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I woke up with my visions all blurry but suddenly it was clear.. I turned to my side to see Mason beside me.. I realised I was lying on what seems like an hospital bed and an intravenous drip was connected to my hand.
No doubt I’m in a hospital..
“what happened?” I asked slowly, pushing myself up to sit.
“careful” mason said and I wiped his hand away as he tried to hold me and help me up.
“I don’t need to be careful, I’m fine, what going on, why am I here?” I asked lowly but very fast.
“you’re here because of the fire that happened in the restaurant where you work and too much smoke got in your lungs you passed out.” he replied and I sighed.
Right the fire, Randee is just so.. Ugh I don’t even know what to say about her.
“so what happened?” I asked mason.
“what?” he asked back.
“aside from me did anyone else got hurt” I say it properly and he understood and shook his head negatively.
“well actually I don’t know, cause I only came here when one of the nurses called saying I’m the last person you called and she told me how you ended up in the hospital making come here as fast as possible” mason explained and I nod.
“well I need to get out of here, I want to know if everyone’s okay” I said trying to get down from the bed but he pushed both of my shoulders back and Gave me a look
“you seem fine, you look fine and you are fine, but you need to let the doctors come discharge you before you leave” he beckoned and I huffed and laid back on the bed.
“when are they going to discharge me?” I asked lowly.
“next month” he replied and my eyes widen at him.
“next month!!” I yelled and he laughed a bit. “no I was just kidding.. That was a joke you were suppose to laugh” mason comprehended but I just rolled my eyes at him.
“your jokes don’t get me laughing” I said and he shrugged.

We both stayed quiet without saying anything and that got me worried and really stressed out, is everyone okay?.. I asked my self and breathe in and out slowly until a nurse walked up to my bed and I quickly got up and sat down properly.
The nurse removed the drip connected to my hand and I couldn’t be more glad.
“miss Penelope vandale, you are lucky this wasn’t serious, don’t worry you didn’t take much smoke in your body.. And we’re not prescribing medicines for you anymore so you’re good to go” the nurse said and I smiled.
“okay thanks”.
After clearing everything with the hospital, I got into Mason’s car with him and told him to take me back to the restaurant so I could see how everyone is.. He refused but I kept pleading and he agreed, and drove me there..
We went back to the restaurant and I almost cried when I saw half of the restaurant burnt, there was a group of firemen still walking around with hoses when the fire’s already quenched. The place was filled with people and it was hard finding the people I know..
Luckily I saw Maxwell being treated by two nurses without their uniform in front of him.
“Maxwell.” I called as I got close to him and gasped heavily when I saw his wrist got a little burnt
“oh pen, you’re here! And you’re okay.. That’s nice” he said almost happily.
“and you’re hurt” I said sympathetically
“don’t worry, it’s not as painful as it seems” he said and I know he’s lying he’s trying to endure the pain when he can’t. “but how did you get burnt” I asked with my voice shaking real bad.
“you need to give him some breathing space please, let him get treated first” one of the nurses said and I nod slowly and backed away. “maybe I’ll tell you’ everything later” Maxwell said and I nod before walking away with Mason, I tried to get into the restaurant but three huge police wouldn’t let me in so I just back off and when I turned to my side, I saw Randee sitting down on what seemed like a rock but wasn’t and I didn’t what it was. I was about to walk up to her and give her a piece of my mind when Janet suddenly did that.
“look at the mess you made” Janet said to Randee gesturing her hand in the dramatically.
Randee ignored her like she wasn’t there but Janet continued anyway.
“you made the restaurant got burnt, Maxwell hurt and you made all of us loose our job and you also made Penelope passed out”
Randee rolled her eyes and stood up, but Janet stepped in her way as she tried to walk away.
“I am talking to you Randee and you’re going to listen to me.. People like you don’t learn from their mistakes and that’s pretty stupid.. That’s dumb and that’s self foolishness, you always think you’re right when you’re hundred percent wrong, you think everyone’s bossing you around when everyone’s actually telling you the right thing, you’re afraid to let people control you when you’re not in control of yourself, and I’ve had with you seriously, you make me sick.” Janet yelled bitterly and Randee turned to her.
“look don’t go all Judge Judy on me.. Like I caused the accident alone. Some part of it were Penelope’s fault too” Randee lied, she’s seriously accusing me behind my back, not knowing I’m listening to their conversation.
“no fucking way, even though I wasn’t in there when it happened, I know Penelope can never be careless.. Ever if millions of people hand me billions of cash for to admit Penelope did it.. I wouldn’t take that money cause I know Penelope can never be careless like you” Janet stated and all I could think of was wow.
I never knew she could stand up to me like that. Randee didn’t know what to say or do anymore so she angrily walked away.
Janet pushed her blonde hair back, sighed and turned to See Me staring at her.
“pen!” she exclaimed happily walking up to me.
“you’re okay” she said and I gave her a smile and nods.
“that Randee is just so annoying I was talking to her seconds ago and she wouldn’t even look at me or even listen” Janet said angrily.
“Jennie just let her be, we don’t need to ruin our voices just because of girls like that” I said and Janet smiled and nod.
“you’re right.” she said with a sigh of relief. “anyway I have to go check on Maxwell, everything just happens so fast and I didn’t know where I was..” Janet complained
“and we didn’t just loose the restaurant, we lost our jobs too” Janet added before walking away making me sigh bitterly.
I turned to my sides but I couldn’t find Mason, and suddenly I saw Leo coning out from the restaurant which I couldn’t get in minutes ago.
“Leo!” I called and his head turned to my direction immediately.. Okay this is the first time I’ll be calling him. His name actually. For him to hear,
“Pen.. What are you doing here?” he asked as he walked up to me
“I thought you were at a hospital,” he added. “I was but not anymore, I’ve been discharged and I came here to see if everything’s okay with everyone” I said and he nods.
“well.. It’s a good thing nobody got hurt, well.. aside from you and Maxwell.” he said and I nod agreeing with him.. “what about the restaurant” I asked lowly.
“half of it got burnt” he replied.
“well is it fixable” I asked like I’m gonna fix it myself, I just wish Randee had listened then all this wouldn’t have happened.. This restaurant can take months to be completely fixed and aside from being with Richard and my parents, this restaurant has been part of my life too.
“of course it can be fixed, but it’s up to Boris if he wants it fixed or not I called him minutes ago and told his about the incident” Leo replied and I nod and sighed sadly. Suddenly I was zoned out, thinking of the time I’ve spend in the restaurant and how much Iove it.
“Pen?.. Why are you crying” Leo suddenly asked.
“I don’t know it just seemed like some part of me were burned to, I mean I kind of grew up in this place, I spent three years here and now it’s all gone. And I’m sorry if I’m embarrassing you by crying but I’m sorry I just can’t help it.” I cried covering my face with my palm.
“you’re not embarrassing me, I know how you feel, even though it hasn’t been too long since I started hanging out here, I did have fun while being here and seeing it burnt now feels like something in me got burnt too, so I understand how you totally feel and sometimes you just have to let your tears out than for it to be build an ocean inside of you and make you go crazy, so it’s totally okay for you to cry” Leo advice and I cleaned my tears. “thanks” I breathed out and sniffed.
“I didn’t know you give pretty good advice” I said and mean it, still cleaning my tears properly
“I’m bad at advice, but I actually learned that from my ex” he said and I know he’s talking about his Harmony. and suddenly I feel bad for him
“sorry… You must have loved her a lot” I said sympathetically..
“yeah I did.. But the past is in the past, even though I can’t get over her.. I still have to move on cause she’s not here anymore” he breathed out.
“and you have to too” he added which made me glance at him. He’s talking about Richard, and he’s right.
“I know” I breathed old, doubting he heard me..
Look at me talking about ex’s and stuff with the least person I’ll ever think of, Leo.. But he’s not so bad.. He’s actually a great listener and his communicating skills isn’t so bad either. Maybe I’ve judged him to much.
“we’re both similar.. Like I said before, so people like us needs to take a step forward but not too quickly.” Leo adviced and I nodded again agreeing with him. He is so right.
“you know I’ve always judged you the wrong way because of the way, you look , your dressing, I assumed you for a serial killer and/or a high criminal.. And I’m sorry” I said truthfully and he nods with a small laugh.
“okay sometimes, don’t be too honest and it’s okay.. I do look like serial killer” he said still smiling. “thanks..” I muttered.
“for what?” he asked.
“you actually kind of made me felt a little bit okay with what’s happening” I replied not looking at him. And he smiled
“yeah, what are friends for?” he said..
Yeah, friends.
I think we are friends now..
Maxwell came up to us, his hand wrapped up with a clean bandage.. And he started.
“hey Leo… Boris just called me and he said he’ll talk about the restaurant when he comes back”
“okay.. So it’ll be on lockdown foe now” Leo said and Maxwell nodded. I don’t know why Leo handed his restaurant to Boris, and now he can’t fix it cause he has to get Boris approval..
“and Pen, I think you all should go home, I’m going to send you all the payment you’ve worked half of the month.. And Randee is so going to regret her mistakes cause the restaurant holds a lot of good memories” Maxwell said making me sigh.
“so I guess this is goodbye.. No more coming to work and hearing your horrible jokes” I teased..but in sad way and he laughed as we shared a brief hug again.
“don’t worry Breek is a small town pen, we’ll totally each other again and you know my address, you can come visit me if you miss me” he said and I rolled my yes with a smile.
“no thanks.”
“anyway bye” I said and turned to Leo and waved a little bit before walking away, trying not to cry, If there’s no Eatees restaurant or Richard what am I going to do with my life. I looked at the restaurant one more time before walking up to mason, who didn’t hesitate to walk back to his car with me and drive me home.

We both remained quiet as he drove me home and I was glad he didn’t say a word cause I wasn’t in the mood for talking.
Finally he got to my house, and suddenly someone stood in front of the car and when looked properly, it was Richard. And he was staring at me.
Kill me.
“so should I keep driving or..
“no.” I interrupted Mason.
“he wants us to talk. And I’ll give it to him” I said, opened the car door and walked out of the car.. Today isn’t so great for me but there’s one thing I’ve learned from a friend today, and that ‘thing’ Is moving on and putting the past behind me. And that friend is Leo, and Richard it’s time to have a taste of your own coffee.
T. B. C

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