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After a little bit of chit chat and playing of different games in Leo’s house we decided to leave.. Cause it was getting late..
I put on my sandals, careful not to touch my injury and after that, I grabbed my bag and stood up. “I’m good to go” I said and smiled at Kirana who didn’t make any attempt to stand up cause she seriously loves this place.
“yes we do!” mason said and pulled her up from the couch..
“let go of me streetwall” Kirana insulted and I sighed.
“Kira, just let the boy drag out of here we need to leave and it’s getting late” I said and she huffed and stood properly.. “fine let’s go” she said and pulled her hand from Mason’s grip..
“Leo don’t worry, we’ll be back again soon” Kirana said and Leo laughed “sure”
We all start to head out and Kirana kept sighing.. “bye Leo” she said to him with a smile.
“bye” Mason just said and they both nodded at each other. Boys..
I waved to him and he smiles in return.. “bye” he breathed out and we all walked out of his beautiful.. So beautiful house.
After, Kirana, mason and pen left, I sighed very loudly and sat down on my couch and stared at the TV, I hate being alone. .. Harmony kind of ruined me.. Before I was a this lonely and always angry boy who hates other people presence.. But all that changed when I met harmony.. I met her three years ago in a subway where I accidently bumped into her. She forced me to apologize which I didn’t want to and she started throwing curses at me and dragging other people’s attention in the subway, embarrassing me like crazy.. But I later apologized angrily after hearing rude comments from the people around us. After that day coincidentally we met again and well.. Let me just say, that’s all we both started and I really love her.. But one day she just decided she didn’t want me anymore and I didn’t know what I did wrong..
Was it me? Or her?.. I asked myself everyday and I couldn’t believe myself, that one day I actually almost cried… Almost but me being the strong leo I am.. I didn’t but I guess no matter how strong we think we all are when it comes to love.. We’re just right under it, it’s makes us weak. And in life after every sweet hi.. There’s still a bitter sweet bye…
After ending things with harmony I decided to make new friends cause being alone would just make me sick, ’cause she’s not here with me and all I can just do it miss her which the most hurtful aspect of love.. Missing someone you know you can’t ever get back..
I kind of ran away from home cause it’s reminds me of harmony everyday and hang out in the restaurant I handed to one of my business partner, Boris and through Boris I get to know Maxwell, I hang out with them everyday until Boris went out of the country until it was just me, Maxwell and my other friends Pete and Liam or would I call them business partner cause all we do is talk about business when we’re together..
And well why hanging out in the restaurant everyday, I get to meet Penelope, while she was throwing out trash bags in the night and I had to use her to lie to a cop cause Liam stupidly Broke into an old lady’s car just because he thought he saw a snake and he wanted to help .. But sadly two cops who were standing there thought we were robbing the car and we suddenly had a run for it, Liam and Pete hid somewhere while I used Penelope as my alibi.
That night was crazy we talked and talked about it over and over the next day in the restaurant. And then I found Penelope okay, she looked pretty in daylight cause well, I didn’t get a god look at her last night. She suddenly reminds me of harmony, her everything, the same hair the same height, the same body features but different attitudes. Harmony Is more like a savage bitch who is so rude and don’t care what people thinks about her and that’s why I love her.. while Penelope is more like this nice girl, who loves everyone around her, who doesn’t seem to care about the present or future but the past and who gets intimidated easily.. She’s got a cute fierce face but she’s so fragile.. Me making friend with her is just that she’ reminds me of harmony but nothing else, but it seems like she doesn’t like being around me.. But she acted really okay today cause Kirana and Mason were here with her,
Well I guess making friends isn’t that bad cause I sure had a lot of fun today with Kirana, pen and Mason and now that they’re gone I don’t think I want to stay here anymore. Cause the sound of loneliness is calling.. I breathed in heavily and stood up.. I walked to my room upstairs, and seriously it’s been ages since I slept in my room. Cause you know it had always been harmony and I,
God I miss her so much, like Ariana’ said, ‘who ever said money can’t solve your problems, must not have had enough money to solve ’em.. But she’s wrong, I have like enough money… I don’t have any problem cause money solved them all But still I’m not happy, cause I don’t have harmony and money can’t solve that .
I got on my bed and sighed heavily and before I knew it, I fell asleep…
It was Friday, I woke up and looked at my alarm, surprised that it didn’t wake me up, I sighed and got out of bed and did my morning routine.
Yesterday was fun, I guess.. Hanging out in Leo’s house with Kirana and Mason wasn’t so bad as I expected.
I put a pair of Blue Jeans covered in white dots and a white T-shirt, before putting on a while sneaker. I am so not wearing sandals today.. I rushed breakfast which I made by myself and the bread I toasted tasted like burnt trees but I didn’t care..i ate it anyways..
I got to work and as usual met Maxwell by the counter and greeted him with a smile, suddenly remembering he kissed my best friend yesterday, I flushed that out of my head cause it’s none of my business..
I got into the kitchen and met Jimmy and Randee cooking already, actually Jimmy was the one cooking while Randee was busy with her phone.
Janet, the waiter who has suddenly recovered from her illness walked in the kitchen.. “guys a whole table just ordered for macaroni and meatballs, and you guys still haven’t prepare that” Janet complained.
“just give us five more minutes and we’ll be the done in no time” Jimmy said calmly to her.
“we? Seems like you’re the only one working.. Pen just got here and Randee who’s been here since is busy with her phone” Janet said angrily.
“who said I haven’t done anything!” Randee said angrily.
“I did, I don’t know who the hell you’re chatting with but the customers are starving and you need to drop that goddamned phone sometimes” Janet yelled and it’s not good to get on her bad side.. She’s a hot tempered girl.
“look blondie, why don’t just shut up and get out of here, waiting tables, is your job not yelling at me.. You got that barbie?” Randee reprimanded and Janet gave her one last glare before walking out of the kitchen.
“whoa” Jimmy breathed out,
“that was little harsh, you know she hated being called Barbie” I tell Randee.. “that’s why I called her that, she’s just so bossy and I hate her for that”.
“but seriously you spend too much time with your phone” I beckoned.
“oh so you’re going to be Janet the second now” Randee said angrily and I rolled my eyes and looked away.

The three of us started working, and still Randee looks boil this and turned to her phone, chopped this and turned to her phone and it was just getting out of hand.
“Randee, have you put the vegetable oil on fire” Jimmy asked.
“yeah” she said her attention turned to her phone.
Jimmy and I shared a worried look before turning to what we were preparing..

“pass me the ice-blocks” Jimmy said to Randee, who completed didn’t hear what he was saying or who chose to ignore..
“Randee?!!” I called this time louder than Jimmy’s so she can hear me..
“what?” she turned to us.
“you’re not paying attention to anything but your phone and that’s pretty dangerous, when cooking you have to be focused or else something might go wrong” I said strictly and she rolled her eyes.
“don’t lecture me I know what am doing” she stated and I sighed.
“Janet was right, you don’t do anything in here, all you do is play with your phone” I yelled
“look pen, don’t yell at me cause you ain’t my mom..”
“I’m just saying you just focus more on what you’re doing here than your phone”
“what I do is non of you business, like I said, I know what am doing, so back off pencil” Randee said abusively and grabbed the bowl of ice block Jimmy told her to bring.
“here.. Isn’t this what you asked for?” she said shaking it dramatically and unfortunately it slipped from her hand and the ice blocks fell into the boiling oil. Making fire flames come out of the pot and the three of us moved back immediately cause it was bringing out so much smoke.
“quick go get the fire extinguisher” I tell Randee.
“don’t boss me Around” she yells back at me.
“I am not bossing you around, just go get the fire extinguisher, look have what you’ve caused” I yelled
“whatever” she said and walked out immediately.
“what is going on here” Maxwell walked in. “no time to explain we have to get turn off the fire before it could get worse” Jimmy said coughing real hard and so am I cause the smoke was getting to much and we couldn’t see clearly, and sadly a rag beside the pot caught on fire, and spreading a little.
“I’ll go get the fire extinguisher” Maxwell yelled.
“Randee Left al—-
I suddenly passed out.
T. B. C
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