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“what? Moved on what are you talking about” Leo breathe out somehow he has manged to calm himself down and also prevented himself from freaking out and saying something stupid.
“don’t act dumb with me Leo, why don’t I have a word with her alone” harmony grimaced and we all stared at her confusingly.. Leo suddenly understood what she said by moving on quickly and he smiled.
“Pen and I are not dat–”
“oh come-on leo don’t lie to me..” she interrupted Leo and Leo rolled his eyes. “believe whatever you want” he said and gulped down his drink.
“so can I have a word with her?” harmony asked, referring to me
“a word with me?” I asked
“yeah is anything wrong with that” harmony replied and I shook my head negatively.
She suddenly looked back and forth between Kirana and Leo making them look at her bewilderingly.
“aren’t you two getting the message?” she said to them.
“what message” Kirana asked.
“I said I’d like to have a word with her alone and I mean without you two here” harmony stated and Kirana gave me a look and I nodded at her, making her walk away.. Harmony looked over her ex waiting for him to leave so she can ‘have a word with me’ I don’t know why she wants to talk to me.
Leo sighed angrily before standing up and walking away. Harmony quickly sat down on the stool Leo stood up from and smiled at me.
“so.. I’m harmony” she said, like I didn’t know that.
“I know” I breathed out, but doubted she heard me because of the blasting music the club was playing. “and you’re?” she asked,
“I’m Penelope” I said with a small smile.
“oh that’s why Leo called you pen, you both have a couple pet name already” she said and I didn’t know if I should laugh or not, she’s jealous.
I can feel it.
“you know Leo’s a really sweet guy, you’ll really like him, and don’t worry he’s rich and cause girls go after money a lot these days” she said and I sighed,
yep she’s the rude, disrespectful and annoying type .
“well I’m not like other girls, I don’t go after money” I defended myself, if she thinks I look like a gold digger then she should take a look at her self in the mirror. “oh well you totally should go after money cause it’ll change you a lot” she said with a smile and I almost lost it, she just insulted me!! She’s the type of person who likes to bring others down with a smile not actually letting them get the idea they’re been insulted but let them feel bad in some ways.
“did money change you too?, cause if it has then you still need a lot of money” I said and she suddenly laughed.
“wow Leo didn’t tell me he’s dating a comedian.. But don’t worry he’ll laugh at your jokes someday, he’s the type of person who hardly laugh at jokes, or make friends or even smile, but don’t worry he’ll actually do that someday” she beckoned
“you know for someone who broke up with him, you sure talk about him a lot” I said.
“really? I had no idea” she lied and I shrugged.
“well so I have to ask, why did you break up with him?” I asked and she suddenly paused but turned to the bartender and ordered a drink before turning to me.
“in life sometimes, you have to make choices” she replied and I wore a confused look.
“choices? What does that has to do with you breaking up with Leo” I said and she sighed and passed me the drink she ordered from the bartender. I didn’t want to drink anything so I didn’t take the drink from her.
“don’t worry I’m paying” she said with a twisted smile.
“I’m not declining because of the money, I just don’t feel like drinking anything.” I backfired but she didn’t let that slide until I took the drink from her hand making her order another one..
“dating Leo was one of the best things actually, but in every relationship there’s always a downfall” she said and chug down her glass of red wine.
Okay this girl is just saying gibberish, “no not every relationship has downfall unless you choose for it to have” I said boldly. “oh I stand corrected” she teased and laughed to herself.
“or maybe you were cheating on Leo and just for him not to find out, you broke up with him” I assumed and she suddenly paused and dropped down her glass.. Wait, did my assumptions actually got her, cause it’s true.
“for a girl who has such a quiet face, you actually kind of talk too much.” harmony said not looking at me.
“well that’s a compliment for me” I tell her and celebrated for talking by drinking the drink harmony got me.
And it tasted horrible, it was hot in my chest and sour in my tongue. “what’s this?” I asked harmony who was lost in thoughts but suddenly came back to reality when I asked her about the drink.
“it’s a non alcoholic drink” she said and I nod, wow this tastes horrible.. “i-i h-have to go” harmony said standing up..
“uh okay” I replied not understanding her sudden departure.
She was already walking away when I called her back making her turn swiftly making a perfect sexy hairflip.
“what?” she asked quickly
“if you’re not happy being away from Leo, then get back to him I have a feeling he’ll accept you back” I said but she threw another fake smile ..
“we’re both okay without each other, and just try to be a better girlfriend for him like me although no-one can be better for him than me but still you’ll try” she said in a weird Tone, she’s jealous..
“you sound jealous.” I tell her
“why would I be” she said nervously trying to hide the fact that she jealous.
“cause your breathing’s heavy, you talk a little bit too quickly, your face is a little bit red, and you’re trying to put me up in a competition with you of who’s better for Leo” I stated and she opened her mouth to say something but she couldn’t.

“well I am not jealous” she huffed.
“try telling yourself that. And PS.. Leo and I aren’t dating, we just got to know each other a few days ago” I said and she looked at me surprisingly before walking away.
I signed and turned to my drink in front of me and took a big sip, I squeezed my face suddenly remembering how awful this tastes. And yet I still took another sip,
“so finally she’s gone.” I heard Leo’s voice and my eyes followed him till he sat down back at the stool.
“yeah” i replied finishing my drink. I hate it but yet I love it, I told the bartender to fill my glass again with the same drink and he did.
“so I know it’s stupid that I’m asking this but did Harmony said anything about me.” Leo asked leaning closer to me
“you were our topic of the day” I replied and he smiled.
“I think Harmony really likes you, just about the way you do like her, I don’t know anything about her or why she broke up with you but she does misses you and is afraid to admit it. She thought we were dating and started to say hurtful things to me thinking I would be jealous like she is, ’cause of her idea of me and you being together, but I just told her to go back to you if she really loves and misses you and I told her we’re not dating” I tell Leo and he smiled.
“thanks” he said
“for what?”
“for being really nice”
“nice Is my middle name” I said and he laughed. I raised my glass of who knows whatever is inside there and swallowed the whole thing within a blink of an eye and it hurt and hot my chest but it was worth it.
“gimme another one” I smiled at the bartender
“you sure?” the bartender asked and I nod, and I turned and smiled at Leo.. After taking four more glasses my body becomes hot. “wow it’s hot in here” I said fanning my self with my hand.
“hot? The temperature in here is pretty fine” Leo said and I shrugged.. “gosh I feel sleepy” I complained and looked around to see if I could see Kirana anywhere but my vision was kind of blurry so I just stopped looking. “I want another drink,” I tell the bartender but he shook his head negatively.
“I’m sorry miss but I’m afraid I can’t give you more, it’s liquor and it’s kind of dangerous” the bartender said. “what? Are you crazy or what? I’ve seen dangerous and nothing’s dangerous to me, so pour me bigger glass” I said and moved my glass forward but Leo snatched it from my hand,
“you seem kind of drunk” he said. And sniffed my cup drinking the last drop of the liquor inside the cup.
“hey I was gonna drink that.” I said angrily.
“do you even know what you’ve been drinking?” he asked looking back and forth between me and the glass cup.
“well it’s liquor I guess” I said like I had any idea of what I just drank.
“this is brennivΓ­n, an alcoholic drink made in Iceland, it’s similar to vodka, and you’re asking for more do you know what that could do to you?” he asked and I rolled my eyes.
“what can it do to me” I asked like it can’t actually do anything to me. I suddenly stood up proudly but unfortunately my legs became weak and I fell on Leo’s body, “see?” he said and held me tightly preventing me from falling.
“I need to call Kirana” he said sliding his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone, I rest my head on his chest and held him tightly so I wouldn’t fall down cause I feel like so weak right now.
Leo started talking to maybe Kirana on the phone but I couldn’t understand what he was saying or even listening cause I was too busy trying to sober up from my emotions which were mixed with the club’s blasting music and the alcohol inside of me.
I think I’m gonna throw up any minute from now.

“okay you told me there’s an emergency and I see you hugging my bestfriend, you could have told me you were enjoying yourself instead of ruining my enjoyment” I heard Kirana’s Voice said.
“stop babbling she’s drunk” Leo said and I turned swiftly so I could hug Kirana, and I did and we both stumbled almost crashing to the ground.
“oh, god Penelope how can you be so careless and get this drunk” Kirana said holding me..
I wanted to talk but all I could do was cover my mouth lazily with my hand cause it feels like I’m about to throw up.
“if you accidentally throw up on me. I will not only behead you, I will ruin all your clothes and your dead body will be my laundry lady for a whole year” Kirana threatened and I giggled.
“come-on let me have her, I brought my car” I heard Leo’s voice said and before I knew it I was lifted up the ground. A strong arm was placed around my neck and another strong arm was placed at the back of my knee, I think I’m being carried in the bridal position.
Everything suddenly happened so fast and before I knew it, I was climbing the stairs to my room with the aid of Leo who held me and Kirana who held my shoes.
I got to my room and the first thing I did was ran into the bathroom to throw up.

I threw up like six in a role that night before taking tea which Kirana made for me and it stopped a bit. I heard Kirana’ thanking Leo before he left
I changed Into my pajamas, thanks to Kirana and managed to climb the bed before taking a ride to sleep town.
T. B. C
I could have made it longer, but I’m not in a good mood..

Dangerous Romance Episode 15
Dangerous Romance Episode 13

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