Behind closed doors chapter 10

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👨‍🦰Dylan 👨‍🦰
“What are you doing?” She asked sitting up
“Why are you crying?” I asked
“None of your business, why the hell are you in my room?” She sniffed
“Seriously you’re crying why ? Who hurt you?” I asked moving close to her
She got out of the bed and stood on the floor
“Leave my room , I deserve some privacy”
“There is no privacy here, this is my house”
“Maybe I should leave your house then ” she shouted
What’s really going on
“What’s the matter” I asked
She looked at me and walked to where she kept the flowers , picked it and gave them to me
“Thanks for the flowers but there was a better way to tell me this” she said and walked out
Tell her what
I kept the flowers in the floor then a note slipped out
I picked it and read it
Anna has just killed me
I ran downstairs
Only to see the chef at the door talking to someone
“Oh he’s here come in” she said
Donald walked in
“Dylan” he called
“Donald” I walked to him and engaged in a brotherly hug
“You didn’t tell me you were coming” I said
“Should I? The engagement party is tonight so I’m supposed to be here” he explained
Donald is my best friend right from high school till now
” So uhm who is she!” He asked gesturing to the chef who was at the kitchen making lunch I guess
“My home chef”
“Whoa , she’s cute”
“She’s classless don’t go there” I said
He chuckled
We sat down in the living room and talked about some stuffs
Before the chef walked out
“Lunch is served” she said
I know she’s still very sad about that but how do I tell her that it’s all in the past

I’m classless, I know
I served the food and was about to go when..
“Chef? Meet my friend Donald, Donald my chef” Dylan introduced
“It’s Diane sir ” I shook his hand lightly
He smiled
He’s super cute and has this American looks
Blue eyes and brown hair
Dimpled cheek ,
“We can talk sometime right?”

Behind closed doors chapter 11
Behind closed doors chapter 9
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