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Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 14

Ivy’s POV

I can’t wait right now to read the next pages , but.. Can a mother really be so cruel to his own son?

If it is an audio record , I would have said it’s doctored. But this isn’t an audio. It’s a video. His mum said it.

Jeez! Quiet incredible

I turned to the next page of the diary and it reads ;

Ethan’s POV in diary

After three weeks that I had being in god knows where , I closed my eye as I lay on the bed expecting death.

For those three weeks , I was confined into that room, I have no idea which area or house I am , nevertheless , I am to die today.

I’m expecting death since the three weeks I was given to live had expired

I closed my eye as I lay on the bed expecting death. The cook that bring me food to eat did not bother bringing food since they probably know I will die soon

Oh! I haven’t bath. I do not want my corpse to be stinking . I stood from the bed to bath. I dressed my best and lay on the bed expecting death

I slept off in the process. After a what looked like many hours , I woke up only to see that evening had clocked

I tossed on the bed and changed my lying position . I thought for several hours since I have no one to speak too and slept off again

After many hours , I woke and it’s midnight. I survived that day , how is that possible ?

How come I did not die?

I kept wondering ,imagining and thinking while tossing to and fro my bed till it was daylight

The door suddenly gave way and some men in a special uniform like those that buries people walked inside and the expression on their face was that of horror mixed with surprise

They all turned and went away

They probably came to park my dead body only to find out that I’m not dead.

After a while some men walked in , they were led by a doctor in lab coat , he was carrying some medical tools

He walked to where I was without saying a word , I thought he wanted to inject me like they did before but I am not scared anymore

They probably want to find an easier way of killing me
The man ejected blood from me and carried on a text. He tried that for three good time and turned at those that followed him and shook his head

He stood and whispered something to them and they all left.

Food was brought some hours later , I ate cus I’m really feeling hungry and by the time I wake , I found myself home

I stood up with fury and cursed my mum, she made the greatest mistake by bringing me home

My face was like that of a beast and I searched the house for my mum like an hungry lion looking for its prey

I finally find my mum at the backyard of the house levelling the coals into the furnace

“Woman!” I called and my mum turned smiling

“I’m happy you back, I spoke under forceful influence, I have no idea whom those people are …” Before my mum could finish saying whatever nonsense is coming from her mouth, I angrily charged at her , carried her and threw her into the furnace

I watched her groan in pain as she burns till I could no longer hear her cry


I’m stressed and phone got spoilt too.
Was in an executive meeting for 6 hours with that talkative VC

I’ll make it up friends , two to three epi per day from tomorrow.

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