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[indoor romance]

👩‍🦰 Diane 👩‍🦰
“I’m really sorry for my boss’s behaviour Last night Darcy ” I apologized to Darcy who was on the hospital bed
Dylan beat him up till he lost consciousness

for some reason best known to him

“it’s ok , it’s my fault I should have known something was going on between you two” he said through his busted lip
I shook my head negatively
“nothing is going on between us he’s my boss” I said
he scoffed
“Diane I’ll take you home now” Donald walked in
I was still in my party wear f last night
I couldn’t go home because I couldn’t go home I can’t face Dylan
we drove home quietly
Donald left to freshen up
I walked into the living room
just to see Dylan on the couch with a cup of coffee in his hand
I didn’t even greet him I just walked past him
“Stop right there” he said I stopped on my track
he stood up
“where were you last night?” he asked and stood behind me
I don’t want to see his face because it annoys me
so I didn’t turn
“at the hospital” I replied
“I’m injured too , my hand is bruised” he said
I didn’t reply
I tried walking out but his hands that slid to my waist, making him hug me from behind stopped me
“Don’t hate me please” he said
“I didn’t know how it happened” he added
is it the flowers you sent to insult me or the fact that you beat up my friend
“Say something” he said in my ear
he’s melting me but no
I’ll be strong
“Let go please” I said
“no , don’t say that please” he said
I felt water drop on my body
he’s crying?
“let’s just stay like a little bit please” he said
I felt my own tears crawling out too
“just let go” I found my voice
slowly I unwrapped his hands and ran to my room

I cried my eyes out .
he’s confusing
why am I stupidly falling for him
I freshened up and wore a grey gown , parked my hair in a bun
then went downstairs to prepare his meal
after preparing it I served him at the dinning table
while dishing it he held my hand
“look at me” he said
“sorry sir but I’m busy”
“Diane” he called my name for the first time
I snapped my head to look at him
“I’m sorry” he said
I swallowed hard
“you didn’t do anything wrong sir” I said smiling
“Stop smiling please” he spoke weakly
“It drives me crazy” he said
I looked at him , unable to say a word
he stood up and walked to where I stood
then cupped my face in his large hands
“feel my heart beat Diane” he said, then took my hand and placed over his chest
his heart beat is slow but steady
“You’re the reason for this, It’s just you . The only one in here” he said
I tried withdrawing my hand but he still held me
his face moved to mine and he kissed me
my hand left his chest and moved to his neck , pulling him closer
his hands moved to my tiny waist
he lifted me and placed me on the dinning table, the kiss continued
*Diane you’re such a fool , he totally thinks you as cheap and he’s obviously lying, what about Anna* My subconscious mind yelled at me
I quickly broke from the kiss
“What’s wrong?” he asked
I looked down unable to look at his face
“Excuse me” I said and ran to my room
oh lord, I don’t want to fall for him please help me
I’m so scared , I don’t wanna fall
👨‍🦰 Dylan 👨‍🦰
what just happened?
what did I do wrong?
She didn’t even ask why I didn’t go to work?
I tried not to fall for you Diane but it didn’t work out, so it’s not really my fault
I’ll choose not to love you if I had to control my heart
I picked up my phone to call Jennifer, the press are flooding in and out the company so my secretary advise that I stay home for sometime till the storm calms
so I’ll be working from home
“Good day sir” her voice came in
“Ya how you? how’s it going?”
“Still the same sir but I’ll get it cleared soon , ” she said
“alright thank you, after this fight I owe you a lot” I said
“no problem sir”
I hung up.
looking up I saw Diane walk out
she has been standing there
⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩ 3 days later
still the same Diane has refused to talk and smile freely with me
instead she’s been going out with Donald while I stay home all day

“wait” I said as she walked in
“where are you coming from?” I asked
“I don’t think I owe you that answer sir ”
“I’m your boss” I said
“excuse me” she tried walking out
I held her hand

she let go

and ran to her room
I ran behind her
“let’s talk”
“Listen please” I pleaded
“no please leave I want to change” she said
“I love you” I blurted
“I’m ….. I’m ……. I’m sorry I’ll leave” I said and walked out
he confessed ooo
but because of Diane’s strong head he swallowed it
sorry it’s late
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Behind closed doors chapter 13
Behind closed doors chapter 11
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