Behind closed doors episode 19

Behind closed doors episode 20
Behind closed doors episode 18

[indoor romance]

👩Diane 👩
I stood without saying a word
“Anna, we weren’t supposed to meet here why are you here? ” Dylan asked confusing me more
“Oh please Lanny, I came to see my hubby before the wedding ” she blurted
“What wedding? ” I bumped in
Dylan held my hand
“Your boss didn’t inform you? We’re getting married tomorrow evening ” she smiled
I swallowed hard
Trying my best to press down my tears
“Diane listen, its not what you think I can explain ” Dylan said and turned me to face him
My tears were already rolling down my cheeks
I can’t believe it
He actually did everything just to make a fool out of me?
He took my pride as a woman yesterday and today he’s getting married?
I didn’t know when my legs pulled into a race
I ran out of the house
Through the streets crying profusely
Running without looking up or left or right
I got back to my senses when a car honked its horn right in my front
I can’t believe I almost died
Its just……..
I felt my head hit on the hard floor
My vision went blank
😎Darryl 😎
Holy shit!
How could I be so stupid
She even collapsed
Gosh i’m running late
I need to see him at home before the wedding arrangements kick off fully
I got out of my car and took her in
I drove back to my hospital
Tessa took her in while I drove back to meet with Mr Jefferson
I arrived and alighted
“Good day ” I greeted and had a handshake with him
He looks out of place
“can we talk inside? ” he asked
I nodded
“Sure” I replied
I sat down , he sat too
“You’re with the tools right? ” he asked
“Yes please can I see your fiancee so I can take her blood sample as well ” I said going straight to the point
I walked up to him and took his blood samples
Just then an elegant lady walked in
“Good day Doctor? ”
“Daryl Clarke ” I replied
She smiled
“nice meeting you, I’m Anastasia Hudson ” she said in pride
“I know you, now let’s get to the main point ” I said and brought the syringe
Soon I was done with them
So I left for my hospital
Immediately I arrived
Tessa ran to me
“She’s awake sir” she informed
I stopped on my track
“Really? ” I asked
She nodded
I handed her my briefcase and walked to the girls ward
She was still laying on the bed
I walked up to her
“Hey ” I called slowly
“Hi sir, I’m sorry for being a burden to you” she apologized.
Tears rolled down her eyes
“Are You alright? ” I asked
She shook her head negatively
I sighed and walked to my office
I just pray she gets better and goes back to her family
👨Dylan 👨
I’m so tired of all these
I’m really tired
Now they wanna strengthen the merger
Just by marrying me off to some girl I don’t care about
I can’t search for my happiness and get it
Im really stuck here
So sorry its late
I should post more buh some people are asleep
Love you 😘😘😘

Behind closed doors episode 20
Behind closed doors episode 18
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