Behind closed doors chapter 7

Behind closed doors chaper 8
Behind closed doors chapter 6

👩‍🦰 Diane 👩‍🦰
I knew this guy was pretending last night
Stupid boss
But why did I have to fall asleep so easily
He had fever yes but he didn’t die, I know it was a prank very stupid prank from a frowning closet
But now I’m at a dilemmatic state
“Thanks for last night?”
Thanks for what?
I’ll let it slide , just hope it’s not what I’m thinking because if it is, I would fry his balls
I prepared something light , sandwich of honey, jam and cream cheese with a cup of coffee
I kept it on the dinning table then stood by it as I watched him come downstairs
He’s cute and dreamy and……
Huh stop it
He’s a frowning closet ❌
Not sexy ❌
Not handsome ❌
Stupid and bossy ❌❌❌❌
“Here’s your breakfast sir” I said to him smiling
He looked at me for a while
“Can you stop smiling for once it makes me crazy” he said
“Crazy you mean?” I asked
“It’s annoying aish” he said and picked up his sandwich
I was about walking to my room when he spoke
“Can you stay with me, while I eat?” He asked
My legs froze
“Sir?” I asked and turned to face him
“Nothing just sit here so you’ll uhm Clear the plates” he said and I let out an “oh”
I sat down
And watched him eat
Then rested my head on the table
“Chef?” He called
“it’s Diane sir” I smiled
“Stop smiling” he said
I swallowed and nodded
“I’m going for an engagement party tomorrow night and I uh you know I don’t have uhm a date so I’d like you to go with me” he said
I couldn’t believe my ears
For the first time, I’m actually going to a party not as a chef but as an invitee, with an important personality
“Are you going or not?” He asked
Already done with his breakfast
“Yes of course I’m going” I smiled happily
“Stop smiling” he said and walked out
I cleared the dishes and went to my room
Haven’t called mom for a while because of my boss
Keeping me up late and all
I picked up my phone and called mom
At the tone she picked
“Diane what happened? Are you ok?”
“Yes mom just caught up with work nothing else”
“How are you, how’s your boss?” She asked with concern in her tone
My boss is so stupid , doesn’t smile and he doesn’t want me to smile either
“He’s fine mom”
“Any complaints you can just quit” she said
I laughed
“Oh no mom it’s fine he’s actually the best” I said angry with my self that for a sec I see good in him
👨‍🦰 Dylan 👨‍🦰
I stood at my window watching her as she spoke softly into the phone in all smiles
Her smiles touches my heart in a special way, she has the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen
And it skips a beat in my heart when she smiles
I’m afraid I might fall head over heels for her soon and I can’t even help myself
No way
Fall head over heels for who?
That chef that hates me, doesn’t see me as cute
It’s a terrible idea to fall for her and I really can’t
I looked down at her window, she was done with the call and already asleep
I walked out of the house and went to the basketball court, I need to clear somethings from my head
Least I can do is to drink
👩‍🦰 Diane 👩‍🦰
I didn’t know I had fallen asleep
It’s past lunch time
Dylan is gonna kill me
I rushed to the kitchen, only to see him there
“Sir ” I called
He turned to look at me then smiled 🙀🧐🧐😳
Did I see it right?
He smiled frowning closet smiled
“You’re awake, I came from the basketball court very hungry you weren’t awake so I didn’t wanna disturb you” he explained slowly
I nodded
“I can do that now , just let me” I said and pushed him aside slowly
I finished the onions he was slicing
I tried taking the whisker for the egg
But it is high and I can’t reach it
I know he’s standing behind me but I don’t want him to help me
I struggled several times, then looked at him he was busy with his phone
I took the stool and climbed but before my hand could get there a taller hand got it for me
I turned and it was him
His bright brown eyes boring into mine
His lips moved closer to mine
I tried coming down cos I don’t want him to kiss me for the second time
But he held my waist so tight
Before I could recollect my senses he crashed his lips on mine
It was warm and sweet but still he shouldn’t
I pushed him away and came down
“Sir this is the second time” I said
He shook his head
“It’s the third time” he replied
“Why did you kiss me?” I asked unable to look in his face

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Behind closed doors chaper 8
Behind closed doors chapter 6
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