Behind closed doors chapter 2

Behind closed doors chapter 3
Behind closed doors chapter 1

. [indoor romance ]

👄 Diane 👄
Everyone rallied round with their tools
I kept looking back and forth to hoping that either Piper or Daniel can just pop in to help
But no , none of them showed up
I brought out my stuffs and arranged them neatly on the table
“Its a one way test , we wont take much of your time, Lemon cake is Dylan’s favourite meal and the best out of you will get the contract you have just 45 mins to get it done” the lady from yesterday spoke lightly
I put on my apron , and the cap
“Your time starts now” she said and turned on the countdown timer
I was still hurrying since I was alone every other restaurant had two or three people
45mins …..
Everyone was done except me , just then Dylan walked in and sat
Others passed their food to him , he ate and shook his head negatively
Same with others
When it was my turn ,
“Its not yet done” I said
“You’re so lousy and lazy” Dylan spoke annoyed
I bent my head lowly.
The oven alarm went
I quickly brought it out.
And served it on a small plate then passed it to him
“Its hot , how should I eat it?” He asked
I didn’t answer.
He took a spoonful, then took another, before he took the plate fr om my hand and sat well
He finished the cake then walked out
Walking home with a frown on my face , mom’s gonna be worried
“Mom , Dolly” I called as I opened the door
“Diane, ” Piper called
“Piper? Daniel? What are you guys doing here?” I asked maintaining my frown
“We knew you wouldn’t make it so we came to console you ” Daniel said
“Huh? Mom?” I called
“I’m sorry but there’s always a better chance next time, uts a good thing you tried” mom said
I laughed
“For your information ” I brought out the contract papers
“I got it” I added
And saw the shock on everyone’s face
“Aaahhhh” piper jumped on me,
“Congrats dear ” Daniel said
“You’re welcome. I’m resuming tonight because he can’t eat out tonight , I came to break the good news and take my stuff as well” I said dramatically.
We giggled
After the merry making I was already out of the house, this contract I don’t even know when it’ll end because, it says here “Feeding contract for Dylan Thomas Jefferson till he returns to the US” I pray he goes back soon enough
I got to the Jefferson Estates , then was directed to his own main mansion
I got there and pressed the gate bell
It opened I took my bag in
The lady from yesterday walked out
She was putting on a black top , bym short and an anklet
“You’re here, welcome” she said
“Dylan is not in yet , he isn’t back from work so you’ll have to get his meal ready before he comes back ” she explained as we walked in
I nodded
“So what’s your name?” She asked
“I’m Diane Keaton” I replied
“Ok I’m Anastasia but you can call me Anna , so urgh here’s your room” she said
I nodded
“Freshen up , while I’ll uhm be in the living room” she said
I nodded
She left and locked the door
I took a cool bath , changed to a simple home outfit and walked out
Anna showed me the kitchen, I prepared something light
And took out , I was still arranging the dinning table when Dylan walked he stopped when he sighted me , I bowed
He ignored me and walked in
“Dont mind him he’ll come around” Anna assured , I nodded
After arranging the table I waited fir Dylan to come so I can serve him too
He walked down, with his hair dripping wet .
I’m not drooling over him , no way
He sat down
I served him
He took a bite
“Great right?” Anna asked with a smile
“mmm” he said and continued eating
After eating he gulped down water and walked out
Anna walked out too
I cleared the plates
Before going to sleep that night
Sorry its late

Behind closed doors chapter 3
Behind closed doors chapter 1
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