Behind closed doors chapter 3

Behind closed doors chapter 4
Behind closed doors chapter 2

👄 Diane 👄
Next morning…
I was cleaning the kitchen when , I felt a tap at my shoulder
“Good morning Diane” Anna greeted
I smiled
“Good morning” I replied
“need any help?” She asked
“No thanks , are you going somewhere this early morning, you’re dressed up” I remarked as I ignited the burner
“Yea, that’s actually why I’m here, Can we talk?” She asked
“Sure ”
We both sat at the kitchen dinner table
“Its about Dylan” she said.
I arched my brows
“What about him?” I asked
“Well nothing but , I need you to make me a promise” she said.
She sighed and looked down, before she lifted her face to look in mine
“Please Diane, don’t fall in love with him ” she held my hands
“I know it might be difficult for you but please don’t, I love Dylan and I can do anything for him so please don’t love him , don’t make him love you” she said.
Ewww sounds more like gibberish.
Who would want to love that frowning closet , I’m just staying because of the money
Nothing else and here she is, talking about love?
I laughed
“No way , I’m too busy for that and trust me he’s not my type of man , he’s not handsome enough not sexy he hardly smiles , you know what? I even think he’s a monster, his face alone scares me so you don’t have to worry” I assured
She smiled and hugged me
“I knew I could count on you” she said.
“So are you travelling?”
“Yea, to Las Vegas, For a business trip but I’ll be back before you even know it” she said.
I nodded
“I’ll miss your warm presence” I said.
She ruffled my hair and went upstairs.
She’s really nice
I went back to my cooking
👾 Dylan 👾
I was coming to the kitchen to get a cup of tea , its obvious the new cgef I a bit lazy
When I heard Anna’s voice
Then the chef
Me a monster?
Not sexy
Not handsome
Not her type of man ??????
I looked at myself in the hallway mirror, but I’m handsome and sexy , I’m the type of man any woman wants how come I look like a monster to her?
Geez she has to explain.
I walked in to the kitchen and saw her toasting the bread
How am I even gonna walk up to her now
This is all Anna’s fault why would she make such useless request
“Oh you’re here, Good morning sir” she smiled
That smile
What is good about the morning?
You literally called me a mean jerk
When I’m not
I smile too
How dare I, I cant even say it to her face
“Sir are you alright? I’m done with your breakfast but you aren’t replying to my greeting?” She said.
Exactly , why would I reply ? You called me not sexy not handsome a monster face , why would I reply?
“Are you lost sir?” She asked
I just looked at her and walked
“Tch, doesn’t even reply to someone’s greeting or is he psychotic too?” I heard her mumble
Psy …….. Psy……..psychotic?
As in a psycho?
What have I done to deserve this?
I sat at the dinning table, she brought the food
“Bon appetit” she said.
I scoffed and ate
“So rude” she mumbled again.
I dropped my spoon so loud so she could hear
But she didn’t come back
What have I put myself into oh lord?
I know its short

Behind closed doors chapter 4
Behind closed doors chapter 2
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