Haunted Soul


Beauty fade away,
As the heart stay.
At twenty the beauty boomed,
Looking adorable as it increased.

At thirty drawn in the foul,
Drew map on their faces,
Looking like a fresh fowl.
Building foundation on their faces,

Locating their areas
Nails are fixed with long nails ,
Like the leg’s of an eagle.
Hair are fixed in different braids,
And rugged colour and style.

From dusk to dawn going to show,
Leaving a reckless life.
Taking pictures and non chalant life,
Body seen in different beds.

Time slow,Time melow,
At fifty the beauty fade,
The face shrink,
The body ruffle,
Leaving it to wrink.

Old age comes leading the stairs,
With a ladder as it climb the stairs.
Advice troops in and out like a sermons,
To the young adult coming up.

Having cause havoc in their lives ,
But can’t turn the hand of the clock.
At sixty pictures are bound,
Longing to be a child.

As the body wrink and shrinked.
With their walking sticks,
Hand on the back,
Giving a stripe as it dangled round the body.

Beauty are rare not like,
A stone found everywhere.

Haunted Soul
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I am called Felvicstories (The king of Suspense) I am quite harmless, but can't hold venom back if the need be. I believe every moment in this life is a story to tell. Therefore, I'm a prolific writer of all genre.

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