Announcement!! Announcement!!!



1) Yewande of ile oluji—– the writer have a phone faulty….please exercise patient a little…

2) Patch pride and the shears—-the writer is not around but he will soon start posting….

3)Love don’t care——-the writer is on exam but in few days he will start posting

4) pastor donatus and my personal demon——- the writer is on exam and also phone faulty please wait a little bit..

5) Baby for a match—- I lost the file but I will continue soon

6) behind closed doors—–the writer have not submitted..

7) siren (the beautiful killer)—-the writer said she’s busy but she will post tomorrow 2 to 3 episodes

8)girl next door—– I don’t know for the writer now but I will get back to you soon

Please with all due respect please read other stories, comment, like, rate, subscribe and share….God bless you…

If you have any opinion please drop it in comment box will reply instantly…..



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I am called Felvicstories (The king of Suspense) I am quite harmless, but can't hold venom back if the need be. I believe every moment in this life is a story to tell. Therefore, I'm a prolific writer of all genre.


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