Behind closed doors chapter 9

Behind closed doors chapter 10
Behind closed doors chaper 8

[ indoor romance]

👩‍🦰Diane 👩‍🦰
Next morning, I woke very early to prepare his breakfast I served it at the dinning table then walked into the kitchen to clear the sink
I was still washing the sink when I felt a stature behind me
I turned and it was him
“Sir , are you done? Let me go clear it” I tried walking out because the sudden closeness is awkward
He held my hand and dragged me back
“Are you adding love potion to my meal?” He asked
” Sir?”
“Are you not?” He looked at me
I shook my head negatively
” I’m not sir , I swear” I said
He nodded, then pecked my lips
“Becareful lock the doors, I’ll be back by 3pm so we’ll get ready for the party ” he said
I nodded
He walked out
I touched my lips
I’m seriously not comfortable with the fact that he kisses me almost everyday without explaining
I went to the dinning and cleared it
Before going to bath

👨‍🦰Dylan 👨‍🦰
Her face whenever I kiss her is something I’d die to see again
Hope she doesn’t break my head
Naah she won’t
I’m her boss of course
I walked into the office in all smiles
“Good morning sir” Jennifer greeted as I walked in
I smiled at her
“How are you?” I asked
Her pen fell from her hand
Her fell open , she couldn’t reply
I walked into my main office
Settling down
A knock landed on my door
“Come in”
“Sir , you have a delivery from Anastasia Hudson” Jennifer said
Dropping the bunch of flowers on the table
I’m not sick but she keeps sending flowers
What do I need them for?
“Uhm Jennifer?”
“Yes sir”
“I’d like you to go to my house and deliver these flowers” I told her
She arched her brows
“At your house sir”
“Yes, my girlfriend is home so give them to her”
She smiled then nodded
Before she left
I kicked off work
I’m not happy about my loss but the constant sight of the chef gives me satisfaction
I smiled to myself
Fb lite is making it short
Lemme post one more

Behind closed doors chapter 10
Behind closed doors chaper 8
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