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The day ran faster than ever and before I knew it, Leo and I were having dinner. Our conversation through out the day was just about harmony and Leo told me a lot of things about her which was quite amusing, he said she’s from a wealthy family, she likes cat, dogs and rabbits but pretends not to like them, he also said she rather like people to fear and respect her than make friends with her or even be nice to her.. He said she might seem, High and mighty, scary and savage, bitchy and annoying, on the outside, but in the inside she’s actually this cute happy girl who loves so many things, and whose heart flutter at every little things and that’s what he loves about her. He really Harmony and that’s all that matters in love, for the guy to be so committed to love than the girl.
After dinner and everything, I got ready to leave and grabbed my sweater and purse.
“okay Leo I’ll see you tomorrow” I smiled walking to the door.
“do you want me to drive you home?” he asked
Since when? I wanted to say but instead I said this. “no it’s okay, I always take the bus”.
“okay well I could always walk you to the gate” he offered and I turned to him.
“okay, Leo you’re kind of acting weird, you never walk me to the gate, you never asked to drive me home before.. It’s not a bad thing though, but it’s kind of weird coming from you” I explained and he smiled making his dimple appear.
“okay so.. A friend asking to help a friend is weird?.” he asked
“it’s not weird, I mean, it’s just..ugh.. I can’t explain, even if I do we can never be on the same page here, so just forget about it, and thanks for your offer but maybe another time” I said, flashed him a smile and walked out of his house.
The cold wind suddenly pinched my skin making me put on my sweater. I walked down the bus stop faster than ever cause I just can’t wait to go home and enjoy some warmth.
I got to the bus stop and wanted for like fifteen minutes before the bus stopped in front of me and some couple of other people waiting too.
People started to walk in including me and while we all paid as we got in, a girl with black short hair paused and started to search for something in her jacket pocket. “damn it, I forgot my purse” she said angrily.
“I’m sorry ma’am, but you have to walk out of this bus, if you’re not paying.” the driver said and she glared at him for a minute.
“my house isn’t far from here, it’s exactly at the next stop, maybe if you drive me there I can go in—
“lady, please just leave!” the drive yelled making her flinch.
She was about to walk out of the bus. But I yelled “wait!” and all eyes went on me. I ignored the looking eyes and walked up to the lady and the driver.
“I’ll… I-I’ll pay for her” I said to the driver and did so and the girl gasped.
I walked back to my seat and she walked up to me. “hi.. Thanks..” she said quickly.
“No problem.. It was nothing” I mumbled,
“no it was something, I know no one in this bus was ready to do what you just did for me.. You’re too kind and I promise to pay you back.” she said with a smile.
“no it’s okay, no need to pay me back” I said and she grinned happily.
“Olivia.” she said and moved her hand forward.
“Pen. Penelope” I continued and shook her hand.
“gosh Penelope, thank you so much, I can’t thank you enough ..you’re an angel sent to earth, if it wasn’t for you that stupid driver could have embarrassed my life.. But because of your kind heart, he didn’t, thank you so much, if not for you I would have slept in the bus stop cause I left my purse at my friend’s place and my phone’s in there too, so thank you so very much” she breathed out and I smiled.
“no problem”
Finally the bus stopped at the second bus stop, which was my stop, and surprisingly Olivia’s too.
“Oh you live in this neighborhood too?” she asked happily as we both walked out of the bus.
“yeah” I replied.
“yay! looks that we’re going to be seeing each other more often” she said happily before we walked our separate ways.
I walked in my house and sighed joyfully, it felt warm and cozy. I removed my sweater and boots and climbed up the stairs to my room. I dropped my sweater and purse on my bed and threw my boots carelessly on the floor,
I stripped my clothes off my body and sped up to the shower.. After taking a warm bathe, I changed into my pajamas and was about to climbed on my bed but tripped on my boots.. Dang it. I carefully place my shoes well and jumped on my bed. I remove my phone out of my purse and dropped it beside me, these days I’ve been sleeping early, cause I end up eating dinner with Leo which makes me full and sleepy and when I get home I just jump on my bed and boom, I’m asleep.
I grabbed my phone and checked the time, 8:00pm. I was about to drop it when it buzzed and I looked it and noticed I’ve gotten a text message…
From Mason!!
I opened the message and read it.
MASON: hey..
I sighed and shook my head negatively he’s so crazy and so dead, I quickly replied him without wasting time.
ME: hey? That’s all you’re going to say??
I sent that and he replied immediately and that’s how we started texting till night fell.
MASON: why do I feel like you’re mad at me.
ME: because I am mad!
MASON: why?
ME: why?? You were Leaving Breek and you told everyone except me, I thought you were dead, did you know how worried I was..
MASON: oh my god , I’m really sorry, I texted everyone of my sudden leave and just as I was about to text you my phone got drained and didn’t know what to do, so I planned to tell you when I got to Texas but there was just so much going on that I forgot. I’m sorry. :-((
ME: oh well I forgive you I can’t stay mad at you for being so forgetful, but what happened no one could get a hold of you for a week, is everything alright there?
MASON: everything’s fine actually but not so fine, I had to go buy a new phone this morning cause my aunt’s kids placed my other phone in the dish washer, and then in the washing machine before ending it’s life after placing it in the micro wave and I didn’t even know they did all that, it was my aunt who showed me the phone and apologized for her kids outrageous behaviour who found what they did funny.
ME: how sad.
MASON: but luckily I got a new one and you’re actually the first person I’m calling with it. So how’s Breek though?
ME: Breek’s okay and it’s been getting cold here lately, but it’s still fine. And everyone’s fine too.
MASON: dang it, they’re here.
ME: who’s there?
MASON: my aunt’s kid, they’re here for me to read them bed time stories. I promised them, these days I’ve been loosing sleep cause of them, they’re all pains in my neck, while my aunt and uncle are busy taking care of the new born child I’m now the father of the remaining five kids.. You’ll think five and four years old boys are stubborn and playful but teenage girls are the worst.
ME: your aunt has girls?? I thought she’s a boys lady only
MASON: oh she has girls, two actually, well three now, one’s seventeen, she’s the eldest one’s fifteen, and the other one is the new born child while the rest are boys. And the seventeen years old is trying to flirt with me, she even tried to kiss me yesterday. If you don’t hear from me soon, know that I’m dead.
ME: LOL can’t stop laughing, wow you’ve become a daddy overnight, hope you don’t die soon cause we miss you.
MASON: I miss you oidydhididmvs
ME: what?
MASON: sorry, my aunt’s little boys are trying to kill me.. They made me type that by mistake
ME: they must be real headaches
MASON: oh they really are.
MASON: *sent a photo*
A photo of Mason appeared with him shirtless and three adorable little boys around him, one was currently pulling his hair as he took the picture, his brown hair was scattered and his eyes were puffy, he look tired but still held his mason smile.
ME: those boys looks so adorable.
MASON: those adorable boys are actually devils.. They think they’re playing with me but they’re just menaces,
ME: don’t worry you’ll fit in with them soon. be a good father and stop hating your kids.
MASON: actually even when you put it as a joke it’s not funny cause they’re actually killing me right now, maybe they’re stop hurting their dad if they see their mom. Why don’t you teleport yourself here so you can read them the bed time stories instead
ME: tell them they’re mom has to rest cause she’s tired of working today
MASON: I’ll do just that, anyway I have to go cause it seems like Jenna, the fifteen years old, just had a bad dream cause she just screamed and I have to go check what happened.
ME: me too, I’m as sleepy as a koala.
MASON: okay then goodnight.
ME: goodnight.
I turned my phone off before finally going to sleep…
I woke up the next morning, with a sigh I grabbed my phone and switched off the alarm, I remembered my conversation with Mason last night and I smiled.
He’s funny.
I took my shower, got dressed and for some reason, I decided to curl my hair, which I’ve done once but Richard said he didn’t like it so I stopped it, but today I just felt like doing it cause I still have a lot of time and I did and it kind of really suit me. The weather was normal today, so I put on a yellow short and a black top. I grabbed my purse and hurried out of my room and to the living room. I walked out of my house and hurried down the bus stop.
I caught the bus and immediately received a call from my dad.
“hey dad!” I said cheerfully into the phone.
“hey dear, how are you? I haven’t gotten to see your face more often because of my job and yours” he said
“yeah” I breathed out.
“anyway, about the apartment you were talking about that day wit–
“you found one?” I quickly interrupted him getting a few stares from the bus
“yeah, and I thought maybe you’ll want to check it out today, I found out about it yesterday but forgot to tell you and when I came home last night you were asleep.” my dad explained.
“okay, well I don’t think today’s going to work, how about tomorrow?” I said lowly.
“okay. I’ll create a chance, but if I can’t, it’s at bayn street, 52, you can go ahead and check it without me” my dad said.
“okay dad, thanks” I mumbled
“bye dear”
“bye dad” I breathed out and hung up.
Finally the bus got to my stop and I got down and walked my way to Leo’s house.
I typed in his house code and walked In, I saw him sitting quietly on his couch, his attention on the floor and he didn’t notice me.. “hey good morning” I said as I closed the door.
“oh hey.. You’re here” he said with a smile.
“yeah” I breathed out.
He kept looking at me so I had to ask.
“what?” I finally asked
“your hair.” he said lowly.
“oh yeah, I just decided to curl it today for no reason.” I said nervously.
“well it really suits you” he said with a small smile.
“thanks” I smiled back.

“so what do you suggest for today menu” I said and walked up to the couch, where he was and dropped my purse.
“I don’t know, you’re always the food ideal lady” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“quit whining” I said and walked passed him to the kitchen and he trailed behind me.
“so I’ll just make blue berry muffins and hot chocolate today, simple and healthy what do you think?” I asked and turned to him but he was concentrated on his phone. He quickly looked up and said “yeah well, whatever you make I’ll eat it” he said and walked closer to the counter, where I stood, “I need a glass of water” he mumbled and grabbed one of his glass cup with the same hand he’s holding his phone, and his phone slipped from his hand almost crashing to the ground, but luckily I caught.
“wow.. You need to be careful” I said breathlessly handing him his phone.
“th-thanks” he said taking it from my hand and leaning down to me, surprisingly giving me a peck on my cheeks which made me gasp a little which heard.
“i-i -i-i.. I’m so so-sorry I didn’t know why i-i did that” he stutter,
It’s not a big deal no need to get worked up. I tell myself and breathe in and out slowly before saying.
“it’s no biggie, it’s just your way of showing appreciation”. He didn’t say anything he just stood still staring at the floor before sighing and walking out of the kitchen, I place my hand on my forehead and sighed.
Maybe it was I who needed that glass of water.
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Dangerous Romance Episode 21
Dangerous Romance Episode 19

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