Behind closed doors episode 20

Behind closed doors episode 19

[indoor romance]

I was in my room that morning when Anna walked in
“Your mom is downstairs, she said she wants to see you ” she said
I scoffed
And walked out
“Mom, ” I called sitting down
“Dylan what are you doing? ” she asked
True I’m as confused as hell
I dont know what I’m doing at all
“Mum Anna explained things over the phone to me, she said the papers have been signed and the merger is gonna be strengthened ” I said
After Diane left
I walked in with Anna
She threw some documents at me
“Check those” she said and sat sun n the couch
I opened it and couldn’t believe my eyes
My lost branch in LA was restored and in partnership with HUDSON. A ltd
This is Annas company and my branch
“How did you do this Anna? ” I asked
“Simple, the board didn’t let me help you at first but when I told them that we we’re getting married, showed them some proofs they let me do it, all you have to do is to sign the papers and we’re on” she smiled
I dropped them on the floor

“She blackmailed you with the company? ” mom asked
I couldn’t reply her
I’m just so dumb right now
😎Daryl 😎
I got to the house late last night

After taking my bath
I rushed to the hospital
“She’s up sir good morning ” Tessa greeted I nodded
I opened the door to her ward
She was facing the window
“I see you’re awake now” I said
She turned to look at me then smiled
“Good morning sir” she sniffed
“Are you alright? ” I asked cos she seemed like she was crying
“I’m fine sir, just wanna go home” she said
“OK uhm I can drop you off” I offered
She shook her head no
I sighed
“I’m going for an important wedding today maybe you could come along to clear your head, I see you’re stressed out” I offered
She smiled
“I’d love to” she replied
I nodded and walked out
Too short
Once I get back from work I’ll post 2 more
Then finale chapter tomorrow
Love you

Behind closed doors episode 19
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