Behind closed doors episode 17

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[indoor romance]

👨‍🦰 Dylan 👨‍🦰
“What’s that?” I heard her cute voice.
“A camera” I said
“CCTV camera precisely” I said
she sat up
“who placed it there” she asked weakly
“I don’t know” I replied
I know this is Anna’s handwork
she can be smart sometimes
“I’ll be right back” I said and walked out
I placed a call through to Anna
at the tone she picked
“So you decided call? you found it so what?” she asked
“I’m disappointed Anastasia” I said and hung up
I smashed the camera on the floor
just what is her ish?
I walked back to her room
she was standing by her window
“You should be asleep” I said and held her hand
she removed it
“I’m fine” she said
I nodded
my phone rang
“Hey” I said into the phone
“Sir, good news” she said over the phone
I walked out
“The press are now calm and you can resume work, ” she said
“How did you do it?” I asked excited
“Well , check your review it’s there I have to go now” she said and hung up
I smiled
smart Jennifer
I turned on the TV, there I was
my pictures and videos while beating Darcy
Jennifer came on
“My boss is very temperamental, he gets angry easily, so Darcy had annoyed him and he had to beat him shut” she smiled
“But what about the girl standing in the scene” a reporter asked
“She’s his chef and she came to the part with Donald not my boss , pfft she’s a low class and my boss won’t ever have anything to do with her” she said
I switched it off
and dialled her number
“Jennifer, why say all of that?” I asked
“Why sir? She’s a low class and mind you the press are watching” she said
“You should be careful from now on , because rumours say you’re dating her” she said
I kept quiet
“Are you dating her?” she asked
I opened my mouth to answer
when Diane walked downstairs
“Sir are you?” she asked
“I’m making an article now” she added
I closed my eyes
“Of course not, she’s just aclassless chef nothing more” I said before opening my eyes to look at her
she was at the verge of tears
I’m sorry Diane
“Her full name sir” Jenny said
“Diane Keaton” I replied
Jenny has to make this article to clear my name from the public first
it’ll be easier to get my lost gain this way
“K” she hung up
before I could talk
she ran upstairs.
I pushed the door open
she ran to her bathroom and locked the door
“Diane listen it’s not what you think” I said banging on the door
she refused to reply
I heard the shower turn on
I knocked several times but no response
I used the hammer by the door and broke the door
I rushed in and took her out
“Let me go ” she slid out of my arms
“Listen, allow me explain please” I said
she pushed me out
I held her hands
“Diane please just listen , it’s not what you think” I said
I was already getting wet due to the shower
“I don’t want your fucking explanation just go” she pushed me out
she literally hates me
4 days later
work has started and Diane has been avoiding me
she doesn’t look at me the way she does
she doesn’t smile
she calls me sir Sir Sir and it’s annoying
I walked in, she was already dishing the meals
she doesn’t eat with me again
she serves meals before time.
so unlike her
“Your meal is served sir and I made a list of what I’ll be needing, the grocery in the house is already finished” she explained
I looked at her without saying a word
she averted her gaze
“So here they are, I’ll be in my room” she said and walked out
I’m not hungry
I can’t eat
I’ve hurt her
I can’t eat
I walked back to my room .
everything was replaced but I don’t care
I smashed the TV screen
smashed the mirror
“I want to feel the pain too” I shouted
I staggered to my drawer and brought out a little knife
I sat on the floor and dug the knife in my palm
blood gushed out .
I can’t live without you Diane
I really can’t
Heavy knocks landed on my door
“Dylan please, please open up” she said
I chuckled out tears
she’s hurting because of me right?
but I can’t live without her
I hate myself
I fucking hate myself.
the creaked open and she rushed in
that lingerie she’s putting is giving me some kinda chills
“Omg What have you done?” she asked crying
“I’m sorry Diane” I said
she sniffed.
“Get up , come” she said and helped me stand
we walked to her room. she made me sit on the couch
while she brought the first aid kit
and started cleaning up the blood
it’s painful but I didn’t feel it because I was lost staring at her face
she was crying while cleaning it up.
I used my left hand which wasn’t injured to cup her face
she looked at me without saying anything
“Don’t cry” I said
she shifted her face
“I’m fine” she said
i removed my hand

She was done so she kept the kit under her bed
“You can go to your room now I’m done” she said sniffing
I nodded and walked to my room
fucking hate myself
I punched the wall hardly
my hands got bruised
I sat on the floor
she walked in
“You’re hurting yourself” she said
“I deserve more, I hurt you” I said
she sniffed and hugged me
then pulled away and kissed me
I looked at her in shock .
“I’m sorry, I understand and I love you” she said
I smiled
and brushed my bleeding hand to her hair
then pulled her in and kissed her like crazy
she kissed me back
Oh lord
I bit her lip
she moaned in pleasure
so , should it happen or not?
good night

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  1. Yes, let it happen this time. Diane has accepted she loves him too. But Dylan needs to explain why he keeps denying Diane in public, not fair at all

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