Behind closed doors episode 15

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[indoor romance]

👩‍🦰Diane 👩‍🦰
“Please stop” I said removing his hands from my butt
he placed his hand on my chest
I couldn’t talk
his hands were just roaming my body
“Stop…… aaahh” I bit my lower lip as his lips moved to the crook of my neck
“I want to make you mine Diane” he whispered making me shiver
my eyes screw shot
Not tonight please
“Dylan not tonight please” I managed to say
I’m wet oh lord
this is not good
“Dylan” I tapped him
he didn’t bulge
I felt something like a stick on my thigh
he’s hard oh no
“Dylan” I called he continued
I’m losing it tonight?
tears formed in my eyes
I don’t wanna lose it tonight
“Dylan please, Dylan ” I tapped him harder
my voice came out weak and shaky

“Please Dylan don’t please” I spoke weakly
he looked up at me
“Why? why you crying?” he asked
“let’s not do it tonight please” I pleaded.
he stood up and walked to the bathroom
I sat well and closed my legs
I can’t believe I almost lost it
I curled up on the bed
few minutes later he walked out
he was still hard
I could see it through the shot he wore
it got me scared
he laid on the bed
I shifted
he came closer with his eyes closed
I shifted and almost fell off the bed but he caught me
then dragged me making me lie on his chest
my leg on his body
“I’m sorry for earlier, my hormones ran over me , I promise I won’t do it without your permission, I’ll wait for you, thats how much I love you” he said with his eyes closed
I smiled and tried to kiss him
he opened his eyes
“Sleep, don’t do that again” he said
I smiled shyly and slept in his arms
Next Morning
I woke up feeling a bit sore between my thighs
nothing happened last night
so why this freaky feeling
I moved from His arms and tried standing up
I stood up
I felt wet
I looked at the bed where I laid at night
oh no
I missed the date again

how stupid and clumsy

he’s with the keys how do I change and get the drugs

I don’t want him to see me in this stupid period pains

I tiptoed to where he lay
wanted to search his pocket but he beat me to it
he held my hand
and opened his eyes
“What are you doing?” he asked
I couldn’t talk
he sat up
and placed his hand on where the blood stain was on the bed
I covered my mouth
“What?” he asked
moved his fingers then brought it to his face
“Bl……. bl……. blood?” he asked and looked at me
“we didn’t do anything right?” he asked
I shook my head no
he arched his brows and looked at my dress
it’s stained shit
he got up
“come change up while I toss this in the washing room” he said I nodded
he opened the door
I ran to my room
after freshening up.
I went to prepare breakfast
but he was there already making something
“what you cooking?” I asked going in
“Nothing much, apples and eggs” he replied
“sit it’ll be done soon” he said
the door bell rang
“I’ll get it ” he said and ran to get it .
“Geez what are you doing here ?”
he asked
lemme sleep
before I’ll type Korea for you
best guesser
who’s at the door?
do you think Diane was wise rejecting a hard Young man?

Behind closed doors episode 16
Behind closed doors episode 14
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