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With my wedding dress I wonder down the street looking for a taxi, with tears rushing down from both my eyes and nose.
Richard Is such an asshole.. A bastardized fool.. I don’t even know what to call him. I hate him so much.. Who am I kidding I love him.. So much,
But what he just did was unforgivable and unfair, he knew how this day meant to me.. Loosing patient I bent down on a particular spot in the street and cried on my knees. I heard a familiar voice calling my name from afar but I didn’t bother to stand up or turn.
I just cried cause I feel like this ground should just open and swallow me, cause this is a total embarrassment, what would the guest say, what would my friends say.. Richard didn’t just only ruin our wedding, he ruined my life. I stood up slowly and angrily dragged my Veil from my hair ripping it apart, I didn’t stop I let my anger rip the stupid Veil into pieces..

“Penny, stop” Mason said out of nowhere and held my hand, avoiding me from ruining the Veil completely.. “let me go” I cried, struggling to get out of his grip and tear the Veil and then after that I’m going to rip my dress till I appear naked, what else can I do. My life is ruined.
“no I’m not going to let you go, if you continue like this you’re going to hurt yourself” he said but I didn’t care.
“I don’t care, I have a big injury in my heart already, what difference does it make if I have another one physically.. Just leave me alone” I yelled-cried. That some of the few people passing by were throwing glances at us but I didn’t care.
“Penny..” Mason breathed out and pulled me into a hug while I cried even more.. “really, I don’t know what to do or say, I don’t know what’s wrong with Richard, this isn’t him, he’s my best friend I know him more than his parent do” Mason said and I pulled myself from the hug and slowly cleaned my tears.
“well I know what to do. I’m getting out of here” I said sternly and was about to walk away but he caught my hand. “where do you want to go, I’ll take you, my car is around the back” he said but I shook my head negatively.
“it’s okay, I can manage and get a cab” I tell him.
“but you might hurt yourself, and I don’t want that, no one wants that, okay I know Richard fucked up just now, but he still loves you and he wouldn’t want you to get hurt” he tells me and I fumed
“don’t mention his name in front of me” I warned.
“sorry, I won’t but just lemme drive you instead of you taking a cab” he offered and my fragile self nods and he gave me a small smile and slowly walked me to his car which wasn’t far from where we stood.
“where do you want me to take you?” he asked.
“anywhere but here” I mumbled and glance at myself in a small mirror laying in front of the car, and saw that my Makeup was ruined, my mascara was all over my face and I look like a cast from the Walking Dead.
Mason started to drive and I just kept quiet and stared out the window and burst out crying again.
“Penny.. C’mon don’t cry” Mason said and sighed.
“I’m sorry I just can’t help it, I t-thought t-t-that i-i…
I cried even more I couldn’t even speak, my word fumble cause it was like my throat was clogged.
“look it’s gonna be okay. Okay?” he said soothingly
“how” I shrugged my shoulders at him.
“I don’t know how, but I know it’s going to be okay” he said and glance at me but I just bit my bottom lip to stop my self from crying,..
“do you want me to take you to your house?” he asked after a brief silence.. My house? I don’t want to face my mom or dad.. Cause that would be one embarrassing moment.. I don’t think I can face anyone right now. I didn’t even think I would be able to face Mason since he’s kind of like Richard entourage, but after his soothing and caring attitude, I’m in his car.. The only person I think I’ll be able to face is Kirana.
Mason said suddenly breaking me out of my thoughts
“what?” I sniffed
“so you want me to take you to your par–
“no.. No please no.” I said and breathe in and out slowly.
“then where do you want me to take you, wanna go back to the hotel..?” he asked.
“No. God. No” I said remembering Richard and his sweet words last night. “then where do you–
“just take me to your place.. I don’t know” I cut him off and he nods and returned his gaze back to the road. I use to hate going to mason’s house, because of his love of video games and chocolate, and I hate chocolate, and his house smells like chocolate I’ve gone there once, when Richard insisted we both meet there, .. And now it seems like its the only place I can go.
It’s a good thing Mason and I had known each for a long time cause, assuming I just met him I wouldn’t have agreed for him to take me to his house, he would have been a complete stranger to me.
Finally he parked at his driveway and opened the car door for me and I walked out with my stupid wedding dress stained with mascara and lipstick. And thank goodness the two other boys Mason lives with her out of the country. Unless I wouldn’t have come, but where would I have gone to, I’m sure Kirana is still at the church, cause I left her with ‘Richard’. Oh now I don’t like hearing his name cause it stings..
“C’mon be careful” Mason said as we climbed the four short stairs before going to his porch. He opened the door and I walked in, it’s been months since I came and the house has changed a lot, the TV’s not on the floor again but on the wall, the video games which he had has been replaced with the latest DVD player, and the butt cracking couches, has been replaced with comfortable couches, the wall has been repainted and it doesn’t smell like chocolate or any other junk food. It’s looks like a real home now not an arcade.
I sat down lazily on one of the couch and took off my shoes.
“what would you like?” Mason asked.
“a wedding” I said not realising I said that until he coughed.
“I’m sorry.. I mean I don’t want anything I just want to take a shower and lay low in a coffin” I said Depressingly and Mason sighed and knelt in front of me..
“look just because Richard said some pretty, na├»ve and sophisticated things doesn’t mean your life’s over, you still have a life okay, just think of it as, the four friends, Penelope, Kirana, mason and Ric.. Well and then the last one went away and never came back, your life won’t be over just because one person in your life say something stupid, I don’t know why he said such things but that’s dumb of him but don’t worry I’ll talk to him.” Mason blasted and I rolled my heavy eyes at him
“do you think I’ll ever go back to having a relationship with him after what just happened, even though you talk to him do you think I’d ever go back?” I asked angrily standing up. He stood up too and shook his head negatively
“no I don’t, but please don’t get angry and why you look like a zombie” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“thanks for the compliment” I said and he nods.
“what I mean is you need to take a shower, and get out of this dress okay?” he said and I nod and started to walk to his bathroom.
“and Penny,” he called and I turned.
“don’t kill yourself in the bathroom” he said and I sighed before saying,
“I’ll try not to”.
I got to his bathroom which looks like a normal bathroom instead of boys jungle zone.. I slipped out of my wedding dress and shoved it in the bathroom’s waste bin.. I also slipped out of my under garments and slide into the bathtub.. I turned on the hot water and let it beat my sore and tired..
I stayed in the bathtub for almost an hour, crying here and there, I just hate today, I just feel so stupid right now.. My fingers were already getting wrinkled and the hot water was finished transforming into cold one. I stood up from the bathtub and grabbed the huge towel from a pole above the bathtub.
I tied it around my chest and loose the stupid bun I had packed for my wedding and let my red hair fall down to my back..
Suddenly I heard a knock outside the bathroom door.
“Pen?” Mason called.
“yes” I replied forcing my voice to sound normal cause it’s shaky from my cries.
“oh thank goodness you’re not dead” Mason said and I smiled a bit at his little joke, but frowned as I got close to the door and opened it to meet him face to face. “oh you’re done, you can go to my room and change into any of my clothes” he said and I gave him a thank you look.
“wait.” he stopped me and I turned.
“you’ve been crying haven’t you?” Mason asked and I nod.
“well it’s okay to cry, but crying won’t change anything Pen” he lectured and I nod and walked to his room,. I don’t think I can cry anymore cause my eyes are feeling heavy and dry and so is my throat. I think I cried too much that I ran out of tears.
I wore one of his baggy sweatpants and shirt before coming out of his room and met him by the door, “great, now you’re wearing one of my good shirt” he said gesturing his dramatically on the air,
“I am?” I said lowly
“you’re not I was just kidding, so lemonade or coffee?” he asked
“coffee please” I said and he nods and walked to his kitchen while I walked to his living room and sat on one of the couch staring at the floor, I tilt my head and found a huge picture of me, Kirana, mason Richard and his two other friends Jacob and Liam.
Richard and I look so happy and so close in the picture, I started to tear up again, and I thought I was out of tears. The memory of that happy day of me and Richard flooded my mental screen and I angrily grabbed one of the pillows beside me and threw it angrily on the floor, I was about to throw a remote next to me when Mason came and held my hand stopping me from ruining the remote.
“Penny. I just bought that, look you need to stop crying sometimes okay?” he said and handed me the coffee.
“I’m so sorry” I sobbed. I looked up to the picture and Mason realised my sudden break down came from there , “I’ll take it down if you want” he said referring to the picture but I shook my head.
“it’s okay.. I’m fine” I said staring down at my coffee taking a big sip, the coffee was burning hot and perfect that i wished it burned my throat so I’ll never speak or cry again.

Mason sat down at the other couch opposite me and watched me drink the coffee slowly…
“look..” I said slowly and his head tilts for me to continue.
“don’t tell anyone I’m here okay?” I said and he smiled.
“what do you think am I a dummy?” he said playfully but I didn’t laugh, I don’t think I can ever laugh again, and now I feel so dry and weak.
“but I can tell Kira right?” he asked and I nod. Of course Kirana is my best friend.
“thanks..” I said after a long silence..
“for what?” he asked
“letting me stay here” I said lowly and he flashed a smile.
“what are friends for” he said and I nod and dropped the coffee mug on the table, “oh you’re done. Do you want anything else” he asked but I declined my shaking my head.
“I just want to rest” I said lying down on the cough.
“you can go sleep on my bed in–
“it’s okay I’m fine here” I said and he nods, and slowly I laid on the couch and before I knew it, I drifted to a deep slumber.
Two familiar voices woke me up and, slowly I sat down properly and as my blurry vision brightened, I saw Kirana and Mason eating and at the same time talking.
“Kira.” I called and rushed to give her a hug, boy was I glad to see her..
“easy there chipmunk” she said with a smile and I let go of her.
“are you okay?” she asked calmly as I sat down back on the couch I was stood up.
“I wish I am” I mumbled lowly and she sighed and gave me a sympathetic look.
“here.. Have some” she said handing me a slice of pizza.. I took it from her and start to eat. She kept quiet and didn’t talk about Richard, and I was glad
She knows me to well.
“how’s my mom?” I asked
“she’s fine but worried about you, but I told her you’ll be fine, and when I found out you didn’t go to my apartment I noticed you’d be here and it hasn’t been to long since I came here” she said and I just nod and continued enjoying the pizza.
“so… Mace we’re both staying overnight cause she’s not going home tonight” Kirana said to Mason referring to me. “sure, the last thing I thought would ever happen to me is two girls sleeping overnight in my house” he said and Kirana rolled her eyes.
“I know that’s a dream come true for you so quit being whiny” Kirana said and Mason laughed, and I smiled a bit.
“what? Dream come true? I should be scared of you girls, so you don’t rape me while I’m asleep.” he said and Kira burst into laughter and so did I..
He made me laugh, it’s a relief I can laugh again.
T. B. C

Dangerous romance episode 3
Dangerous romance episode 1

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