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That day at school was awkward. The weather was unusual and Anna had skipped lectures as well. It was unlike her to do so. Isabelle was seated quietly at the third row, she had several worries about her relationship bothering her at that point. Anna was not any close to hear her. She dialed her line but there was no response.

Trudging towards her hostel to meet her, she counted her steps as she walked. Climbing the stairs to the second floor was equally tiring, so much thoughts weighed her down. She got to Anna’s door and pushed it slightly. The door opened ajar and Isabelle quickly sighted two bodies intertwined in the sheets. She smirked, stepped out and closed the door back. She stood outside for a while and banged very loud on the door. Anna replied from inside and requested a minute to get the door. Isabelle could clearly hear little murmurings and bustles.

She remained outside and decided not to interfere. It wasn’t her first time running into her friend while on bed with a man. The door opened after about minutes that seemed like hours. Anna’s hair was rough and the strands pointing up in different directions. Her full lips was pursed round and few traces of purple lipsticks left.

“Where is our young man?” Isabelle snickered as she made to sit on the edge of the bed.

“Young man has gone” Anna replied and turned towards the kitchen. She returned to find her friend seated almost at the tip of the wooden bed.
“What is this one doing? Please sit on the floor if you feel disgusted.” Anna said in slight irritations.

“It’s even better for me” Isabelle stood and drew the plastic chair to a corner and sat on it. The hard surface was not what she needed then but it was preferred in that case. The bed must have been soiled with wetness from all sorts. She hated to even imagine it.

“How was Dr. Ajuru’s lecture? I couldn’t come.”

“It was fine, he released more notes from the last discussion class.” Isabelle popped the bubble gum she had in her mouth. The sound clicked so loud that Anna stole a sharp glance at her. Isabelle continued to look intently into her phone.

_’How’s today?’_
She clicked and sent Frank on Whatsapp. The message ticked two goods, as a sign that message was delivered. He always had his phone connected online. Suddenly, a notification sound came from behind. Somewhere in the sheets folded roughly on the large bed.

The tone was not Anna’s, since she hadn’t an iOS device. Several other vibrations and notifications followed suit and the phone kept startling the two friends whose eyes were then fixed on the bed. Anna’s were worried and scared while Isabelle’s were uncertain. She then dialed Frank’s number and the phone rang aloud from the sheets.

The iPhone tone increased in volume as the call continued to enter. Isabelle reached through the folded clothes and found the phone.
Her lover’s phone was found ringing on her bestfriend’s bed, on a sunny school day.

A kiss to dried lips episode 9
A kiss to dried lips episode 7

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