A kiss to dried lips finale

A kiss to dried lips episode 9


Anna was in class that morning on a whole different mood. It was unlike her to be in class in such lively mood. She equally greeted every boy in the class on that day, that was unusual as well. Anna kept stealing looks at her at intervals. She wasn’t sure of what her friend was up to. She went closer to her and sat but Isabelle kept her face straight to the front. She wasn’t in any way perturbed nor disturbed by her presence.
“Isabelle can we talk?” Anna finally asked after several minutes of silence between them.
Isabelle looked at her and maintained her stance. Anna held her hands to hold hers but she put the hand away. Anna came the second time and Isabelle got up and gave her a slap. The whole class was in awe of the sound. Everyone’s attention was then focused on the two bestfriends often referred to as sisters.
“Don’t you dare!” Isabelle warned and the whole class shouted in surprise. A few others drummed on their desks to cheer the moment. Some of the guys got closer to prevent anything that might ensue. The graduating class of Psychology was known for their very reserved students that hardly ever disturbed the faculty building complex. This was not the case in other classrooms where students of Music and Linguistic studies occupied. Some persons were not ready to risk that honor talk more of losing it at that stage. They say precaution is always preferred than be sorry.

The whole thing ended without clashes and everyone retired for the day. Isabelle was walking towards her home alone while Anna followed from a distance. She was bent on seeking forgiveness, how could she convince her friend that nothing had happened between them on that bed. Isabelle had every conviction; Frank mentioned it, he was equally at her house, he was dressed on just underpants when she entered. She only did not observe if his organ was—She hated to imagine those too.

On getting to her hostel, Frank was already there with some other boys. She remembered those faces. The particular boy that had tattoos on his chest was there too, dressed in tight polo. Frank knelt before her the moment she entered the corridor that led to the stairs up to her apartment.
Isabelle pretended not to have noticed his presence there. She made her way to the stairs and headed towards her room. Frank followed closely and pleaded in his loudest voice. He was sorry but Isabelle couldn’t see that. She locked behind her while the poor man stood outside in sadness. She was not ready to listen to him either.
After a while, a dark well built man came put of the room. He came out in wide smiles and walked up to Frank.
“You sure messed up, the girl is gone.” He disappeared down the stairs and fled the vicinity. Frank rushed into the room to meet Isabelle seated on her desk with many rolls of wrapped substances on the desk. She laughed so loosely at Grand who had come so close then. He recognized what those things were and he knew the implications. He knew Isabelle was indeed gone.
Frank left her alone and walked away with his friends, forever.


A kiss to dried lips episode 9

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