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EPISODE 17 contd.. ❤❤
I walked around Leo’s house, looking at the way it was built and decorated, it was beautiful. Since I didn’t want to cross my boundaries, I went back to the living room and sat down quietly on the couch.
I can’t believe he lives in this big house alone with no one..
I was becoming bored and decided to turn on the TV, but this wasn’t my house, so I kept my hands to myself and brought out my phone to keep myself busy, I stated playing an online game Kirana loves and after playing it three times I dropped my phone cause I can’t seem to understand it, or to even love it.
I suddenly became quiet and stood up impatiently, not knowing what to do, I suddenly Heard footstep and turned swiftly,. There I saw Leo comin down the stairs, he was dressed in all black and his hair fell to his face.
“so you’re finally awake and you’ve freshened up, so what do you want me to prepare for you?” I asked with a smile.
“don’t think this too seriously” he suddenly said.
“take what seriously?” I asked
“this job” he replied.
How can I not take my job too seriously. . .
“I’m sorry but I’m the kind of person who takes her job very seriously” I tell him.
“okay, do what you like then” he said with a smile.
“so.. I asked
“what?” he asked
“what should I make you” I asked. Again.
“oh.. Just make something simple, I’m not the kind of person who eats a lot” he said and I nodded
“oh and If you need anything just tell me and I’ll run to the grocery store” he said and I gave him a weird look.
“aren’t I supposed to be the one to go to the grocery store?” I said and he blinked twice.
“are you?” he asked and I nod
“well.. Okay, you can go ahead and start cooking” he said and looked away awkwardly, while I find my way to his kitchen.
His kitchen was shiny, shimmering and splendid, that I thought if I touch anything I’ll actually stain everything, buy after admiring everything in the kitchen, I finally started to cook.. I made a simple homemade breakfast.. Pancakes with maple syrup, and bacon, and I also made coffee to go with it.
I placed the food perfectly on the dining table in the dining after getting lost three times just because I was looking for the dining room, this house is just so big and mixed up with many unfamiliar rooms. But I hope in time I’ll be able to walk around the house freely without getting lost.
Leo walked into the living room and gazed at his breakfast awkwardly, “you made all this?” he asked
Who else made that?
“yeah” I rolled dryly.
“I don’t eat this… Like, I haven’t eaten all this before” he replied.
“who hasn’t eaten pancakes and bacon for breakfast before? It’s like one of the most eaten breakfast around the world” I stated.
“I might have eaten it before but I don’t remember, I just eat chocolate, cakes or any fast food or snacks for breakfast” he said and sat down.
“well that’s pretty unhealthy” I tell him and he shrugs.
“I look healthy to myself” he said and grabbed the fork beside his plate
I stood still not knowing if I should stand and watch him eat or get the hell out of here. Wait. I’m not his servant, I don’t need to stand here and watch him eat.
Just as I was about leaving he called me back and I turned.
“where are you going” he asked
“the living room?” I said lowly,
“oh well I thought you might want to have breakfast with me” he said, I’m only here to cook so I don’t think I’m supposed to eat with him.
“am I supposed to have breakfast with you?” I asked
“aren’t you supposed to have every meal with me?” he returned the question and I suddenly became confused.
“I mean it’s my job to cook for you, that’s why it’s called private chef’ I’m not suppose to ha–” he suddenly laughed interrupting me and at the same time making me flinch. I didn’t know his voice was this thick.
But what is he laughing about anyway.
“you’re taking this job too seriously and it’s kind of funny” Leo said and I gazed at him bewilderingly feeling a little vexed.
“of course it’s my job why won’t I take it seriously,” I said dramatically and he breathe in and said.
“okay well don’t, and as a friend not as your boss, I’m asking you to eat with me cause clearly I can’t finish all this” he said and I nodded slowly, before sitting down on one of the chairs.
We both ate breakfast quietly with only the sound of our forks hitting the glass plate could be heard and the tension there was to DIE for, it was awkward, silent, and.. Well awakward just covered it all up.
“wow! Your cooking is really good” he said.
“thanks” I mumbled lowly without looking at him.
“you know you should be—”
“I’m sorry I don’t talk while I eat” I suddenly interrupted him and he flinched.
“oh sorry, I didn’t know you’re the table mannered kind of people” he said,
I’ll try taking that as a compliment.
We both ate quietly and no one could have guessed how happy I was when we were both Don eating, I quickly took the plates away and i threw them in the dish washer.. Well after getting the dishes clean. I found my way out of the kitchen and to the living room, the only place I’m familiar with.. . I sat down on the couch and started with, my phone, I texted Kirana a hi. But she didn’t text me back so I just dropped my phone and sighed.
The couch I was sitting suddenly sank down and rose up and I turned to see Leo sitting beside me, but we were not that close.
“so what are you doing?” he asked..
“nothing” I replied plainly.
“you look bored” he said.
“I am, bored” I replied.
“welcomed to my world” he smiled.
“so can I talk to you?” he asked
“you’re already seated, so it’s up to you” I replied and he nods.
“okay it’s about harmony” he said and I almost rolled my eyes
It’s about little miss annoying..
“what about her?” I asked calmly.
“well I know you know how I feel about her, and I know she still loves me and I want her back, but still I have no idea what to do” he said with a sigh.
“what makes you think that I can give you a better idea, cause look at me I’m as broken as you” I said and he shook his head negatively.
“no you’re not, Richard, or whatever his Is might have left you but you still have people around you, people like Mason Kirana and your parents, so your life is actually going great” Leo said with a small smile.
“no it’s not, my mom’s actually forcing me to get married” I said and suddenly regretted, I had no idea why I just told me that.
“but do you want to get married?” he asked.
“yeah, I do but not just with any guy” I replied.
“don’t worry, I hope you’ll find the right one” he said and I smiled and nodded at him.
I hope I find the right one.

“and back to Harmony, do you want to win her back?” I asked
“I don’t know who’ she’s dating now but yes, I want her back” Leo replied.
And I started.
“well girls like harmony may seem tough but they’re the most easiest to win back when it comes to a situation like this, if you’ve apologized to her and she ignored you, just know she’s thinking that she’s won cause crawling on your knees is just what she wants to see you do, but girls like her get easily crumbled with just this eight alphabet j.e.a.l.o.u.s.y, jealousy, just make her jealous, let’s say by pretending you’ve moved on and find a girl to hang out with in front of her and boom, you’ve gotten a jealous ex girlfriend who suddenly wants her ex back, just because she thinks, he’s hooking up with a new girl”
“wow! Leo breathed out.. How do you know all this” Leo asked.
“what do you expect I’m a girl” I replied and he smiled.
“but Pen, have you ever thou–” Leo paused cause he heard his doorbell ringing, and so did I
“I’ll get it” Leo said and walked up to his door to open it
“mason?” he called.
Oh goodness, what’s he doing here..
T. B. C
What do you guys think of the picture?

Leo opened his door widely for Mason to enter and he looked happy that Mason’s here, well what do I care, it’s like it’s my house for me to be aganst visit.
“hey pen!” mason called
“I didn’t know you’d be here, what are you doing here?” he asked and I sighed and turned to him.
“like you don’t know” I said and rolled my eyes.
“oh yeah, I remember now, you’re working here now” he said and I rolled my eyes at him again.
“what are you doing here anyway?” I asked.
“my sister’s still in charge of my work and I’m free so I came here to see Leo.” he said and I shook my head negatively and looked away.
“what is wrong with that?”he asked but I didn’t give him a reply.
“wish you could’ve come here earlier, cause you just missed breakfast” Leo said and I scoffed he’s no nice, it’s not a bad thing that he’s nice, but if anyone’s showing off their kindness, they shouldn’t show it to this dweeb mason.
“well it’s okay, I ate some sweets on my way and that’s my breakfast” mason said and I sighed, boys don’t care what they eat.
Mason sat down on a single couch opposite the one Leo and I were seated and the three of us suddenly became quiet. And I remembered yesterday,
“Mason, yeah I forgot to ask, why did you suddenly left all of a sudden In the middle of our little game of truth or dare?” I asked
“oh yeah about that, I have no idea too” he replied,
“weirdo” I mumbled and he smiled. Suddenly he turned to Leo and they started to talk about a movie, I didn’t even know if they were talking about a movie, or soccer game or a video game cause it all rhymed and it was boring me to death, and before I know it, I started to doze and I had no idea when I fell asleep..
I opened my eyes with the familiar smell of Leo’s couch and my eyes suddenly snapped to its widest when I realised I fell asleep on Leo’s couch. I was not supposed to sleep.
I quickly sit properly and found Mason on staring at me with his phone in his hand,
“did I wake you up?” he asked
“I don’t know.. And why are you still here,” I said and turned to my side but I didn’t see Leo.
“where’s Leo?” I asked.
“he’s outside talking to someone” mason replied.
I noticed the sun was out and I quickly stood up. I looked around for a wall clock to know what time is it but I couldn’t fine. So I asked Mason
“it’s 3:44pm” he replied and I gasped.. I’m done. I’m supposed to make lunch for Leo at three o’clock, but now I slept for so long that I forgot.
Damn it, I’m going to loose my job.
“while I was asleep, did he complain about me being asleep” I asked,
“not really, he even suggested we wake you up so you can go upstairs to the guest room, so you can sleep more comfortable, but I told him not to” mason replied and my brows arched.
“really? He said that!”
“yeah, what are you so worried about” mason said and I sighed and sat down back on the couch.
“I’m worried of getting fired,” I answered.
“worried of getting fired?? I don’t think you’ll ever get fired” mason smiled.
“what are you talking about?” I asked.
“like I told you before, you working isn’t something he’s counting as a job, he’s Just doing it so he can help you without you getting the idea of that” he replied and I rolled my eyes.
“yeah right. Mr know it all” I said sarcastically while he just shrugged and said “you’ll see”.
Leo walked in with a worried face and sighed after closing the door and I quickly stood up.
“I’m sorry I suddenly slept!” I yelled awkwardly and he paused as he walked closer to us while Mason just laughed.
“actually it’s okay, I forced you to wake up six in the morning and you didn’t sleep well so you just had to continue that here, so it’s not your fault” Leo said and I smiled…
Oh thank god he’s not mad.
“I know it’s a little bit past lunch time but what do you want me to make for you?” I asked nicely,
He said still thinking for a while but he had nothing, so he turned to Mason who was busy with his phone.
“Mason, what meal do you think is the best for lunch?” Leo asked and I turned to Mason who suddenly gave me a mocking smile.
“for me I think pasta is alright” he said and I rolled my eyes at him.. I turned to Leo to see if he agrees with what this goofballs is suggesting, and when he nodded. I know I’m making pasta for lunch, I glanced at mason and he was still giving me that stupid mocking smile, so I pulled his hand and dragged him to the kitchen with me.
“since you’re the one who suggested pasta, you’re going to help me make it” I said as we got into the kitchen.
“what the hell.. No I’m not” he blurted out.
“yes you are! I know the reason you came here today is because you know I’ll be starting my job today and you just can’t wait to sabotage it so I can get fired” I whispered yelled.. And he sighed and rests his body on the fancy looking kitchen counter.
“Leo can never fire you, and that’s not the reason I came here today” mason said defended.
“yeah right? Keep telling yourself that.” I said and picked out a small pot.
“I don’t think you’ll even have the strength to bicker with me if you know the real reason I came here”
“you know what, I don’t want to know, just help me with the stove okay?” I said in a flamboyant way and he shook his head negatively and did what I said.
Even though Mason’s kind of annoying sometimes he’s a good listener, he obeys what I tell him to do actually and while talking and cooking, we were done in no time.
“okay now, go set these plates on the dining table in the dinning room” I ordered handing him some fine ceramics plates.. He was about taking them but then paused.
“there’s something in your hair” he said walking to touch my hair but I moved my hair back and pushed the plate towards him.
“leave the ‘something’ on my hair and help me set these plates” I said but he insisted on removing the ‘thing’ on my hair, I thought he was about taking the plates from my hand but his hand moved so quickly to my hair that the plates from my hand and crashed on the floor and a loud a loud gasped escaped my lips.
“are you trying to kill me?!!” I yelled.
“I’m sorry I didn’t know you were giving it to me.” he apologized. “you didn’t know?!! I was clearly shoving them at you and still you didn’t know I was giving them to you!!” I yelled angrily and he flinched a bit.
I bent down angrily and started to pick the broken plates but unfortunately one pricked my forefinger and I squeaked.
“are you okay?” Mason suddenly asked.
“I’m fine” I breathed out angrily, feeling dizzy at the sight of my blood.
“don’t worry I’ll get get the broken plates, you just re–
“what happened??” Leo’s voice suddenly interrupted Mason..
I quickly stood up and start to apologize.
“I’m sorry, Mason and I were being clumsy and we both accidentally broke your plates, please don’t be mad and I’ll pay you back for the plates I’m sorry”
“you’re bleeding” Leo ignored everything I just said and blurted that out.
“oh this is.. Is nothing” I lied. My blood pouring out from my hand is seriously making me dizzy.
Mason sighed and bent down, he started to pack the broken plates, “leave it I’ll do it” I tell him,. “don’t worry just treat your hand” he said lowly and turned to Leo.
“can you please help her with your first aid kit” Mason said and Leo hurried to his cupboard and brought out his first aid box, this will be the second time I’ll be having another encounters with this box.
I was Planing to take the box from Leo and treat myself but instead he dropped the box on the counter, opened it and pulled my finger towards him, and starts to treat my small cut, I glanced at Mason as he carefully packed the plates with a sad look and I suddenly felt guilty, maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at him.. He was being really helpful and I just lashed at him like that.
“and it’s done” Leo said and I turned to him suddenly remembering that he’s treating my hand. “thanks” I mumbled and gazed at my hand which Is now covered with a small plaster.
“I promise, I’ll pay you back for the plates” I said in a rushing tone.
“don’t worry, actually harmony got me those, so it’s a good thing it’s broken though. I mean I’ll be getting over her stuff before getting over her” Leo said with a sigh and I breathed a sigh of relief, Happy he’s not mad.
Mason walked out of the kitchen with the broken plates, while I stood there greiving.
After setting the table later on, the three of us sat down quietly Around Leo’s table and glanced at each other a bit before eating.
Mason kept glancing at me and I could feel it. So I turned to him and sighed.
“what is it?” I asked lowly
“I’m sorry!” he said.

“it’s okay” I tell him, even he didn’t apologize it’s actually okay?
I’m not mad at him anymore, I realised some of the incident earlier was kind of my fault too.
“really? I really am sorry” he added
“mason! I said its okay already, it was kind of my fault too” I said and he audibly signed before smiling.
“thank goodness, thought you were still mad at me and for a second I thought you were going to give me the silent treatment” he said buy I shook my head negatively.
“I don’t hold grudges” I said.
“thank God, cause I hate that when Kirana gave me the silent treatment I almost went crazy, even if we make trouble all the time I still like talki–
“mason!” I interrupted him
“I don’t talk while I eat” I said and he suddenly apologize he knows me better than anyone that I don’t talk while I eat. It happened to me when I was fifteen, eating instant noodles with my mom and dad and talking about when all of a sudden I started to choke and cough, I had to take five bottles of water so it would lessened down, and after a cooled down a noodle crawled out of my nose and that was what freaked me out. And after that I pretty much learned my lesson. Don’t eat and talk, it doesn’t end up in a good way.
After eating with, Brown eyes and blue_grey eyes, (Leo and mason) , mason who still wanted to please me thinking I haven’t forgiven him. Helped me cleared the table and we talked, while doing the dishes, well I wouldn’t say do the dishes cause the dish washer actually did all the work.
But Mason was a really good company, I have to admit ..
“what are you guys talking about” Leo asked all of a sudden, standing still at the entrance of his kitchen
“oh we’re just talking about some old memories” Mason replied and Leo nodded.
“okay well then.. I’ll be in the living room” Leo said walled away,. What was that all about?.
Mason and I went to the living room afterwards and the three of us talked about a lot of things before Mason received a text message saying he suddenly got up and said he had to leave.

“I’ll be leaving then” he said, after telling us he’s leaving.
“okay then tell your sister I said hi” I tell him
“which of them?” he asked
“Amanda” I replied. And he nods and waved at Leo who waved back and stood still staring at me.
“what? Aren’t you going?” I asked
“aren’t you going to bid me goodbye?” he returned the question
“okay then goodbye” I said.
“no! Like aren’t you going to give me a hug or something” he smiled.
“Keep dreaming” I said dryly and he laughed.
“I expected it anyway, I’ll see you around though, bye” he said and walked out of the house and suddenly I missed his presence.

“you and Mason seem close” Leo said a few seconds after mason left.
“yeah we are,” I said plainly.
“have you ever thought of like maybe, becoming more than just friends with him?” Leo asked shocking me with that question.
“Mason is just a friend, a really close friend of mine and no I don’t want to be more than just Friends, and I don’t even think Mason like me that way,” I blurted out.
“I don’t think you should keep thinking that” Leo mumbled,
Where’s he getting at.
Me. Mason?.. No way..
T. B. C.

Dangerous Romance Episode 19
Dangerous Romance Episode 16&17

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