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I walked up to Richard and he wore a stern face.. His chestnut eyes were piercing right through mine but I didn’t have the time to drool over them.
“what do you want?” I asked with a serious face.
“I want to talk with you” he replied and I sighed and folded my arms.
“okay then. Start talking”
“okay.. I know this sound cliche but I’m sorry” he said and I sighed and folded my arm
“okay…” I said and he paused.
“okay? That’s it.. I said am sorry and you just replied me with an ‘okay” he said with a befuddled look.
“what else do you want me to say, what else do you want from me…” I asked
“I don’t know yell at me.. Curse me.
“I don’t yell Richard, not today or tomorrow or anyday, look, if sorry is what you say then I forgive you” I said and he paused.
“you do?” he asked lowly..
“yes, I forgive you” I replied lowly and calmly and he remained quiet.
“so is there anything else you’d like say, the sun’s burning me” I said and he nods..
“okay spit it out.”
“let’s get back toget–
“oh my goodness.” I interrupted him and laughed.
I totally expect that.
“you’re joking right?” I said still smiling but with a confused look he shook his head negatively.
“no Richard, you are joking cause I can never have a relationship with you again. How can you think I will when you ruined me.. Don’t get me started on telling you what you did.” I said pointing out my index finger at him.
“please Penelope I love you, you do too” he said with a shaky voice. I do love him.
“no way, my love for you was gone, crumbled, smashed when you told me that non-sense words on our wedding day” I yelled and he flinched. I don’t yell too much but he got me yelling and this is not going to end well.
“but It was wrong of me to do that and I was scared of getting married, cause I was afraid to loose you.”
“loose me? You can’t loose me I loved you,”
“everyone around me who was getting married, were getting divorced and I was scared that would happen to us too but I couldn’t tell you because you were so Happy about the wedding” Richard explained and I breathe in heavily so I wouldn’t cry and it worked.
“you could have told me before our wedding day, you had your chance but you let it go, and we could have talked things out Richard, why are you so stupid” I said, my body boiling and it feels like I’m gonna explode
“I know and I’m sorry..but please pen.. I’m asking for a second chance..” he said pitifully and I rolled my eyes
“you should hear your self Richard, you sound pathetic. In this life there are no second chances,” I stated clearly.. “there are no second chances for others, but it’s your choice to make for us we, you can make that happen” Richard blurted and I sighed angrily
“us? Richard Wayne, there might have been an ‘us’ two or three weeks ago but now there is no us. There will never be an us..” I seethe, I seriously fought with my tears and had to end this before I cry. I can’t accept Richard again.. I can’t.. I love him but what he did was beyond repair.
His eyes suddenly became glossy and I smirked. He thinks I’m gonna get back to him when he cries?.
“l-i-.. Pen.. Are you saying the four years we’ve spent together will just go in vain?” he asked his voice becoming very low..
“don’t you dare say that, like it was my fault.. And yes it will all go in vain cause you choose to have it that way.” I tell him and he bent his head down before slowly raising them up.
“I’m sorry pen” he breathed out.
“you don’t have to apologize anymore, I already forgave you, and that’s enough for me to give to you, if you’re asking for more I’m afraid you won’t get it, so just accept me forgiving you than forcing some things that can never happen and let’s just be two people who happened to know each other somehow” I said calmly and a tear dropped from his making me look away..
“I wish could get back again Richard, but we can’t, not in this century or the next one.. I cannot be broken twice” I said, turned and started to walk away but his voice stopped me.

“Pen. Do you still love me?”
I paused hearing that and I sighed taking all the air I could get and I slowly Turned
“no.” I lied. plainly and he nods and sniffed.
“okay.. Just so you know I don’t regret the four years we’ve both spent together, it was the best time of my life” he tells and my started to get clogged from holding up my tears.
“well you shouldn’t regret it cause you’re not going to witness anything like that again.” I said and finally walked into my house, my legs became weak when I got in and immediately I fell to the ground and tears poured out like never before.
I still love Richard, and I don’t regret the four years we spent together but something’s are not meant to stay the way they are..
The door suddenly opened and Mason walked in.
I looked at him and looked away crying every more.
He gently closed the door and walked up to me…
“you left your purse in my car” he said and dropped my purse gently beside me on the concrete floor.
He sat down on the floor with me and I turned to him.
“what are you doing” I asked in my shaky crying voice.
“I don’t know.. Keeping you company?, cause I’ll actually be a jerk if I happen to leave.” he replied .. I became quiet and let my tears flow like never before, I at least I’m crying in front of Mason, not in front of Richard, I stood my ground so he wouldn’t think I’m still the soft Penelope he knows. And I am still the soft Penelope he knows but I can’t let him see that.
“I heard the whole conversation you and Richard had” Mason said through my silent cries.
“please you can talk about it anyday but not today” I cried and he nods… I cleaned my tears and sniffed.. “uhhhh… This is so uncomfortable” I blurted loudly so my cracking crying voice would clear from my throat.
“what is? Me sitting here and watch you cry or–
“I’m not uncomfortable around you” I interrupted Mason.
“and you’ve seen me cry a lot, so it’s not something that makes me uncomfortable.. Sitting here on the floor with this tight jeans on is making me uncomfortable” I said and he laughed. “so stand up” he said and stood up before helping me get up.
“thanks” I said and breathed out a sigh of relief.. “so I should get going, now that it seems that you’re okay”
“oh.. Yeah.. Okay, thanks anyway” I smiled at him. And I pulled him in a hug, he smiled at me before walking out making me sigh.. Again.

I went upstairs to my room and stripped my clothes off my body before walking into my bathroom.. I walked into the bathtub and turned the faucet beside me, making the shower above me pour out warm water,
I stayed like that for an hour, my hair to my face, my hands hugging my knees and my face buried inbetween my hands. I was lost in thought and didn’t make a move until the warm water turned cold. I let the cold water beat my body and making me shiver but I still didn’t make a move to get up and if I should here like this with the cold water hiting me, I could catch a cold.
And I did stayed like that, till I hear the door downstairs open and I know it was my mom, I got out of the tub and wrapped a towel around my body and on my hair, I change into my pajamas and dried my hair before going downstairs.
My mom and I ordered deep fried turkey and ham because non of us had the straight to cook, and I told my mom about the fire today in the restaurant.. After dinner I kissed my mom goodbye before going up to my room and there I drifted to sleep.
The next day, I woke with the sun shining on my face and it wasn’t a good thing cause your eyes will feel like exploding.. I heard a familiar voice and I cleaned my eyes to see Kirana sitting beside me. And I sat up
“finally princess Penelope has finally woken up” she said and rolled her eyes
“do you know what time is it? It’s two in the afternoon” she said making my head turn to my wall clock.
Great. I slept too much.. But it’s not a bad thing though since I don’t have any place of work to go I might as well have another round.
“what are you doing here?” I asked, my voice was horsey so I coughed to let it get cleared up.
“I heard about the restaurant and came here to check if you’re okay?” she said and I sighed.
“don’t remind me..” I groaned and fell back on the bed causing my body to bounce and I liked that.
“I heard everything from Mason and also about –Richard..” she said the last part hesitantly but I just sighed.
“look I don’t want to talk about that”
“who said I was going to talk about old news like Richard, I’m here to cheer you up and I have the perfect thing for that”
“if it’s about the restaurant, food, or a Prince Charming to Marry me and take me to his castle then you’re free to cheer me up, but if it’s neither of those things, I assure you leave cause nothing is going to cheer me up” I beckoned.
“oh shut up pretty face. There’s a new club downtown and they’re having a pretty great opening night today.” Kirana said and bit her lips making me sit up straight.
“Kira.. Kirana.. Ira… Rana..Which ever one your name is.. Cause your mom calls you all when she’s pissed and I’m pissed too.. How the hell do you think going to a ‘new club’ club zero-zix downtown is going to cheer me up, you know me I don’t do clubs and I’ve never been to a club before” I half yelled.
“okay maybe it’s not to cheer you up, but it’s a new club and I really wanna go but I just need someone to go with me.. So will you be my someone?” she asked with pleading eyes and I folded my arms and looked away..
“please!.. Pen..” she said and suddenly hugged me.
“what the hell. Let go of me” I said cause she’s hugging me too tightly and will squish my bones any minute from now.
“not until you agree to go club zero-zix, with me” she said.
“okay fine. I’ll go just let me go you’re hurting me” I barked and she giggled and let’s go of me.
“great..” she squeaked making me roll my eyes. I walked out of the bed and went to bathroom to brush and take my bath, after that I wrapped a towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom and entered my room cleaning my hair, and Kirana suddenly gave me a look..
“what?” I asked
“you’re getting Skinner than ever” she said and I rolled my eyes and walked into my closet to get changed..
Time skipped// #fast_forward
Finally, for Kirana who suddenly said “finally” when she looked at the time..
“finally what?” I asked, as I gulped down a glass of milk I poured myself.
“it’s 7:30pm we have to get ready for club zero-zix..” she said and I groaned, I almost forgot about that stupid club we’re attending tonight.
“come-on, don’t bail on me at the last minute and get dressed” Kirana said excitedly and I rolled my eyes and dropped my glass of milk.
“I don’t have anything to wear” I mumbled to myself and opened the door to my closet, I shook my head negatively and started to throw my clothes from side to side looking for a better outfit for club zero zero or whatever Kirana called it.
“how do I look” Kirana suddenly said making me turn.
“wow!” I breathed out with a smile.
“you look amazing Kira” I said as I admired her rose flowered dress that hugged her body so well bringing out every hidden curves. “what are you wearing, picked an outfit yet?” she asked and I nod. Bringing out a blue jean trouser and a plain blue shirt.
“sometimes, I’m ashamed I’m friends with you” Kirana said and snatched the clothes from my hands and throwing it on the floor..
“you’re crazy” I tell her.
“and you’re crazier. I know you’d totally wear something ridiculous so I got it all planned and got you this” she said and threw an elastic dress at me..
“put it on.. Its better to look sexy than to look like the daughter of a hunter” Kirana tells me making me glare at her a bit before changing into the dress. I pulled the hem of the tight dress to cover my thigh but it was too short.
“can’t this dress go any further” I said angrily pulling the dress.
“no it can’t” Kirana said angrily.
We got ready about, I didn’t do any makeup like Kirana and she forced me but still I didn’t..
We both took a taxi to club zero zero which wasn’t so far from my house, apparently Kirana said as clubbers, we can’t wall to clubs..
It was already nighttime and the light from inside the club house was shining outside making a wave of nauseousness hit me and making me breathe rapidly.
We walked in the club and It was worse, it was like I was trapped in my own nightmares, girls were wearing similar dresses like Kirana and I.
We both went to the barman first thing cause Kirana said she was thirsty and she ordered for a non alcoholic drink.. After drinking she told me to wait there for her that she suddenly saw someone she knew.
Me being extremely irritated by this place and also tired, I sat down on one of the stool and waited patiently for Kirana.
“Pen?” I suddenly heard my name behind me and turned.
“Leo!” I exclaimed surprisingly
“what are you doing here?” we asked at the same time and he laughed and so did.
“one of my good friend owns this place and he invited me for the opening night” he said and I nod. He sure has a lot of friends.
“what are you doing here?” he asked
“magically I just found myself here because of Kirana” I replied.
“you don’t like club parties?” he asked.. “never been to one and never liked one” I said and he shrugged and turned to the barman to order for a drink.
“pen.” I heard Kirana’s voice behind me making me turn, okay my neck really hurts because of turning lately.
A girl was standing behind Kirana, she looked familiar but I couldn’t tell because of the club stupid flashy lights.. But she’s the same height as me, I think, red hair, skinny like me. I’m pretty sure we’ll weigh the same.
Wait. Isn’t she?..
“this is harmony.” Kirana suddenly said. “oh Leo I didn’t know you were here” Kirana added after seeing Leo and feeling guilty for bringing harmony here.
“hi” harmony smiled at me
“hey” I smiled back, Leo suddenly turned and they made eye contact. Which made him almost spit out his drink.
“hey Leo” she said sweetly, her voice calm but thick.
“H-harmony what?.. I mean how.. Hi.. I mean hi” Leo stuttered, oh goodness he’s freaking out.
“wow I’ve seen you’ve moved on pretty fast” harmony said to Leo but smiled fakely at me.. Moved on pretty fast,?
Wait.. Is she saying we’re dating?
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Dangerous Romance Episode 14
Dangerous romance episode 12

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