Behind closed doors chapter 5

Behind closed doors chapter 6
Behind closed doors chapter 4

. [indoor romance ]
.[first kiss 💋 👄 💋 ]
👄 Diane 👄
“Huh I said that I forgot I’m so forgetful sir, I forget so fast good morning sir” I said
He didn’t say anything
I walked downstairs
The kitchen is a mess no dirty plates but the floor is a bit dirty
I started mopping the floor , then I heard his car drive out
I cleaned the dining room, living room, dusted the tv set his room is clean so maybe theres no need
I took my bath and wore a white shirt and black short tied my hair in a byn
I know its not appropriate to dress this sexy when I’m at home with just him but I’ll wear it now since he’s not home and he’ll be back 7 , so before 7 I’ll change to something long and decent
For now I’ll be free
💚 Dylan 💚
I walked into the office, its 8am
I’m damn late
“Good morning sir, ” Jennifer greeted
I ignored her and walked in
She trailed behind me
“Sir your appointment with Robert was shifted till Thursday, can’t keep it tomorrow because of the Engagement party at the Divine hotels you were invited by James , then this morning you got a delivery” she said
I nodded signalling her to send it in
She brought it and kept it on my table
“Anastasia Hudson”She replied
I nodded
She walked out
I kept the flowers Anna sent on the floor
And started working on the files
Ahhh no
I keep seeing that chef’s face
I laughed and relaxed on the chair with my pen in my hand
Her face when I told her I didn’t like the Chips 🍟 she made
Oh god
I can’t wait to get home and tease her again
I love teasing her
“Sir” Jennifer barged in
“What,and why couldn’t you knock?” I asked
Angry because she interrupted my thought of the chef
“Sir the bidding” she panicked
“Yes what about it?” I asked sitting up
“We lost it” she said
I almost ran mad
Lost what?
The bidding is over 6 billion dollars
I’ve put so much in it including the other branch of Jefferson cooperations ltd , just how come
“I’m sorry sir” she said
I just lost 6 billion and a branch
“Go” it came out weak and hoarse
I’m,such a fool
Couldn’t even dictate anything
I scattered my hair
Dad I’m sorry
“Dylan , everything is in your care now your mum and the company don’t let me down, don’t lose any of them” I recall my dad’s words before he died
Dad I’m sorry
Dad I’ve let you down I’m sorry
My tears fell uncontrollably
I took my car keys and drove home
Stepped into the living room, my tears knew no bound because I have literally failed my dad
The chef walked out
Her appearance is warm and welcoming
She looks beautiful today
“Sir you’re early today” she said
I didn’t reply ,
“Sir are you ok?” She walked down to where I stood
“Why you crying sir?” She asked
I didn’t reply
She brought out her napkin and cleaned my face
“No matter what it is , you might not be able to tell me about it but just know that every temptation is a stepping stone” she said
My tears rolled more
This is just a week and three days since she’s been here and she has already seen me cry
I hugged her so tight
Then disengaged
I looked in her face, she’s beautiful her nose , eyes , lips
Slowly I took her lips in mine
I kissed her for some secs before pulling away
I didn’t know why I did that , and uh
I left her standing without saying anything and walked to my room
I’m crazy right?

💜 Diane 💜
He kissed me, he took my first kiss
And without saying anything he just walked away
I went to my room , thinking about the lil scene that just occurred
Stop behaving like a child , I’m 23 for God sake
After making lunch for him I went to his room to call him
I knocked thrice no response
I pushed the door open, only to see him on the bed
With a duvet over his body
I touched him , he’s running temperature
I got a bowl and poured water in it then a towel , I used it on his face
Stayed with him fir sometime before I turned to go to my room and maybe clear the food cos uts nightfall already
I felt his hand hold mine
Making me stop
“Stay” he spoke calmly
My heart beat very fast
“Please stay with me tonight”
It has started ooooo
Till tomorrow
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Behind closed doors chapter 6
Behind closed doors chapter 4
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