment,.. We got in the elevator and started to go down, the two of us were quiet and I just kept sighing.
“what are you going to do if the price of the apartment happens to be higher than what you have” Leo asked as we got the third floor.
“well I’ll just keep looking till I see the one that won’t cut off my budgets” I replied and he nods and looked away,
We got to the first floor and the elevator door opened and I quickly walked out bumping into someone.
“oh my goodness, Penelope!” I heard a somewhat familiar voice said.
I looked up and saw a girl, and I tried to remember where I met or saw her…
I quickly remembered her, the girl from the bus, the other day who I helped payed for the bus, who kept thanking me.
“Olivia.” I smiled
“Penelope, I can’t believe you’re here what are you doing here! I talk about you all the time, what you did that day was grateful, I won’t stop thanking you, I talk about you to my Richy all the time” she said happily and looked behind me to see Leo..
“hi I’m olivia a friend of Penelope” she said shook Leo’s hand.
“olivia..!” I heard a very familiar voice call Olivia’s voice and I looked behind Olivia to see the person only for my jaw to drop.
Olivia quickly smiled and ran to him.
“oh Richie, it’s her Penelope, the girl I talk about like everyday” Olivia said happily clinging to Richard who just kept staring at me.
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Dangerous Romance Episode 22
Dangerous Romance Episode 20

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