Dangerous Romance Episode 16&17

Dangerous Romance Episode 17b & 18
Dangerous Romance Episode 15

EPISODE 16 + 17
After drinking all my coffee, Leo and I talked a bit about this ‘private chef’
“and what time do I get to come, like everyday.” i asked
“six in the morning” he replied.
“six? That’s too early” I complained,
“that’s for me to decide” he said sternly, not smiling.
“okay fine six” I breathed out
“what time do I get to go home?” I asked,
“after my dinner, and I eat dinner pretty late” he replied.
“which is.. ”
“eight o’clock pm” he stated,
“eight pm! Are you trying to imprison me?”I said and he laughed.
“Penny, I’m offering you a job and letting you decide your payment and when it comes to doing business I’m not soft, so six and eight it is” he deadpanned and I rolled my eyes.
“you’re being disrespectful to your boss” he said plainly
“excuse me?” I said surprisingly but he just smiled,
“I was just kidding, I’ve had other cooks before and I let them go home anytime I want them too”
“you’ve had other Cooks?” I repeated what he just said.
“yes, there were three of them actually, I don’t remember their names but they’re talkatives, they actually make great dishes for harmony and I” he tells me and I scoffed,
“what?” he said
“what?” I asked
“why’d you scoff”
“how can you be with your woman and still have cooks, can’t she cook for you at least” I said
“I don’t know, harmony doesn’t like the kitchen, she says cooking is like punishment” Leo replied and I almost laughed
And she’s calling herself a lady.
“well she is messed up, I can’t let other people cook for my man, or let alone have my man eat other people food, even his parent, he must eat mine and mine alone” I stated boldly making Leo laugh a bit.
“wow you’re so Committed” he breathed out..
“yeah, right” I smiled,
“well that was then, cause I have no man now” I breathed out, circling the rim of the coffee mug with my finger, and thinking of Richard and how he used to love my food.
“well I could be your man” Leo said making my head snap up at him.
“what?!!!” I said surprisingly
“no.. No look I didn’t mean like your man, like to get married to you or date you or something like that, what I mean is, you’re a cook and I’m a man, and I’ll be the man you’ll be cooking for” he explains properly and i breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.
“okay, then.. I think that’s all right?” I said and he nods,. “well thank you.. Cause thanks to you, I can go home and get some rest” I said and stood up.
“sure.” he said before I grabbed my bag and walked out of the coffee shop,
Happily I went home and turned on the air condition cause my body was on fire..
I brought out my phone happily and called Kirana.
“hey..” she said into the phone,
“hi… You sound tired, you okay?” I asked and she replied with a low “yes”
“why the sudden phone call” she asked making me smile
“I’ll be getting my apartment soon!” I yelled happily.
“really? How come”
“I got a job” I squealed happily
“wow! That was fast, what kind of job” she asked
“a cook!” I squeaked
“wow, your talent is never going in vain. I’m happy for you pen, so how’s the salary, is it okay for you?” she asked with a concerned tone.
“well that’s for me to decide” I said
“I don’t understand, for you to decide?” Kirana repeated.
“well.. See..
I breathed out and started to explain everything that happened to me today, how I met Leo and how he offered me a job and what we talked about.
“wow.. I didn’t know Leo’s this nice” she said from the other line..
“neither do i, cause maybe after working for a month or two I can get my apartment” I said grinning from ear to ear, I heard Kirana sigh before saying,
“I don’t think leo just offered you that job to be just a ‘private chef’,”
“what do you mean?” I asked
“I think he gave you that job to be his talk buddy too” she replied,
“talk buddy?”
“like someone to talk to when he’s bored” Kirana explains
“well I don’t care, talk buddy, eat buddy, giggle buddy, sister! I don’t care as long as I’m getting paid..” I tell her and I could feel her smile through the phone.
“yeah, whatever.. Do anything you wish to do, anyway I have to go cause thing’s getting a little Busy in here” Kirana said and before I knew it we said our goodbyes..
I sighed happily, rolled over on my bed thinking about the job.. I heard the doorbell and paused, I stood up from my bed and hurried downstairs to open the door.

“Mason? What in the world, are you doing here?” I asked. Not kind of happy he’s here cause he says unreasonable thing’s sometimes, but he’s my friend anyway.
“I came to hang out with you” he breathed out.
“is your sister covering for you at work today again?” I asked and he nodded slightly.
“her boyfriend Smith, just broke up with her and she thinks working will take her mind off him for the main time”
“oh Raina’ must be so sad” I breathed out sympathetically
“of course she is, but most importantly, can I come in?” mason half yelled.
“oh sorry, I thought you were inside already” I apologized with a smile. Mason walked in and closed the door, he took of has Jacket and carefully threw it on the couch.
“this is not your house Mace, don’t carelessly throw your things on my cushions” I warned him and he smiled.
“don’t worry I’ll take it with me when I leave.” he said and placed his hand around my shoulder, as I walked upstairs to my room.
“let go of me” I tell him
“C’mon this is not the first time I’ll be doing this” he said and I just let him be and opened the door to my room and we both walked in.
“wow your room hadn’t change in a bit, since the last time I came here, your creepy teddy bear doll still sits beside your closet” he said and pointed to the doll, my dad bought for me at my eleventh birthday, it’s a bit old but I still likes it even if the fur body has been less furry and one of the button eyes is gone.
“DJ is not creepy” I defended my doll and regretted, cause I just sounded like a seven years old.
“wow! I can’t believe you named that doll and I still can’t believe you’re still keeping it, and I still can’t believe y–
“just shut up Mason, don’t believe anything, but please just shut up” I said and he raised his hand in the air surrenderlike
“sorry, sometimes I talk to much” he said “no kidding” I added and he sat down on my bed.
“so guess what?” I asked
“just guess,” I pushed.
“you and Richard got back together?” he stated and I gave him a brief glare.
“okay I’m sorry but you just have to tell me” I pondered
“I got a job” I said happily.
“wow! Really that’s good news, you can finally get your dream apartment” he said and I nod.
“and you won’t believe who I’m working for!” I said, happily.
“who?” he asked uninterested
“Leo” I tell him. And he gasped
“I’m working as he private chef” I Said.
“pirate what?” he asked confusingly
“it’s not pirate you dweeb, it’s private” I corrected and told him everything about the job without leaving a single detail out.
“wow!” he breathed out.
“Leo’s nice, but I don’t think you’re actually working, I just think that private chef is just a cover up” mason stated and I turned to him sitting on the bed slowly.
“what do you mean?” I asked
“he’s a guy, and I’m a guy, so I understand this situation better, he’s actually helping you. But in a way it doesn’t seem like helping but like it’s coming from your own effort, when he’s actually helping you” mason explained and I rolled my eyes
“okay, you’re just saying gibberish” I beckoned and he shrugged
“okay then, take it as gibberish” he tells me and we both became quiet, throwing glances at each other waiting for one another to bring up a topic so we can talk on that one..
But none of us came up with anything.
But alas mason said something.
“let’s play truth or dare” he said cheerfully.
“truth or what now?” I asked again.
“truth or dare” he repeated.
“no fucking way” I breathed out and he gasped.
“I can’t believe for the first time in forever you said an “eff” (f) word, my girl’s growing up so fast” mason said dramatically making me smack his shoulder playfully.
“C’mon it’ll be fun, I know you haven’t played it before but just give it a try ” Mason begged but I shook my head negatively and he kept pleading until I yelled..
“fine!!” and he smiled
“okay truth or dare?” he asked me
“truth” I replied and he rolled his eyes.
“uhm.. Okay, what do you think about Leo?” He said plainly ..
What does he mean by that!
“just tell me what you think about him, like what things and features you think you like about him” he added and I nod.
“firstly he’s nice. And well a little bit playful and he’s down to earth” I explained and Mason nods.
“okay now, the physical features, you like about him” mason said and I gasped, I don’t know where he’s heading to but. Whatever
“okay, well.. He’s handsome” I said honestly and Mason gave me a corny smile. “what?” I said aggressively,
“nothing keep going,” he smiled.
“okay well, he has scary eyes but it’s lovely at the same time but I like them , and I like his long hair too. he has great body features, actually” I explained and Mason nodded
“so you have a thing for him?” mason said and I huffed
“what thing, I just explained what I liked about him cause you told me to and now you’re saying I have a crush on him” I blurted out..
“I’m not saying you have a crush on him, I said you have a thing for him” mason said slowly and I glared at him. “It’s the same thing dog poop” I cursed and he giggled and apologized for assuming I have a crush on ‘Leo’
“okay it’s your turn” Mason breathed out and I sighed and tucked my hair behind my ear.
“okay truth or dare?” I said rapidly,
“dare!” he said in a deep and seriously tone.
“okay, I’ dare you…uhmm..
I scratched my head thinking of what to tell him, but nothing came into my mind. I’m bad at this game.
“I’m waiting”.. Mason said and peeped and at his “watch”less wrist..
“okay I dare you to promise me not to make Kirana angry again, or get on anyone’s nerve around me” I said and Mason’s face almost blew up.
“you’re the worst” he tells me.
“I know, now promise me!” I ordered and he sighed and gave in.
“okay fine, I promise not to get on anyone’s nerve Around you and Kirana” he said dryly and I smiled in return..
“you’re the worst partner in this game of truth or dare, remind me to warn everyone not to play this game with you, and anyway it’s my turn, so truth or dare?” mason said and as myself I picked truth.
“seriously, truth! Again” Mason yelled and I nodded and smile, “okay I forgot you’re Penelope,.. Well anyway.. Be truthful, what do you think about me!” he asked with a serious tone and face. And then I started
“well, firstly I think, you’re annoying, childish, too playful, says nonsense all the time and li–
“geez.. Pen isn’t there anything nice to say about me! You didn’t say anything like that when I asked you about Leo” mason interrupted and I cleared my throat and decided to say the true good things about him.
“okay.. I’m sorry, well what I think about you, well sincerely, you’re nice, giving, forgiving, you put others before you and you have a good sense of humor” I tell him and he smiled,
“wow! I didn’t know I had all that in me, now tell me what you think about my physical body features..” he said and I rolled my eyes.
This guy is crazy
“no way, what do you actually want me to think about your body features,” I half yelled .
“C’mon, but your told me what you liked about Leo” he complains and I sighed,
“that’s because he’s not here” I tell him.
“so you’re secretly crushing my on him behind his back” mason said dramatically and I shot him a glare, if looks could kill, he would have been dead by now.
“oops, I’m sorry, but please I just want to know more about me, coming from Somebody else” he said and I sighed and gave in.

“okay well, you’re handsome I like your eyes, it’s a perfect combination, of grey and blue and well you have beautiful hair it’s golden brown and well your smile, it’s kind of put someone at ease, you have a beautiful smile too” I tell Mason and he was kind of frozen staring at me..
“mason?..” I called and waved my hand in front of his face but it seems like he was lost in thoughts.
“mason!” I yelled and shook his shoulder. And he finally got a hold of himself
“sorry, I just.. You really see all that in me?” he asked and I nod. And he looked away slowly
“you’re the one who asked me to tell you what I think about your face features and now you’re the one acting weird!” I said still holding his shoulder.
“sorry, I got lost” he said and I rolled my eyes. And he still seemed lost
“I feel a little off.. I-i need to go.” mason said standing up.
“you are one weird man” I tell him and he smiled a bit before walking out of my room..
“remember to pick your jacket from the couch!” I yelled as he closed the door. “sure” he yelled back and I sighed and laid back on my bed.
I don’t know what’s wrong with him but I know it’s not something I should be worried about.
I got up from my bed and start to move about in my room not knowing what to do.. I have to pick an outfit for my job tomorrow, I thought and moved to my closet, when I got there I sighed and gave up cause seeing my clothes pile up in the closet made me cringe it’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone with my dressing so I better just let that go, tomorrow I’ll just wear anything my hands touch.
After spending some boring time alone in the house all by my self my mom finally came back from work, and I was glad I saw someone could talk to but our conversation wasn’t so good.. My mom didn’t sound like herself at all.

“honey, it’s time we talk about you” she said to me after watching a movie together.
“what about me?” I asked at tuned to her.
“isn’t it time for you to move on” she said with a frown.
“move on to where?” I asked in a playful tone.
“Penelope Loretta vandale, this is not a joke, I am being serious right now, when will you move on, I know Richard turned your world upside down, but you have to move on.. Hmhm.. Every girl has to get married someday, and I’ve prayed so hard for you to do that also with Richard but he messed up, but I want you to move on… Get a new life pen” my mom said and I glared at her.
“mom i have moved on, moving on doesn’t mean I have to date some random guy just because Richard left me you’re actually forcing me to go throw myself at a guy now, so we can just get married” I said angrily and my mom gasped.
“no I’m not saying you should throw yourself at any guy, I just want you to just try and make some new friends” my mom said.
“new friend? Or you mean new boyfriend” I stated and my mom sighed.
“alright fine! I want you to get married to any guy because, Mrs Grundy’s daughter is getting married next week.. And well everyone got all excited and asked me if you’re going to stay single forever or get married soon like Mrs Grundy’s daughter.” my mom said and I stood up angrily.
“mom that is her life, and this is mine, I get married to whoever I love and when it’s my turn to get married, I will, you can’t force me into marriage mom, it’s takes for just the two people to be just the opposite sex,.. You can’t compare me to Mrs Grundy’s daughter okay! And I don’t care if I get married at the age of fifty, cause that’s my life.. So please don’t force me into marriage” I yelled and walked upstairs angrily. I can’t believe my mom! But what.
I can’t blame her I’m her only daughter and she just wants the best for me, but she’s just going to far.
That night I slept.. Normal after setting my alarm.. I slept with No mixed emotions but still a bit angry with my mom.
The next morning I woke and quickly grabbed my phone to turn off the alarm, I stretched a bit before walking away from my bed and into the shower,
I picked a simple outfit, a simple jean trouser and a plain white shirt, I put on my white sneakers, grabbed my phone and shoved it into the purse,
I hurried down the bus to catch with the early morning bus, and luckily I got caught the bus.
Thankfully my memory is still fresh and young, I remembered the route to Leo’s house.. Correction mansion.. And I got there safetly, a strange man opened the gate for me and I walked in slowly, I moved to the door and knocked lightly, the door was thick and I doubted he heard me. As I was about to fist my hand and knock harder, I found a doorbell beside the door and internally laughed at my dumbness.. I pressed the door bell and waited a few seconds before I heard locks open behind the door and finally the huge door opened in front of me, revealing a sleepy Leo with only a short on and not a shirt on.
And wow. His body.. Is. ..
“oh you’re here, isn’t it too early?” he asked pushing his hair back.
“no it’s not early cause you Told me six in the morning is the perfect time” I tell him and he remembered immediately and sighed.
“okay, come in” he said and opened the door a little bit, making me walk in and squeeze myself not to touch his body, he closed the door behind us and sighed.
“so?” I tell him.
“Well it’s kind of too early for me to eat,” he said and I nodded uncomfortable, okay seriously he should put on a shirt,
“okay, then I’ll wait till you’re hungry” I tell him and he smiled, he took a step closer and his hair falls on his face. . “you can help yourself out with anything” he said, smiled and walked upstairs.
Help myself out with anything?
Is this a job or heaven.
T. B. C
By RUTHIE LEE.. I’ll continue with this same episode tomorrow, sorry it’s late.

Dangerous Romance Episode 17b & 18
Dangerous Romance Episode 15

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