Behind closed doors chapter 6

Behind closed doors chapter 7
Behind closed doors chapter 5

“Stay tonight please” he spoke weakly
What if he’s planning to choke me
“Please stay” he said as I tried to remove my hand from his grip
Suddenly his hand fell from mine
I turned to look at him
He stopped moving and his eyes are closed
Oh lord hope he isn’t dead
Just hope he isn’t dead
Don’t due on me sir
I sat close to him and touched his head. Very hot , I bent my head lowly and started crying
“Why did you die now why ? You haven’t even paid me oh why? Few minutes ago you took my first kiss and now you’re going to hell with it?” I cried

😕 Dylan 😕
Someone tell me this chef is joking
And who told her I’m going to hell.
This is a prank dummy
You should be crying very well
Her first wahhht??
I opened my eyes and tapped her
“Ya ya go to your room enough already” I tapped her
“I said go to your room” I shook her
She fell back on the floor
She has slept what kind of a girl is this?
I’m the one in a bad mood I’m the sick one , I’m the one to be pitied but she just turned everything down up
I got down from the bed and took her up , then slowly laid her on the bed
She laid well
I looked at her lips, making me luck mine
I can’t believe I was the first to taste this lips
I’m not supposed to be doing this now but who cares?
I bent my head low and kissed her lips

Next morning
“Mmm don’t die please, ” I heard sniffles
I opened my eyes , just to see a sleep talking chef
Oh lord
I tapped her
She jumped up
“You’re alive, I prayed all night for you I can’t believe you’re a…….” I used my hand to stop her from speaking further
“You talk a lot”
I stood up
And walked to the bathroom door
“Get me something to eat and thanks for last night, ” I winked at her
Then walked in to take a shower
I’m not going to work today
I just can’t

Behind closed doors chapter 7
Behind closed doors chapter 5
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