Behind closed doors chapter 1

Behind closed doors chapter 2

. [indoor romance]
👄 Diane 👄
“Not yet here, Diane my legs might decide never to walk again, we’ve been standing here for over an hour, why don’t we just go back and Bruce we didn’t see him ” Piper blabbed for the nth time
“Piper please, we still have to wait a little bit more, maybe he’ll come in few minutes” I said
“Yea right I’m leaving” she grabbed her purse and walked out
Why wont he get here
If I miss this opportunity then I’m never getting it again
I really need to give him the papers and I still have to go after Piper
“Piper wait” I called through the airport hallway as I ran down
She already hailed a cab
Where the hell is Daniel ?
I eye searched the airport but he was no where to be found
My colleagues happily left me
But why on earth won’t this damn guy just show up
I walked back in
Still standing, I called my boss
“Diane Keaton, two people has decamped suddenly, why don’t you come back?” He asked
“No sir , I have to see him its really important for our restaurant its a new level for us so I’ll wait” I said
“Ok , once its six and he doesn’t show up, please come back” I checked my time, its 5:23pm
“Ok sir, ” he hung up
I pray he comes before six
I don’t want us to miss this opportunity at all
I want our restaurant to be the one to feed him this time
Guess he ain’t coming then
I stood for two hours in a busy airport for nothing
How cruel
I turned my back to leave then looked around one more time, so many restaurant representatives are here , who wouldn’t?
Everyone wants to keep on trying till its their luck to feed him
I thought I was gonna get in
But no it didn’t……..
“He’s here , he’s here Dylan Thomas Jefferson is here ” I heard someone scream
Quickly I ran towards the exit
Finally I got a glimpse of him
He wasn’t even smiling tch
He got into his car I hailed a cab and followed him
We drove for an hour before we got to his mansion
I alighted at the gate and paid the cab driver
I walked in
Right before the gate could close
“Excuse me” I called for him
But he ignored me and walked in
“Yes Sweedy” a lady attended to me
“Uhm I came for the feeding contract ” I said
“From which Restaurant” she asked
“FOUR B” I said and handed her the papers
She looked at it for a while
Then looked up at me
“Did you come alone?” She asked
“Not exactly but my colleagues left earlier that’s why they’re not here” I explained
“Ok , come back tomorrow by 8am , Dylan should be the one to choose not me , but why didn’t you submit the form online ?” She asked
I shrugged
“Ma’am its the fault of my boss” I smiled
She ruffled ny hair and walked in
I walked out
And hailed a cab home
Mom I’m very tired hope you’ve cooked something
“Sister Diane ” my lil sis Dolly ran to me
“How are you?”
“Fine” she replied and took my bag in
“Diane, how was it did you succeed?” My mom’s voice echoed
“Yea I did , but someone told me the main interview is tomorrow by 8am so many Restaurants reps are coming, I just pray I stand out mom” I told her while pulling my jacket
“You will, I prepared your dinner eat and sleep for tomorrow ok?” She pecked my hair and left to her room
After bathing, I ate and started some researches on my laptop
Before I dozed off
Stupid alarm
I blinked twice and my eyes landed to the clock hung on the wall
6:58 am
“Stupid alarm clock why didn’t you wake me sooner” I jumped out of bed only for me to fall back down
My legs hurt terribly from standing three hours all through yesterday.
How am I gonna do this? .
I crawled to the bathroom, took my bath, brushed , washed my hair and stuffs
Before leaping halfway down my room to get dressed
After stretching my long brown hair , I put on a royal blue gown , blue shoes and blue ribbon 🎀
Then hung my bag and ran out
My legs hurt like hell
I got to the venue for the interview and sat quietly
Waiting for my turn
Good night
Before I’ll type china language
For you guys
Till tomorrow morning

Behind closed doors chapter 2
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