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Dangerous Romance Episode 16&17
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I woke up the next morning with my head pounding like never before, the Sunlight from my window almost blinded my eyes, making me turn away quickly,
I turned to my side and found Kirana looking at me strangely.. I kept quiet when my head started hitting hard, I rubbed my forehead praying the pain should disappear when I do that but I was wrong it kept getting worst.
“stop that! It won’t take the pain away” Kirana said and removed my hand from my head
“what’s wrong with me?” I asked lowly
“you’re having what’s called a hangover”
“a hangover?” I asked
“yep an illness caused by drinking too much” she said and I gasped.
“wait. Last night did I drink at the club yesterday?” I asked not remembering anything but remembering I went to a club Kirana forced me too.
“you drank like never before, you couldn’t even walk but thankfully Leo was there, he carried you to his car and brought you home he even walked you to your room” Kirana explained and I sighed and closed my eyes.
“okay, well can you close the window?” I asked.
“no. The morning sun is perfect for everyone’s body, and here take this it’ll help” Kira said and slipped two unknown pills in my hand making me sit up.
“what’s this?” I asked as she handed me a glass of water.
“it’s hangovers medicine, now take them.” she said pushing my hand to my mouth .. I took the medicine and rested my back on the wall sighing softly.
“I will not go to a club with you ever again” I said and Kirana looked at me.
“look I’m sorry you’re like this, but it wasn’t my fault you’re the careless one” she said making me glare at her
“but still I’m sorry?” she said with an apologetic smile before giving me a hug but pulled away immediately.
“wow! You are burning hot” she said.
“tell me about it” I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes, but winced, okay I won’t roll my eyes until this stupid hungover or hangover whatever Kirana calls it is gone cause the stupid headache is affecting my eyes too.
“no I’m serious” Kirana said touching my neck but I pushed her hand away.
“I need to take a shower” I said standing up slowly.. “can you walk?” Kirana asked me like I’m some kind of cripple freak.
“I can dance” I replied Her and walked perfectly to the bathroom.
“take a cold shower” I heard her yelled from the room and I sighed, my headache was slipping away slowly and I was glad. I took of my clothes and got under the shower, I turned on the cold water like Kirana said and it felt good actually.
After taking my bath, I went back to my room and Kirana wasn’t there, since there was no surprise there, I changed into something comfortable, none other than a baggy sweatshirt and a jean shorts. I didn’t have the strength to dry my hair, so I just wrapped it in a towel and went downstairs to check if Kirana was there and like I expected, she was and also noticed an unexpected company.
“hey.. Mason what are you doing here?” I asked as I walked down the stairs carefully .
“oh I just came to hang out since my sister’s taking over my place at work today ” he replied and i nod..
“wow what’s that smell” I asked as I perseved a sweet smell.
“That’s chicken soup, I’m making it for you” Kirana replied with a smile.
“wow that’s the nicest thing you’ve done to me all year” I said sarcastically and she rolled her eyes.
“so… Penny, I heard you drank a lot last night in club zero-zix and you couldn’t even walk” mason said holding the urge to laugh.
“you heard? Or Kirana told you” I beckoned and he laughs.
“yeah she did.. Oh I wish I was there to see the drunk Penelope” he said and I rolled my eyes and thankfully it didn’t hurt this time cause my headache was gone.
“here!” Kirana said and handed me a small bowl of the chicken soup and a spoon.. I started to drink it and it was good.
“can I have some?” mason asked.
“no!” Kirana blasted
“it’s perfect for her hangover that’s why I made it for her” Kirana added and Mason sighed.
“oh this is so good..” I groaned,
“don’t rub it in my face” Mason said making me laugh a bit,
We all suddenly heard the doorbell and looked at each other and I sighed cause I was the one close to the door and I angrily dropped my soup.
I opened the door and found Leo standing outside my door.
“Leo?” I said surprisingly
“hi” he breathed out
“c-come c-c-come in” I stutter and he smiled and walked in, and I closed the door.
Why Is he here?
“Leo! My man. How you doing” mason yelled. Earning a glare from Kirana.
“never been better” Leo said and Kirana smiled and waved at him, making him wave back.
“what are you doing here?” I asked,
“oh.. Yeah.. Kirana forgot your purse in my car last night” Leo replied and shoved his hand in his pocket bringing my only expensive and fancy purse..
“oh my gosh, thanks” I said taking it from his hand.
“no problem, looks like you’re okay too, last night wasn’t so good for you” he stated and I grimaced. “yeah I heard, from the scale of one to ten how crazy did I get?” I asked
“just two,” he said with a shrugged
“oh.. That’s good to hear, anyway thanks” I said sincerely
“no problem I’ll take my leave now.” he said but Kirana stopped him.
“before you leave, how about a plate of chicken soup” she offered and Leo smiled
“why not”.
“oh so he get to tastes your soup, but I can’t” mason whined
“if you stop complaining I’ll give you two bowls” Kirana tells him and he quietly nod.
The four of us sat down quietly with only the sound of our air sulking out the soup from our spoon to inside our mouth could be heard. And it was extremely awkward.
“okay this is awkward” mason breathed out my thought and we all nodded at his statement.
“so any good news about the restaurant?” I asked,
“not really, Boris said he doesn’t feel like rebuilding it, so I don’t think the restaurant’s ever coming back” Leo replied
“well looks like you have to get a job sooner or later, or else you’ll just be like the girl who got heart broken with no job” Kirana said and I threw her a look. “I’m just saying” she added.
“well you’re right cause I do need a job, I’ll be renting my own apartment soon” I blurted out and everyone suddenly turned to me surprisingly.
“what?” I asked taking the last bite out of my soup and dropping my plate.
“you’re going to leave on your own?” mason asked
“yeah what’s wrong with that” I threw back the question.
“nothing..” he smiled, and turned back to his food and I know something’s up.
“okay if you want to say something, spill it!” I deadpanned and Mason flinched. “okay look you’re, young, innocent, cute and well.. Young and it’s kind of not your thing to leave alone” Manson said slowly and I huffed.
“seriously!! Kirana lives alone and I’m older than her” I yelled angrily,
“with seven months red hair” Kirana tells me but I rolled my eyes at her and turned to Mason, who’s still seeing as a girl, but not a lady.
“look Kirana’s like an elephant or let’s say a rhino, and you’re like a little lost puppy” Mason said with a smile, “that is not funny!” I warned, giving him a stern look.
“what he’s trying to say is.. It might be difficult for you to live on your own” Kirana blasted making me more angrier.
“you all see me as this weak girl who can’t do anything for herself, well you’re all wrong cause you haven’t seen the other side of me” I said, feeling brave for my bold speech.
“Penn. I’ve known you all your life and you have no other side” Kirana said and I sighed.
“you know what? I don’t care, whatever you all say won’t change my decision, I’m getting my own apartment sooner or later, whether you all like it or not” I tell them, Kirana just shrugged while Leo, I didn’t think he was listening cause he’s too busy enjoying his chicken soup. “or you can come live with me at my place for free no paying of rent, and you and I can share my bed” mason stupidity suggested and Kirana laughed.
“no thanks, I don’t want to wake up with your foot on my face, and I don’t want to do ‘your laundry” I said and he nods angrily as Kirana’s laughter increased.
“so Leo how’s the soup, looks like you’re really enjoying yourself” Kirana asked taking the plate from Mason cause he was done with his.
“yeah, you’re a really great cook” Leo tells Kirana
“thanks, learned everything I know from Pen” Kirana said, making Leo glance at me then back at his food.

“so Leo, ever planing of dating another girl aside from Penelope” Mason suddenly asked making everyone look back and forth between him and Leo including me.
“no I don’t” Leo plainly replied
“why?” Mason asked.
“dude? Have you ever fallen in love or dated a girl once?” Leo asked but mason shook his head negatively..
“well if you have you’ll know exactly how I feel” Leo said and Mason smiled. “it’s sad though” mason breathed out.. While Kirana rolled her eyes.
Soon enough they all left including Kirana, who promised to call everyday, just because I drank one stupid alcohol, she’s treating me like a sixteen years old lost teenager, I should be the one acting all tough and adult-y, I use to think having a cute young face was amazing, well I still think it’s amazing it’s just that people are not seeing me the way I want them to, the Lady in me..
I went back upstairs to room later that afternoon, and started looking at some old pictures and albums from highschool, college and few months ago, and Richard were in a lot of them and I as I looked some of the pictures and remembered the day, I just cried cause i missed it. But before I know it, I fell asleep.
I woke up to see myself on my bed, and a blanket over my body.. I heard voices from downstairs and I knew my parents were home, I got down from the bed and realised it was nighttime,my face felt strong and tight, and I remembered it was my tears from earlier.
After washing that off, and wiping it with a towel, I tucked my hair behind my ears and walked downstairs .

I told my mom i will begin a job hunt the next day and about having my own apartment here in Breek, she wasn’t so happy about it but sees that I’m a grown lady and I can live on my own, and that’s why she’s my mom. She told my dad about it and well since he’s a good man, he clearly said.
“I won’t make decisions for you sweetie, you make them yourself and I know you’re doing the right one, I’ll help you look for one if you like”.
I went to bed again that night but it seems like I wouldn’t get any sleep so I stayed up all night listening to one of my mom’s favorite oldies song. ‘she could be you’
And strangely it helped me fall asleep again.
The next morning, I woke up late as usual since there was no alarm waking me up again. I got dressed, ate and got ready for my job hunt which I thought it would be easy..
Well it wasn’t easy, after going here and there asking for different jobs from different restaurants to be a cook, cause I’m a cook. And its what am good at.. I don’t think I can do anything right aside from cooking.
Anyways after going here and there, I finally settled down in a coffee shop cause I couldn’t take the heat anymore, I needed something to drink so I could continue my hurtful job hunt journey.
Just as I placed my order on getting a coffee with extra foam, I heard my name and looked up to see Leo, smiling and sitting down opposite me.
“Leo! Hi” I said cheerfully
“wow, I thought after the fire outbreak in the restaurant we wouldn’t see each other so much, but I think the universe has it own way of working things out, we meet each with other like everywhere we go” he said happily.
“so, what are you doing here?” he asked calmly,
“remember when I mentioned about searching for a job yesterday?” I asked and he nods.
“yeah that’s what I’m doing, I’m on break now”
“well how is it going” he asked.
“not good at all, I’ve been to like fifteen restaurant, asking to be a cook but apparently none of needed more of cooks.. And gosh it’s tiring” I complained and sighed after it.
“wait! I do have a lot of companies, and I could get you a job there” he said with a smile.
“no thanks, I don’t do companies, cooking is my thing, it’s like I’ve got gifted hands for cooking and I love doing it” I said looking at my hands, and not knowing why..
“okay then how about you be my private chef” he said making me look up at him.
“private what?” I asked blinking rapidly.
“my private chef, like my own cook in my house” he replied,
“uhm.. How can I be your private chef when you don’t even stay at home, who’ll get to eat what I cook, rats?, so I’m passing this one” I said and he laughed.
“well, strangely and lately I’ve been staying home since the restaurant got burnt, and I learned that living without harmony is not bad as I thought” he explained and I smiled,
“good for you”
“so what?”
“will you still be my private chef?” he asked.
“how much will I be earning a month” I returned the question
“name your price and I’ll pay you” he said making me me smile. Okay this is a good start, I can start working and get my own apartment!! This is so nice..
“well Leo, you’ve got yourself a chef” I said and a waiter walked up to me and placed my coffee in front of me.
What took him so long.
“so deal?” Leo said bringing his hand forward.
“oh it’s a deal!” I said and shook his hand happily.

“so when do I start working?” I asked
“whenever you want” he replied
“how about tomorrow” I grimaced
“tomorrow’s perfect” he smiled
T. B. C
By RUTHIE LEE sry it’s late.

Dangerous Romance Episode 16&17
Dangerous Romance Episode 14

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