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Authored and produced by Feathers ( Oyebamiji Samuel )

Episode 11

Inside Diary

Ethan’s POV continues

Alexia walked closer to me and pulled off my cloth. I was left with my singlet. She pulled it off and I willingly allowed her too

She rubbed my chest and the effect of it surges through my entire being , I don’t want the sex but I’m enjoying the pleasure I’m deriving just from her touch

She placed her lips on my hairy chest and licked it like a dog licking a water. I grunt romantically and looked into her face

She moved her lips closer to mine and brushed her lips with mine, my lips suddenly becomes wet when our lips intertwined

At first, I did not retort the kiss but I did not know the crazy effect she had on me. I started kissing her passionately but roughly cus the truth is that I did not know how to kiss

I was scared of what she’s about to do next but also ready for it as long as she will heal my broken heart afterwards

“Your lips are so sweet” she said and I blushed but still uncomfortable

I was not even turned on, I was praying in my heart that I have a hard on so I can satisfy this lady very well

She must be very good in sex unlike me , that is not even romantic

“I’m not interested please” I said in my mind

I almost voiced it out, my mouth was opened but words weren’t produced

She winked at me as she loosen my belt , she unzipped my belt while my heart keep beating hardly against my rib cage

Sweats were forming on my neck and forehead cus I’m really scared. I do not know what is scaring me precisely but all I know is that I’m scared to the gut.

I was imagining how my cock will penetrate inside her pussy and how I’ll be moving my waist up and down f*cking her. I can swear that it will be boring though people find fun in it

She pulled off my boxer too and saw that I wasn’t having a hard on, she caressed the cock and in few seconds, blood rushed into the cock and it stood by itself

She placed her mouth on it and began to suck it while I moan in pleasure , it continued and I enjoyed it but my heart strongly detest it , I just don’t want s*x or anything related with it

She lay to the bed and signaled for me to stand and inserted my cock inside her pussy

I stood gently and lay on her. I remembered Olivia all of a sudden, even though she had betrayed me , I still love her , and what I’m about to do seems to me like I’m betraying Olivia

Seems to me like I can never stop loving Olivia

Ivy’s POV continues

I sighed as I finish reading the page , what is about to happen now ?

Did he later have sex with that girl, I’m kinda nervous to read.

I opened the next page sullenly and fearfully and it reads

Ethan’s POV in Diary

Three years ago

I placed my hard cock at the center of her pussy and inserted it in , I keep thrusting it In while she keep moaning louder in pleasure

I was getting tired and she kept shouting ‘louder , harder ‘

I was inserting deep till I feel something that doesn’t feel like urine rushing trough my cock

I grunted like someone convulsing and she held me closer to her and hugged me close

“Release inside ” She said but I have no idea what she meant

All I know is that I releasee the whatever which I now know as sp*rm into her p*ssy and we all moaned satisfactorily

I fell to the bed tiredly and she faced me while laying still

“You are so sweet ” She complimented and I faked a smile

“I Love you ” she said

“Me too” I said cus saying the word ‘I Love you’ to her seems hard to me

She stood up, dressed and walked to the of the door while I watch in surprise not wanting to believe that she is about to start going

“I’m glad. Treat yourself dear ” Alexia said and walked out

I can’t believe what just happened , I thought she will be spending hours with me , chatting with me , caring for me till I forget about Olivia

Instead she only had sex with me and left

I stood up from the bed feeling cheated and sat on the floor and cried so hard

It hurts so bad , it feels like I’m being betrayed again

I cried like a baby

Are all ladies like this ?
Are they so heartless like this ?
Do they all take advantage of the love we men had for them?

I was asking myself many questions but no one to answer me

I become more broken and battered. I become worst emotionally and I feel like dying

I Love Olivia , she betrayed me . I trusted Alicia by giving her my virginity only for her to leave me with my problem after having s*x with me

Two weeks had passed

I was getting slimmer and weaker , I know it’s as a result of too much thought

I hardly go to work, Evan has tried everything he could do , none seems to help me

I was expecting death

Evan came inside my room one of these days

“Brother , if you continue in this your pathetic state , you may die soon” Evan said and I looked at him

“I’m surprised I’m not yet dead, I have no idea that love is as powerful as this. If I do, I wouldn’t have fallen in Love with any lady, that is the greatest mistake of my life now and I regret it every now and then, it seems to me like I can’t help it. I’m stuck in Love and now it’s killing me, you see that I can barely eat , I’m just waiting for death” I said

“Brother , you will not die , how about we going to see the doctor , they might have some help to offer ” Evan suggested

“No, they will only prolong my days on earth. I just wanna die ” I said not willing to go to the hospital

“Brother , I can’t watch you die , please ” Evan pleaded genuinely and I’m touched

I don’t like doing what is against Evan’s suggestion cus I love and respect him

Following day clocks!

I had dressed , same as my brother and we drove to the hospital

Everyone knows the B Boys so we need not que, we were attended too instantly and the doctor we saw recommended a series of text to me so he can know where to start his advice from and probably know the sects of doctors to direct me too

I went into a theater room and they ran series of text on me

I was asked to go and stay in a special room where my brother was waiting for me .

I walked to where he sat and sat beside him

“Did it hurt ?” He asked and I shook my head not willing to talk

“Sorry bro” He said and I nodded

They should just bring the text result so this doctor can know what solution to offer to my problems that is if it will work anyways

A decent nurse and an old looking doctor approached where we sat with a dull face

I wondered what that was for

“Mr. Ethan, I’m sorry , this text result is…” The doctor said and swallowed

“Say it ” Evan said boldly while I watched anxiously

“Mr.Ethan, you are HIV positive ”

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